Lucas Says Backlash Drove Him From Star Wars; Hints Disney Wanted Fanservice

Yesterday Vanity Fair posted a short interview with George Lucas and Lucas revealed why he is pretty much done with Star Wars:

“You go to make a movie and all you do is get criticized,” is how George explains why he stepped away from the world-famous franchise he created. “And it’s not much fun. You can’t experiment.”

He also says Jar Jar is his favorite character, heh heh.

Today CBS revealed in an upcoming interview with Charlie Rose, Lucas reiterated what he told Vanity Fair and added this disheartening note about his original ideas for the sequel film(s), how they were discarded, and now Lucas has basically walked from the whole thing:

“The issue was, ultimately, they looked at the stories and they said we want to make something for the fans. So I said all I wanted to do was tell a story of what happened, you know it started here and went there. And it’s all about generations, the issues of fathers and sons and grandfathers, it’s a family soap opera. They call it a space opera, but people don’t realize it’s actually a soap opera, and it’s all about family problems and that kind of… it’s not about spaceships.

So they decided they didn’t want to use those stories, they decided they were going to go do their own thing, so I decided fine, basically I’m not going try to… they weren’t that keen on having me involved anyway, but at the same time I am not going to, if I get in there I am just going to cause trouble. Cause they’re not going to do what I want them to do, and I don’t have the control anymore to do that anymore and all I’ll do is just muck everything up. So I said I will go my way, and let them go their way.”

To be blunt, this sucks. Imagine J.K. Rowling being told her input isn’t needed or wanted anymore in the Harry Potter universe. Put two and two together…Lucas found the anti-prequel backlash from “fans” and from the media painful enough not to want to work on more films. When he sold Lucasfilm to Disney, Disney didn’t want Lucas’s cooties because it doesn’t want a similar backlash against their investment and instead wants a “mainstream” and “safe” Star Wars (dare I say dumbed-down?) with more whiz bang. The question is whether Abrams and Kasdan realize that Star Wars isn’t any more about sci-fi action than the Godfather films are just about organized crime, or if there’s anyone with enough power and influence at Lucasfilm to keep these new films as close to Lucas’s vision as possible. We won’t know that for another 27-29 days. But it certainly explains why the GFFA shown so far in TFA’s ads and trailers doesn’t have the same freshness.

Even if TFA is absolutely wonderful, this is no way things should end with Lucas and with the saga he created. It’s wrong. The really sad part is so many people who have benefited one way or another from his work or claim to be fans of it don’t seem to care. If what we get from now on are rehashes and generic sci-fi action crap that’s full of spectacle but no myth (or worse yet, warps it beyond recognition), “Star Wars fans” have no one but themselves to blame. That Lucas got exiled from his creation through a coup of fools is already their eternal shame.

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219 Responses to “Lucas Says Backlash Drove Him From Star Wars; Hints Disney Wanted Fanservice”

  1. Dawn Richardson Says:

    Reading what Papa George had to say on the whole thing….it’s so completely crushing and disheartening and maddens me SO far past all bearing at the exact same time….my heart is just *aching* with feeling and with sympathy for him….and I think I’m going to cry. 😦

    • andywylde77 Says:

      Oh yeah I completely 100% agree with you. This is very, very saddening to read this. It really breaks my heart that he feels this way about SW. The very thing that was created from his heart and soul. All he wanted to do was tell his story.

      But no! A bunch of butthurt fans that were all walking around whining with soggy pampers because George didn’t tell THEIR story but instead told his own. This news also sheds new light on just how messed up this fandom can be that people are so ridiculous that they can drive the CREATOR of the franchise away!

      • Frida Nyberg Says:

        Not to mention what they did to Jake Lloyd. HE’s the only one who had his “childhood raped” after Episode I.

      • andywylde77 Says:

        Yes that is another shame what happened to Jake. He was bashed by “fans” for doing his job as a kid actor. These are the “mature fans” by the way. Grown men picking on a kid because he wasn’t what they pictured a young Darth Vader. Some people are just really pathetic.

  2. cousinbasil Says:

    This really makes me wish there was a way to let him know there are indeed people who love what he did with the prequels. It makes me so angry these bullies won at getting Lucas out of his own creation. Sure, the entire saga isn’t 100% what I would like it to be but that’s what headcanon is for. I wish these prequel haters did that instead of feeling entitled.

