To All Who Celebrate It, Happy Thanksgiving



13 Responses to “To All Who Celebrate It, Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. Noah Evans Says:

    Happy Ewok’s Day of Thanks!

  2. hansolo1138 Says:

    Happy Thanksigiving and MTFBWTY!

  3. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    On this day, the Naboo settlers and the Gungan natives broke bread at the same table.

  4. Captain Fordo Says:

    Happy turkey day!
    Some funny news, Cinema sins made a everything wrong with SW A new Hope.
    Haha, the OT bigots are already angry at it.

    • hansolo1138 Says:

      I didn’t like it either. Too much Special Edition hate, and WAY too much crude humor from Kevin Smith.

      And they will butcher the Prequels with all their might in future sins videos. If you want to know what I am expecting from them for Phantom Menace, see Everything Wrong With Transformers: Age of Extinction.

  5. Hoggle Says:

    A Nice AoTC deleted scene!

    This is how i would edit the deleted scenes of the dvd release into AoTCs.

    Padme’s Address to the Senate deleted scene:

    Between the return to Coruscant scene & the Chancellor’s Meeting. The end of the return to coruscant is captain saying to Padme, about the importance of the vote she is back for. The start of Chancellor’s Meeting is Palpatine saying he doesn’t know how much longer he can hold off the vote. Padme arrives in this scene leading the loyalist delegation, which has more meaning now after her grandstand speech to the senate. Then she very affirmatively questions the Jedi about knowing what is going on & saying she suspects Dooku. Her characters POV and momentum is so much stronger now from the re-insertion of this scene, & we see that she is on the right track with what is going on. It also reinforces Palpatine wanting to get her out of the political scene.

    Jedi Temple Analysis Room deleted scene:

    In Chapter 9 new assignments, Obi is told he must track down the bounty hunter. Then Anakin with Palps, Obi with Mace & Yoda, Anakin with Padme packing for Naboo……
    Then i’d put the IN the Obi & Analysis Droid scenes.
    (That gives short and snappy scenes alternating between Obi & Anakin after new assignments from the Council)
    FInally bring Obi & Anakin together again for good bye to Naboo, then Obi visiting Dex.

    Obi-Wan and Mace, Jedi Landing Platform deleted scene:

    Yoda and the younglings scene, which finishs around Yoda saying only a jedi could have erased the files in regards to the mystery.

    Then I’d put IN the Obi & Mace Jedi Landing Platform scene.

    That gives additionally, Obi seeking more wisdom from Mace about the mystery (as Anakin does to Yoda in RoTS about his nitemares), along with Obi revealing to Mace his problems with Anakin’s training, & calling Anakin arrogant again, which is more about Obi’s frustrations with his own lack of expertise being admitted. This then leads on to Obi saying about Anakin’s emotional attachments to Padme that he’s developed, which is not standard Jedi trainee stuff lol, & Obi expressing how Anakin is not ready to be set loose again, showing his deeper worry about the overall jedi progress with Anakin again.

    Extended Arrival on Naboo deleted scene:
    Pretty self explanatory, same start place in movie, just longer.

    Padme’s Bedroom deleted scene:
    I’d put IN straight after Extended Arrival on Naboo. Shows that they have gone in the backway to Padme’s house, & explains lack of baggage in official arrival back home.
    Padme’s Parent’s House deleted scene:
    I’d put IN straight after Padme’s Bedroom. Padme’s danger is talked about, family picks up on it’s not a strictly professional relationship going on between Padme & Anakin.

    Then the ‘Audience with the Queen’ scene.
    We see that Padme’s been back home first, which is a nice background to that scene, & the jostling going on with Anakin in this scene, being put in his place abit by Padme.

    Dooku Interrogates Padme deleted scene:
    Anakin and Padme on Trial deleted scene:

    Straightforward, put IN directly after the Droid foundary scene, a few ambient short scenes of them together in peril with the villians, before their pledges to each other and going through the chappel arches into the arena for execution.

