On That Note: “In Defense of George Lucas”

A guy posted on his blog “In Defense Of George Lucas”, a welcome piece sticking up for the saga’s creator:

What really bothers me is how the director himself has taken the brunt of the hatred. Lucas has been called everything from incompetent, lazy, greedy and arrogant to outright racist. This is coming from people who hardly know anything about his personal life. But how does someone so incompetent and lazy build, from the ground up, the biggest FX company in the world? How does someone so greedy donate most of the 4 billion he earned selling to Disney? How does someone so arrogant appear so humble in his interviews? How does someone so racist have a best friend, Ste(v)en Spielberg, who is Jewish, and make a black man the most powerful Jedi next to Yoda, or produce a film in honor of black aviators, or marry a black woman? But no, the haters hate him and his films, and if you disagree, they’ll attack you too, and with the same fervor.”



14 Responses to “On That Note: “In Defense of George Lucas””

  1. Alessio Pasquali Says:

    Amen on this piece. I just hope people will accept TFA for what it is come in 4 weeks.

    • Hunk a Junk Says:

      I have found PT and Saga fans to be the most accepting and fair fans in Star Wars fandom. So I will give TFA a chance. But at the same time, I won’t lie — I feel completely justified in spending the next 15 years tearing this film apart, taking big steaming online dumps on the filmmakers and working my fingers to the bone trolling every hateboy who loves this movie. Just because they deserve it. JJ Abrams raped my childhood! You heard it here first.

  2. Nick Skywalker Says:

    *Claps* bravo to this post

  3. Jacobesico Says:

    “if you disagree, they’ll attack you too, and with the same fervor.”

    Well the limited interaction that I have with those blowhards involves me swearing at them and claiming that they are not true fans of Star Wars.

    For some reason they are always on the defensive when I engage them. I’ve actually given up because I’ve gotten so angry in the past.

    But there’s a lot of swearing. I like to think I’ve calmed down. 😀

    • seitanoglu Says:

      I never swear at them. I might call the fandom a toxic cesspit a lot of the times, but I generally don’t go after them individually. No point in stooping to their level, after all. Besides, by just coming in, doing my own thing, wanting to enjoy the saga with other fans and getting constantly attacked and criticized for not bashing the PT (and even worse, for daring to like it), I prove the point that the worst elements in this fandom want to drive out any dissent and will never settle for ‘live and let live’, as long as they believe they’re in the majority.

      • Jacobesico Says:

        Good points.

        I’ve stopped engaging with them anyway. Appart from it being pointless, I was worried that I might have a heart attack one day.

        Also, one of the major themes in Star Wars is being able to control your anger and not give into hate.

  4. Redinight Says:

    It was a heartbreak moment when he signed the franchise away to Bob Iger. George didn’t look like himself, tired and sad, he finished the true Star Wars history off. There was hope, he would be a txt or call away, but it seems Di$ney set a coup. It’s the worst era a Star Wars ever.

  5. David Says:

    Anyone check out the title for Ign’s recent article on Lucas. Reeks of agenda. Misinterpretation of what he meant based on the rest of the comment. http://m.ign.com/articles/2015/11/20/star-wars-george-lucas-wasnt-ok-making-something-for-the-fans

  6. JustinJL Says:

    The more I read everyone’s posts on the handling of the situation, particularly on Disney, Abrams, and Kennedy’s part, it makes me more distraught. I fear that in these next two films, they are just going to lay waste to the OT characters, to the point that the new cast will emerge. Not to say that the new cast won’t be wonderful. It just begs the question : Would the people against the PT be happy seeing the OT characters just wiped out completely just to satiate their desire for a return to nostalgia?

  7. JustinJL Says:

    I hope that doesn’t happen, but if Disney is willing to wipe out the EU canon, would that be any bit of a surprise?

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