    • Dawn Richardson Says:

      I would ABSOLUTELY be 110% behind *any* kind of project or – or just *anything*, really, like *any* way possible to let Papa George know that we DO love and appreciate and enjoy the PT and *his* SW and that we *always* have….I’m so DESPERATE for the chance to really tell him, and for him to know, because the fact that he’s feeling this way about it all now – because of *them*, because of the *haters* and their ilk, the vile, ugly, hateful echo chamber – oh, it’s breaking my own heart too such that I *am* choking up with actual tears here. 😦

      • Frida Nyberg Says:

        Same here. You said it.
        The ugly people are a minority, but a very noisy minority. If the prequels were truly hated, they would never have been so successful.

  3. darth66zannah Says:

    This is the worst day in Star Wars history…This truly is a world where bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people…I almost feel like Star Wars just died for me…I feel so ashamed that I spent money on a TFA ticket…I really don’t want to support it any more…Simon Pegg and all the douches at and at red letter media have won their victory…we’ve lost…this is the second time this has happened to me…I have witnessed the death of hip-hop culture, now i just witnessed the death of Star Wars…thank you Lucas…thank you so much….

  4. Eduardo Vargas Says:

    So folks, who is with me in boycotting Episode VII?

    • darth66zannah Says:

      I am bro. I just returned my ticket and got a refund

    • Hunk a Junk Says:

      I bought tickets to the marathon. A big chuck of that money is going to Fox and to Lucas directly, since he still earns the royalties on those films regardless of whether Disney owns them or not. So the way I look at it, I’m paying to see six real Star Wars films and as a bonus I get to sit in on Disney’s hateboy fan fiction for free.

  5. piccolojr1138 Says:

    I think Lucas should have done the third trilogy himself without giving a damn, but I understand his reasons.

    Besides, I don’t really think Lucas was fooled. When you hire people like Kennedy, Kasdan and Kinberg before leaving, when you give your benediction to Abrams, you certainly don’t expect that the new movies will praise the whole saga equally. Whether we like this new direction or not, Lucas is partly responsible !

    Maybe that’s why he doesn’t seem angry… Star Wars was going to slip away from him anyway… It just happened ahead of schedule.

    • Dawn Richardson Says:

      ….your proof that he’s somehow “responsible” for *any* of this? He’s gone on record as saying that all his own story treatments and ideas were thrown out. He’s been shut out of *everything*. Do you really think that was in any way his desire or his plan?

      • piccolojr1138 Says:

        If Lucas really wanted to be sure his ideas were to be followed, he would have stayed and produced the movie…

      • Dawn Richardson Says:

        Why in the *world* would he feel at all like staying on with it when he -*and his family*, and all the vast and crew who worked so hard on the PT (and the outspoken fans of it as well) – were continually the subject of a literally decade-and-more-long campaign of hate, ugliness, cruelty, blatant bullying, harassment, intimidation, and generally the worst kind of meanness and despicable behaviour? Why in the *world* would he feel at all up to continuing when he seemingly only got relentlessly attacked for doing what he loved and for telling *his* story *his* way?

      • piccolojr1138 Says:

        That’s not the point… The minute he left, Episode VII wasn’t under his control anymore, and he knew it very well… He could have prevented anyone to do sequels if he wanted to (like he said in an interview on 2008), he wasn’t forced to give the third trilogy to Disney and Kennedy… That’s his choice !

      • lazypadawan Says:

        It was his choice but I don’t think he would’ve sold it if he didn’t think he could trust other people with Star Wars. He’d already been able to trust Dave Filoni with Clone Wars. You have no idea what Bob Iger told Lucas especially since I listened to his conference call the day the sale was announced and Iger spoke approvingly of the story treatments he got from Lucas. Vanity Fair alleged Lucas’s story treatments made the leads “too young” and Kathleen Kennedy bumped up the ages. Lucas had to publicly clarify that the characters weren’t as young as the media led everyone to believe.

        Somewhere along the way in development, somebody or somebodies decided Lucas’s ideas weren’t commercial enough. Could’ve been Kathleen Kennedy, could’ve been Disney motion pictures division boss Alan Horn, could’ve been both.

      • susanbowes Says:

        Regardless of whose idea it was to dismiss Lucas’ input, they did betray him and that’s something I find downright disgusting. He created SW after all and he deserves better treatment than that.

      • roxam91 Says:

        Wasn’t it Kennedy who said at Comic-Con (or was it at Celebration?) that TFA was being made for fans? If so, then I believe she is the sole reason this whole mess is happening in the first place.

      • Dawn Richardson Says:

        Actually, it *is* exactly the point. Lucas’s own comments in the past have spoken to this and those in the above interview only reaffirm it.

    • jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

      Piccolo makes a very important point.

      Lucas was sick of making movies and walked away. That’s why he sold out.

      I refuse to blame the hateboys, global warming and Simon Pegg for everything.

      George’s feelings were hurt by the negative criticism? Maybe, but he’s a billionaire! The prequels were a huge financial success! Fuck the haters, he’s got a yacht!

