’s Look At PT Costumes has an article on “6 Things You Might Not Know About The Prequel Trilogy Costumes.” Read all kinds of fun trivia about the costumes, some you might already know, some you might not!


5 Responses to “’s Look At PT Costumes”

  1. Kim Says:

    Another good prequel article on the official site. I really love the costumes of the prequels and the “Dressing a Galaxy” deluxe edition is fantastic!

  2. Karen Lisa Robinson Says:

    Hi my name is karen ima big sw and hayden fan from new zealand have all 6 of the films i cant stand these haters what do they know i will appreciate all the films forever

  3. Hoggle Says:

    The much maligned acting of the prequels……….is more that they are in dramatic style a costume stage play in a theatre. The acting has a more imaginary element in this way, which has a certain charm about it stylistically. The elaborate variety of costumes in the PT helped in establishing that overall stylistic tone.

    The cinema of the prequels is purposely more theatrical.

    • Heidi Says:

      You’re absolute right, I’ve always thought this, which is exactly why I enjoyed the shakespean adaptations of Star Wars so much. I’m not sure why fans don’t get this. Not every movie needs to be the same, let alone acted the same. Perhapes it’s a rare approach to cinema with not too many examples, especially mainstream ones?

  4. Heidi Says:

    I find this so amusing, thrift store wedding dresses, lol. Bedspreads, drapes, no fabric is safe.

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