Shop Small Saturday: Support The People Who Support Your Fandom

Looking for gift ideas or something to buy for yourself? Frustrated by the lack of things for your end of fandom in a time when we’re flooded by Star Wars merchandise?

House Organa on Redbubble still has the Fanboy Tears and the Prequel Hater Tears mugs, its Game Of Thrones-inspired t-shirts, and its Capable Lady Squad line that includes Clone Wars characters. Plenty of things for expanded universe/legends and Rebels fans as well. The Amidala and Ahsoka Defense Squad shirts now come in kids’ sizes.

Etsy has a bunch of independent crafters who make prequel items. I just bought this necklace set. @LadyJediScientist frequently finds some interesting Etsy stuff, including this seller who makes Star Wars-inspired jewelry, this t-shirt, and this frame box.

TeePublic has some great indie SW prequel designs. It’s probably easier to find them through’s store.


2 Responses to “Shop Small Saturday: Support The People Who Support Your Fandom”

  1. zch81721 Says:

    I kind of want that Prequel Hater Tears mug just for the lolz. Every prequel announcement Lucasfilms make I just want a picture of me with that.

  2. Tarrlok Says:

    Great links. I’ve been looking for some good clone and Jango merch for ages.

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