      Has Michael Bay walked away from film because of the hateboys? Hell naw! Why would he? He’s hella successful, and good looking (sort of)!

      Will Donald Trump walk away from the elections because of the haters? Will Hillary “The Hill” Clinton walk away? Hell to the naw! Those crackas are tough, homies!

      Lucas knows what Big Hollywood is all about. This is a totally different situation from giving control to Filoni on Clone Wars. Filoni was working for George. Everyone at Lucasfilm works for Bob Iger and Disney now. If George had stayed on, he’d just be another House of Mouse employee too, just like Kathy, JJ and the poor shmucks working in The Land Pavillion at EPCOT.

      • susanbowes Says:

        I agree up to a point, but there’s a big difference between the people you mentioned in your comment and George Lucas. Those other people didn’t create an epic saga that the whole world loved. They weren’t stabbed in the back by supposed loyal fans either. Granted, Lucas may have known that his status wouldn’t be as strong as it was before selling Lucasfilms to Disney, but he had no idea that he’d be betrayed the by people he trusted most – namely Kathleen Kennedy. Her betrayal must’ve cut him to the soul and no matter how much money he has, no amount will ever ease the pain he must’ve felt.

  6. darth66zannah Says:

    YES! I just returned my TFA ticket and got a refund on fandango! F U Disney, Pegg, Whitta, JJ all of you! I am officially boycotting everything Disney Star War forever! Yeah it may not make a difference but at least in my heart I know I did the right thing…Anyway TFA will be on pirate bay by the end of december 17…free of charge!

    • Dawn Richardson Says:

      darth66zannah, I was myself NEVER going to give Disney and Abrams, Pegg and Whitta, etc, one single cent of mine own either, but I just want to take this opportunity to say that I truly admire and share in your vehement and outspoken passion, to this end….indeed, you certainly did do the right thing! – true to your heart, true to your conscience, and I’m right exactly there with you! 😀 Full kudos indeed!

    • andywylde77 Says:

      Yeah I am telling Disney/LFL to kiss my ass! I won’t give any money to those clowns. I knew when Abrams got involved something wasn’t right. I know he really has nothing to do with the topic at hand but that was a red flag for me since this all started going down.

      Then once I seen Pegg involved, even in a minor role that should have been my cue to EXIT STAGE LEFT! The way the whole marketing campaign was handled. All the warning signs were there from the start. It really blows my mind how I am sitting here now and writing how there is a new SW film coming out and I will NOT be going to see it. I never thought that I would ever contemplate saying this, but here I am.

      But I do know that George is aware that there are many, many people out there that truly appreciate what he has done for us and has given us. He is aware of all the garbage that people talk about him so I know without a doubt that he also is aware of the people that appreciate everything he does.

      • darth66zannah Says:

        I know right! I remember for every SW movie I was excited and nearly out of my mind to see…never thought I’d be in this predicament either. But it’s cool to see you up on here Andy the DJ…i remember you from jedi council forums…but i got banned for being too passionate and telling people off who hate on the prequels…LOL

      • andywylde77 Says:

        Yeah same here. I actually got banned a few times and then I just pretty much just took all my account info down and I don’t post there anymore. Too many trolls running around on there. So instead of getting banned over and over I decided to just let that be and move on. There are still a lot of great people there but I was getting tired of the troll garbage.

      • Mike Jones Says:

        Really? I thought the JC forums had been cleaned up and better moderated by now (in preventing abundant trolling).

      • andywylde77 Says:

        Well for me it seems like at least on the PT board they have some trolls running around. I have been off there for a while now too. But when the first film was announced that was when the PT board seemed to start kicking up with trolls.

      • andywylde77 Says:

        Yeah there are still some trolls on the PT boards at least sometime before I left there. I got banned a few times for dealing with them.

  7. susanbowes Says:

    I couldn’t agree more with your statement. I’ve been saying all along that the prequel bashers are one of the main reasons Lucas sold the franchise to Disney and when Disney didn’t use his ideas for TFA it was the final insult. That was a complete betrayal by Kathleen Kennedy and I hope she’s ashamed of herself. If she isn’t, she sure should be.

  8. Captain Fordo Says:

    Very sad. If I had the power, I would order all the PT bashers and simon pegg to be hanged publicaly, with plinkett getting the honor of being hanged first. Star wars is dead. I’ll join the TFA boycott.
    But what I hate the most is the ignorence of the OT-fanboys. On the AV article this douche ( kept ignoring the venom being spewed by the OT-purists and said it was “pt fans who spew venom”; he really needs to be beaten with a hammer to gain some intelligence.