    Could do a similar thing for TPM & RoTS also. I would find the above a nice wee addendum in the flow of AoTCs, as i think all of the scenes have some to alot of validity to them for the film as it is, about them. That might be just me, but i would like it, making a great Star Wars film even better 🙂

  6. Jonathan Says:

    Can someone help me understand something from TPM……In the Senate, the Core Faction is considered the liberal part of the senate while the Rim Faction is considered more conservative, and is comprised of “bad guys” mostly (such as the Banking Clan and Trade Federation) who favor less government control. It seems weird to me that the Separatists in movies 2 and 3 are considered a “conservative” group, when the republic has been around for millennia and I’d think Republic supporters and sympathisers would be considered more conservative for sticking with “the system”. Does that make sense?

  7. Hoggle Says:

    deleted scene fan edit for RoTS.

    Grevious Slaughters a Jedi – Escape from the General deleted scene:
    I’m going to leave this out of the movie.

    A Plot to Destroy the Jedi deleted scene:

    After Happy Reunions & Grevious On Utapau chapters.
    Insert a ‘plot to destroy the jedi’.
    This introduces more going on for Mace, then let it be known, when welcomed the Chancellor back after the rescue. Implies that before the kidnap, Palpatine was in some sort of process in changing legal status of Jedi to the Senate. Also introduces that Mace after the rescue, is the first Jedi now able sense the Dark Side surrounding Palpatine.
    Following this scene is Anakin’s first nitemare.

    Seeds of Rebellion – Padme’s Apartment deleted scene:

    After Counsel With Yoda deleted scene, Anakin’s scene with Yoda about his nitemares.
    Insert ‘seeds of rebellion’.
    This is about the senators organising to take direct action through the power of the Senate, & that there is concern enough to do so.
    Following this scene in Anakin missing Obi’s briefing and the request from Palpatine to the Jedi for Anakin.

    Confronting the Chancellor (Palpatine’s Office) deleted scene:

    After Anakin’s Jedi secret assignment and his and Obi’s disagreement in the Jedi Temple Hallways.
    Insert ‘confronting the chancellor (palpatines office)’.
    This then gives Anakin with Palpatine in his new post just after & still affected by the circumstances leading to this, Padme’s opposition in the senate turning up & presented to Palpatine.
    Following this scene then is the Anakin not the chosen one chat of Mace, Yoda & Obi, followed by off duty Anakin complaining to Padme about the Jedi Order & the Republic being screwed up. The re-insertion of the scene helps add omphh to this scene, which is really heavy, as they are both saying the same thing essentially to each other, but by adding Palpatine’s undercutting of Padme to him of her in the Senate movement, along with his increased telepathic suscpectibility to Palpatine’s dark forces with his nitemares that has been going on, it adds to showing how Anakin’s emotional state is getting further away from him & unable to make sense of what’s going on even though he still recognises it at this point in the movie.

    A Stirring in the Senate (Bail’s Office) deleted scene:

    After the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis scene.
    Insert ‘a stirring in the senate (Bail’s Office)’.
    In the lead up to this, is of course the very Sithy scene between Palpatine & Anakin. Then the insert is going to some senators saying that Palpatine is an undeclared Emperor og sorts now, & that it is time to put together a secret opposition in the senate. Then following, going to the last ever Jedi Council of the Republic, with Anakin denied.

    Exiled to Dagobah deleted scene:

    After Padme’s funeral (with fake bump) & Vader/Palpatine overlooking a Death Star.
    Insert ‘exlied to dagobah’.
    This connects to Yoda’s tragedy of the PT,( in a reverse way to the connection of his integrated living force triumph of ESB in lifting X-wing from swamp, which then cuts to Vader killing an insubordinate for failure.)
    Following the scene insertion, is the twins being delivered to safety.

    Prequel fandom rulz 🙂

    • Kim Says:

      I’m glad the “Exiled to Dagobah” scene was cut. I prefer to end with the four Skywalkers. But I’d love to have the other Padme scenes included.

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