Rules of the House Updates

I’ve noticed a big increase in traffic recently so a lot of people reading/posting here are new. I’m also concerned about the tone some recent comments have taken. While I understand your frustrations and where it comes from, and while I call it as I see it and will continue to do so, I don’t want comments here that could be construed as violent threats or taking hyperbole to the point where it crosses the line.

Also bear in mind that this is a site where comments are moderated. If you don’t comment frequently or if it’s the first time you comment, it’s going to be held in queue until I approve it. No need to keep reposting! I’ll get to your comments whenever I can.

There is a link called “Rules of the House” over on the right side of the page but in case you haven’t noticed before, here they are along with the change I plan to include:

1. No bashing or excessive criticism of the films.

This includes but is not limited to the quality of performances, writing, direction, story, etc.. If you don’t like the movies or want to use this as a soapbox for your gripes, this site is NOT for you. Gripe away on your own site or where they allow it; don’t do it here. No insults directed at the cast either.

2. No bashing or excessive criticism of George Lucas and his family.

This includes but is not limited to referring to him as “greedy,” “a hack,” “a lousy director,” etc. or cutting comments on his appearance, his family, or anything personal.

3. Commenters must be polite and civil.

There is to be no flaming, trolling, baiting, insults, excessive nitpicking, contrarianism, and all-around smarta–ery directed at other commenters or the webmiss. Save it for Sheldon and the Comic Book Guy.

Even though with Star Wars, it’s inevitable religion and politics will come up, please use common sense when discussing these issues and keep it relevant to the Star Wars universe. There are going to be people of all kinds of beliefs here and we don’t need to be smashing chairs over each other’s heads. If I link to a politically-tinged piece, I will pre-warn you.

There is to be no racist, sexist, or other demeaning language. Keep it clean. Do not swear at other posters or the webmiss.

No threats of violence or wishing violence upon anyone.

Direct threats of violence, rape, murder, or other criminal activity posted on the site or sent privately will be reported to the authorities.

4. No spam or sales pitches

Spam will be instantly deleted. No one is to use comments to sell products/services or to contact commenters privately to sell products/services. If you want to promote your site, make sure it’s relevant AND friendly to Star Wars.

5. No Off-Topic/Irrelevant Posts

If a discussion goes off-topic, I will ask that the conversation continue elsewhere. Off-topic comments/thread-jacking will be deleted.

I know I haven’t always been the strictest enforcer of some of these rules but I plan to repost them periodically here and on the FB page.


10 Responses to “Rules of the House Updates”

  1. susanbowes Says:

    I love and totally agree with #2 rule… No bashing or excessive criticism of George Lucas and his family.

    I know I’ve been a bit aggressive lately when I talk about the haters and may have gone beyond the bounds of decency in a few of my posts regarding them, but I promise to hold my tongue in the future. Making that video honoring George Lucas will help to ease my anger. 🙂

  2. hansolo1138 Says:

    Question: should a “no excessive bashing of jerks like Simon Pegg” rule be applied? Don’t get me wrong, I am ticked at him, just as much as anyone else on this site, but it seems slightly hypocritical to have a “no excessive bashing of George Lucas” rule and not a similar rule for hateboys, however scummy they may be.

    I am likely guilty of this, so I want to know if further comments stating my hatred for people like Pegg and Plinkett will be taken down.

  3. Captain Fordo Says:

    :insert inflammatory and bashing comment here:
    Lol, though Pegg deserves bashing though for the scum he is.

  4. Steve Bragg Says:

    Please no JJ Abrams bashing either, these films should bring us together, not divide us.

  5. Shamari Stewart Says:

    Glad to hear you’ve gotten a big increase in traffic, maybe the prequel hate crowd on the internet is forcing people (like myself) to go out and search for a positive crowd. But I’m also glad you posted this so we can try to keep everything calm and civil

    • susanbowes Says:

      I didn’t go out and search for this site, but I’m extremely happy I found it. 🙂

    • Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

      The fact that, even amongst us, the rules of civility need to be reposted again and again is testiment to how much the internet fostered and festered the haterbase. Get enough anonymous people who are angry about SOMETHING, and you get mob rule fairly quickly.

      For the record, it’s civility, rationality, our ability to separate fact from opinion, and our insistence on mutual respect that separate us from the whining hateboys. If we lose any part of that, then their villainous “Not So Different” speeches will ring truer and truer, at least to the general indifferent public.

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