    • susanbowes Says:

      I’m not going to boycott TFA. It’s still SW and even though Kathleen Kennedy and Disney betrayed Lucas, I still want to see the movie. I’ve been waiting too long not to. But as far as the haters go… i couldn’t agree more. I’d be first in line with the rope!

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Let’s not go nuts here…I understand these guys are frustrating but hanging is a bit harsh.

      • susanbowes Says:

        How about cutting off a limb with a lightsaber… they’d still live. LOL

      • Shamari Stewart Says:

        Yeah that’s super harsh, I wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt. I agree that PT bashers are ridiculous and should feel ashamed of themselves though.

      • Steve Bragg Says:

        Some of you people are getting as bad as prequel bashers, but yet on the other side. I wanna avoid both side extremes, so I’m outta here.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Fine because you never contributed anything or commented whenever I posted anything else about the films. You only show up to scold me or other users.

      • susanbowes Says:

        I hate to admit it, but the guy who said we’re acting as bad as the haters makes a good point. However, our comments bashing the haters are well founded and why not respond as we did? The haters deserve a lot worse!

  9. andywylde77 Says:

    I really hope that the haters are finally satisfied with themselves? All these years of bitching has finally got you what you wanted. Feel good about yourselves?

    I never realized how whining had such a powerful effect? I mean Disney buys the franchise then instead of working along with George they throw his story out and tailor make the first film of the new trilogy based on all the haters and whiners. And they have the head fan boy direct the first film to boot! Yeah Disney you’re batting a 1000.

    Now that Lucas is officially done with SW can the haters actually let the man be? I know that within time the fan boy whiners will find someone else to bitch non stop about. It amazes me how this fandom can put Lucas down and insult him and at the same time put hacks like Abrams and Pegg on pedestals? Something definitely wrong with this scenario?

    • susanbowes Says:

      It may look like the haters won, but in actuality, the true fans will win in the end. Lucas’ saga will continue to live on for generations to come, no matter what the haters say, And if Abrams TFA doesn’t meet OUR standards it will slowly dissolve into nothingness like an asteroid burning away in our atmosphere.

  10. Hunk a Junk Says:

    I’ve been predicting this is what was going on behind the scenes for years, and I’m truly sad to now have it confirmed that I was right. Lucas walked away from the thing HE created because he was just sick and tired of entitled fan bullshit. I don’t blame him one bit. I think the critical part about the Vanity Fair video is when he talks about all the Peggs of the world “wanting it a certain way.” The conflict in fandom has always been about ownership. Some fans feel that buying tickets, buying toys, buying collectible is some sort of investment in the franchise that allowed them the right to have a say in its creation. To make George Lucas their b***h. What’s galling is the fact that Star Wars began as an experiment. Everything we all love about Star Wars exists because Lucas pursued a dream, didn’t listen to naysayers and took risks to push filmmaking forward. Ever since the the studios took away THX-1138 and American Graffiti, Lucas was determined that HE was going to call the shots on HIS movies. Fans SHOULD know this. Fans SHOULD have appreciated this because it’s the reason we have a Star Wars to love. But no. A bunch of self-important asses charged to the Internet (beginning with Mark A. Altman and his “my childhood has been raped” comments about the SE) and began a decades long campaign to make life miserable for George Lucas. So they could own it. They’ve said so. On guys were openly soliciting other fans to steal prints of the original cuts of IV-VI so that “Star Wars will finally be OURS!” (Their words) This is a dismal day not only for Star Wars but for art. Here was an artist who spent the majority of his life creating arguably the 20th century’s most significant piece of cinema art and a bunch of insane, butthurt fans hounded him until he had to walk away. I know they’re gloating. I know they’ll keep gloating. When the day comes when Lucas finally passes away, the first thing they’ll say is, “Good. Hopefully now we’ll finally get the originals!” I guarantee it. Because they’re selfish children. These people deserve nothing. F’ em.

    • susanbowes Says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with your statement and told haters so on FB. They think they know the saga better than it’s creator and that’s just plain bullcrap. I respect Lucas for walking away and in my heart he’ll always be a hero to me for standing up to the studios and making SW regardless of what anyone said.

  11. Hunk a Junk Says:

    BTW, this also seems to confirm why his name isn’t anywhere on the poster. I’m surprised Disney and Kennedy are even bothering to call the company “Lucasfilm.”

  12. andywylde77 Says:

    I find it funny how all these haters and whiners all complain about “how whiny Anakin” is. Well if the haters and whiners want to really see who the real whiners are they just need to look in the mirror and they will see the biggest whiner of them all, THEMSELVES!

    • susanbowes Says:

      That’s what I told the haters on FB. One even admitted he was wrong. How’s that for irony?

    • Hunk a Junk Says:

      They’ll also see Jar Jar. They hate him because he’s clumsy, awkward, annoying, walks funny and people find him odd. He’s every nerd’s adolescence and seeing him is just a painful reminder of what they all remember feeling like. Back in the early 90s when some nerd magazine ran a cover story called “50 Reasons Jedi Sucks,” one of their complaints was the burp jokes in ROTJ. They went on to make a snarky comment like, “What’s next, someone stepping in poo?” Yeah, I have NO DOUBT that Lucas had Jar Jar step in bantha poo in TPM specifically as an f-u to the guys who wrote that article. Jar Jar is the most deliciously subversive character in Star Wars.

      • susanbowes Says:

        Again I agree with you Hunk a Junk. I could never understand the JarJar hatred. I liked JarJar and think he was another great character added to the saga. Lucas added JarJar for comic relief just like he added Threepio to the original SW movie – to make us laugh and for no other reason.

      • andywylde77 Says:

        Yeah Jar Jar is another good example. Like all the other goofy side kicks in film/TV like Gilligan, Cpl. Agarn, Gomer Pyle USMC and many others. These characters are timeless and they are goofy as well. Jar Jar is the same way. A goofy but lovable character that has a heart of gold.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        That’s hilarious. Who knows what happened? I think Lucas has a little bit of a troll in him, but in a good way.

        Jar Jar is sweet and kind. These other guys? Not so much, at least not online.

      • jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

        The poo-stepping scene makes me laugh every time. Those things happen in real life. Jar Jar represents the awkward side of life.

        I never understood how a few poo and fart jokes could ruin a movie for some people. Ugh, get over yourselves!

    • Captain Fordo Says:

      I agree. Though It is funny how they whine more than Luke skywalker (who they conviently ignore how luke whined about everything including the Tocie station). There worse than a broken c-3po.
      c-3po makes jar jar look like gold; heck, even Han wanted to kill 3po.

    • Shaman McLamie Says:

      This pretty much sums it up.

  13. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    So that means VII-IX is merely Expanded Universe. Therefore I will treat it as such: Entertaining Apocrypha at best, a decent “could have been”. At worst? Just fanfiction that doesn’t relate to what really happened.

    • lisse Says:

      That’s how I was planning on treating it. It’s fanfiction. Just because a corporation like Disney backs it doesn’t make it any more valid than the fan writing their SW stories for free.

  14. Jason S. Says:

    Interesting that Lucas describes Star Wars as more soap opera than space opera. Ironically, I’ve always found it a more honest and revealing look into generational bonds and conflicts than most “actual” soap operas :).

    One of the core tenants of the first two trilogies – and an spect that set it apart from most similarly themed successors and imitators – was that, in spite of their vast and intimidating spectacle, they always focussed their thematic elements on a very personal and human scale that never felt TOO grand for the audience. Most exploration and contemplation of the galaxy in the films was done within and among the troubled ensemble while dealing with burning internal conflicts: Luke’s fears regarding confronting Vader; Han and Leia;s rivalry-turned-romance; Obi Wan’s concerns about training Anakin for Qui-Gon; Padme’s conflicts over love and war; Yoda’s resentment over the Clone Wars and subsequent self-reevaluation of the Jedi mission as a whole. For all the bombastic space battles, the “star wars” that mattered were psychologically, occurring in the minds, hearts, and souls of the main characters.

    There are hints that at least some of this personal exploration will be preserved in the ST, via Rey and Finn’s quest for an ethically just purpose in the Rebellion and their desire to possibly turn Kylo Ren to the light side. But I’m worried much of that emotional power and potential could be lost amidst TFA due to Abram’s visually exciting but rhetorically clumsy directing style, which tends to value sheer spectacle over substance, as well as a unhealthy obsession with shallow ‘analysis’ of pulled-out-of-pants lore.

  15. roxam91 Says:

    I’m not jumping on the boycott train like many of you guys are. Most of my thoughts on this were written in my blog, but basically, after hearing what George said, I came to peace with the idea that ‘The Force Awakens’ is NOT Episode VII, regardless of the words “Episode VII” appearing in the opening crawl. It’s a spinoff, and as far as I’m concerned, so is everything else coming from Lucasfilm from now on. I can accept that Lucas told great stories from Episodes I-VI, and TCW, and that his story concluded in ROTJ. Now as to whether the spinoffs coming are any good, well it depends. I think ‘Rebels’ is fantastic (thanks to Filoni and Gilroy), and I’ve enjoyed two SW books that I’ve read. But whether or not TFA is good, we’ll see in a month. If it sucks, I’ll just be glad it was just some spinoff, and not a saga film. If it’s great, then hurray, another good spinoff, but not something to stand alongside George’s story.

    • susanbowes Says:

      I totally agree. I plan to see TFA just because it’s SW and I’ve been waiting so long to see another movie on the saga, whether a spin-off or not. Like you said, GL wasn’t involved so we’ll just have to wait and see whether we like the film or not. Some of us will like it, and some of us won’t, but I’m positive we won’t whine like the haters did and most likely will with TFA too. Only time will tell.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I’m not boycotting either. I don’t know how I’ll regard this film’s place in the saga but no matter what, we will never know the true fates of our favorite characters. Someone somewhere suggested that Lucas release his own story treatments; I’d love to see them though Disney won’t let that happen any time soon. Then I read another suggestion that Lucas work it as a novel or a comic; I figure what he could do is pull an E.L. James, remove the serial numbers so to speak, and publish it. Mwahahahaha.

      • susanbowes Says:

        Great idea! He created a great saga to begin with and he could change the story a bit, even the characters names and call it something else and I dare Disney to sue him for plagiarism!

      • roxam91 Says:

        I agree on George’s story treatments. Those are things I’d love to read one day. When that day is, well… who knows?

      • SWPN Says:

        Unfortunately, he can’t release his own story treatments since those were included with the sale. And I’m not seeing Disney releasing those any time soon (or ever).

      • Hunk a Junk Says:

        I believe the upcoming Art of TFA book promises a look at some of the concepts and storylines not used. We’ll have to see if they curate the best stuff or only release the stuff that re-inforces the narrative that “George was planning some crazy stuff and isn’t it a good thing we came in to rescue Star Wars!”

    • kenkraly2004 Says:

      I agree on that I plan on seeing TFA boycotting the movie is not the answer to this we should all honor GL and see the movie. We knew once GL sold Star Wars to Disney in 2012 that this is where we as fans where headed. Star Wars Films without GL at the helm was going to be tough to get use to. We must still respect Star Wars as a hole and GL

      • Stefan Kraft Says:

        I will also watch TFA and judge the movie by itself. When asked about my opinion, I will say what I think about it (no bashing!), but I will also shortly explain what I think about the story treatments not being used, the lack of GL’s involvement etc. Again, no bashing, and no forcing these explanations on someone if he does not want to hear them. Still, I also want to express my disappointment of the direction the whole Lucasfilm sale has taken.

  16. Alessio Pasquali Says:

    I’m going to be wise here and wait and see if TFA will really honor GL since that’s what they’re trying to do. It’s not like his entire idea is being discarded. They just bumped up the ages, at least that’s what I’m led to believe. And, to lazypadawan, please see TFA on opening night and be respectful on it, because everytime I see posts like this, it seems there’s hate for the new movies. Please try to write with some love. Also, to those who think boycotting the movie refunding the tickets for the movie will fix everything, good luck because The Hollywood Reporter just reported TFA just made $50 million in advance ticket sales.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Well, now that’s $49,999,990. I’m going to see it on Friday and no, I’m not refunding my tickets (though I think if one is resolved not to embrace the film or give it a chance, the honorable and honest thing to do is stay home…I wish more bashers did with the prequels).

    • darth66zannah Says:

      I PROUDLY refunded my ticket but not because I want this film to fail financially, which I know that it won’t…I did it because I personally want nothing to do with a Star Wars era whose contributers are anti-lucas. That’s it. It’s a simple act of INTEGRITY on my part…because Disney has no integrity based on all the anti prequel/lucas fervor surrounding this movie…but by all means go see TFA and enjoy it. I hope you feel like I did (elated) when I saw the other 6 films because Disney robbed me of that with all the BS surrounding this film

  17. Alessio Pasquali Says:

    Also, lazypadawan, if u looked closely in the final trailer you can see nods to the Prequels and Clone Wars on Maz Kanata’s castle when we see the symbols of Anakin’s Podracer flag and the symbols of Hondo Ohnaka and Ziro the Hutt’s gangs as flags above the castle. So, at least JJ will let TFA acknowledge the Prequels and Clone Wars as canon in that one little scene, which could also hint at Kanata showing up in Rebels.

  18. mindless droid Says:

    If Disney wanted fan service this could explain why The Clone Wars was cut short ( which I always suspected was the reason) and why Rebels started out with cameopalooza.

  19. Nick Skywalker Says:

    While I’m not surprised, hearing what I knew was the truth said out loud puts it in perspective. It’s a shame this is what it’s come to. This man spent decades protecting the SW legacy, he financed it himself just to retain complete control. That alone shows how dedicated he was to Star Wars and to see him and hear his words now just make you realize how things have changed. And it’s all because whiny entitled “fans” have done nothing for the past 20 years but vilify him to the point where you’d think he’d committed an act of terror (and unfortunately some seriously view the prequels in that light). I’ll still see TFA and I truly hope I enjoy it, but I can’t look at anything SW post Lucas the same anymore.

  20. Noah Evans Says:

    If I ever had the chance to direct a Star Wars film (possibly X, or even IX if you know, development hell for years), and if Uncle George THX Skywalkering Lucas is hopefully still alive.. I’ll do EVERYTHING in my power to have his imput on the project.. NO, have him write with me! … (listening to sad Final Fantasy X music while writing this down and reading the comments above)

  21. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    I tried talking to someone close to me about my conflicting feelings about all this, and this person yelled at me that I was just being a basher, and it was Lucas’ own fault for selling the company.

    Now, this person has never understood why I feel the way I feel about art, but does saying it will be difficult for me to see this as Star Wars no matter how good it may be or how I may or may not enjoy it make me a basher?

    • Hunk a Junk Says:

      When Lucas owned Star Wars, haters called him a “sell out.” When he finally actually sold out, they praise it, but still fault him for selling the company??? You know what? There’s a big part of me that’s more than ready to be a basher for the next fifteen years. Bring it on. The schottenfreude will be delicious!

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      Adam, I know how you feel… I am not sure what to make out of this situation.
      @Hunk a Junk: Yes, that’s something I have thought, too. If they accused GL of being a “sell out”, then how do you call a studio that panders to Darth Media and guys like Pegg? (I am well aware that “Darth Media and guys like Pegg” is not very differentiated, but you get my point.)

  22. Hoggle Says:

    I liked the all round creative era & energy associated with before, up to & during the general cinematic live action Prequel releases period ALOT, had given me a fun slice of fandom for keeps.

    Nothing else to say really.

  23. Hunk a Junk Says:

    One more thought, folks. Make no mistake about it, right about now Disney and Kathleen Kennedy are pissed. Between Burbank, San Francisco and London phone calls are being made, emails are being sent and meetings are being held. One month before their big tentpole movie opens Lucas is going on TV to flat out throw them under the bus. They’ve got a “George problem.” Star Wars’ creator is calling them out for stabbing him in the back. He’s exposing the truth that his departure from the saga he created wasn’t all happiness, respect and well wishes. He was more than willing to be a consultant and a collaborator on the saga going forward and they told him ‘thanks but no thanks.’ Even though there are plenty of people who will smugly say, “Good riddance,” this is still negative publicity. Whatever Lucas’ sins, most people at least still give him props for making Star Wars in the first place and to hear he was shown the door the minute the sale documents were signed definitely puts Disney and Kathleen Kennedy in a bad light. They can’t be happy about the guy who started it all using words like “divorce” and calling them out for pandering to the fans. Doesn’t he know they have a product– I mean, movie to promote?

    The divorce wording is also pretty telling. I’ve been sensing a rift between Lucas and Kennedy for a while now and I think Lucas’ language is either deliberate or a Freudian slip. Dad and mom stopped talking, dad moved out, and now dad is blabbing to the neighbors that mom is the homewrecker. Will mom retaliate? Will she start whispering about Dad’s secret alcoholism or that he beat her? It’s going to be a battle to see who’s the real victim.

    A soap opera indeed.

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      In general, GL has always been a class act to me, and he still is. So, you could argue that he must be really upset if he voices his criticism now.
      I must confess that I would have preferred if he waited until TFA was released, so he could not be accused of creating a soap opera. You may argue whether his criticism now is his way to have a bit of revenge.

      Anyway, I think this is one of the last things from him we will hear about the matter. He is willing to move on.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I’ve come to believe you are right. Caught in the middle are Bob Iger and J.J. Abrams, who both seem to have been a little more conciliatory (dare I say sheepish). Maybe even Larry Kasdan too. This has Alan Horn’s fingerprints all over it. Lucas has his ideas, they wanted MCU In Spaaace. Nothing wrong with the Marvel flicks but they are not Star Wars and Star Wars is not the MCU. We’ll have to see how the final product comes out.

      • andywylde77 Says:

        Yep you said it perfectly with the SW being the MCU and vice versa. That is what SW has officially become an MCU clone. As you also said that there is nothing wrong with the MCU and I believe that as well. But SW as you also stated is not MCU and that is what will hurt this series in the long run. Eventually I feel that the MCU will lose steam and start to get complaints of “being the same” or “oh another Marvel movie?”

        SW will try this formula and it won’t work well for them.

    • Keith Palmer Says:

      That report here that Abrams had said something positive about “the complete Lucas legacy” in an Entertainment Weekly article does have me wondering if attempts were already being made to get ahead of certain ambiguous pre-release comments…

      The news of the treatments being thrown out has been around for a while, so I guess I’m dispirited but not surprised right now. I hadn’t ordered advanced tickets myself, and I’d been pretty much set on staying away from the theatres opening weekend or opening week… There have been reports that TFA will be on Netflix up here in Canada by the end of 2016, so I suppose that is an option. Certainly, the impression a major selling point for TFA will be “it’s competently made” isn’t as compelling for me as I suppose it’s supposed to be for those it’s aimed straight at…

    • madmediaman Says:

      Generally speaking in the entertainment world most info is known in advance, as Disney probably would have got wind of the print interview before it hit stands… that’s probably why JJ threw out the olive branch. But Lucas and Charlie Rose are longtime friends, so Lucas would clearly be more forthcoming with Rose in a sit down… and there the truth was exposed.

      I began to sound the alarm fairly early. When Arndt was jettisoned and THR reported that Lucas has “relented” to script changes I knew there were some MAJOR difference in direction. Shortly after that JJ asked for a pause and a need to push the schedule back. It was at that point I knew the film was going through a wholesale rewrite… not simply a revision, but starting from square one.

      I know a couple of people with ties to Episode VII’s production when it was still in house at LFL before George’s departure. From what they’ve told me there’s very little in the way of George’s story, or even pre-production designs remaining in TFA. JJ wiped the slate clean and started from nearly scratch.

      Apparently there was mad scrambling going on post-Lucas departure as JJ assembled his Bad Robot people from the Trek films to take over, but from what I’ve heard most of the stuff coming out of his crew was fairly “uninspired” to use the phrase I heard… Abrams quickly grabbed Doug Chaing out of mothballs to finish up pre-production. There’s an April interview with Chaing in which he’s almost telegraphing that what you are going to see on screen really isn’t terribly original. At one point he laments: “What I admire about George is that he loves risk.”

      The direction this whole sad turn of events took was lamentable. It’s pretty sad while JJ and Kennedy are up there whooping and hollering about “practical” this and “practical” that, throwing the PT under the bus without actually directly saying so, it fell to Kasdan to be the LONE voice to bring up Lucas (Hamill did at the end of the presentation) and make it clear: “We wouldn’t be here without the genius of George Lucas.”

      I’m sorry but it’s absolutely pathetic that the lady entrusted to take over the reins of LUCASfilm LTD. can’t bring herself to mention Lucas, even in passing, during Celebration, or countless interviews she’s given in the last year and a half. Likewise Abrams is just as guilty practically NEVER mentioning George… you’d almost think listening to Abrams and the fawning legions of fanboys that one day, while sitting on the can, he had an epiphany… a movie set in a galaxy far, far away…

      I don’t blame George for finally coming out and revealing what was fairly obvious for the last two years… that while George has not be officially banned from the lot, his presence in and around the universe HE CREATED is NOT welcome. Meanwhile, jackholes like Pegg are free to roam around the sets and give story advise to Abrams. Hell, I even got the impression reading Kasdan’s latest interview that he was not exactly thrilled with the way things were going. Pegg’s recent online juvenile spat seemed to imply he had JJ’s ear A LOT… I’m not sure that would sit too well with a seasoned screenwriter and director like Kasdan. Seriously do you want the lunkhead who wrote such brilliant pieces like “Paul” and “Run Fat Boy Run,” or would you rather take advise from a four time Oscar nominee whose credits include stuff like “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” “Silverado,” “The Big Chill,” “Body Heat,” and “The Accidental Toruist,” but to name a few?

      To be clear there will be very little, if any, of George’s story up on that screen December 18th. The movie really should be title: “J.J. Abrams Presents Star Wars The Force Awakens… Now With Less George Lucas!!!”

      • susanbowes Says:

        What Mark said is true. “We wouldn’t be here without the genius of George Lucas.” The fact is that none of us would be here without the genius of George Lucas because without Star Wars this site and any other SW site wouldn’t even exist.

      • Eduardo Vargas Says:

        Do you have a link to that Doug Chiang interview?

      • Hunk a Junk Says:

        Madmediaman, you’re in my head. Sounds like we both have heard similar things. George wanted to continue writing new music. Disney wanted a Greatest Hits of the OT album.

  24. may_child Says:

    Unfortunately, the hateboys and their representatives in the media will seize upon this and publicize it as a triumph. They drove Lucas away from SW, and got what they wanted. JJ Abrams will be hailed as the “savior of SW.”

  25. lisse Says:

    Sigh. The reason I’m interested in Star Wars in the first place is BECAUSE it’s a family space opera. That’s what draws me. The fact that, from Lucas’ words, that’s not what Disney wanted to do with SW is troubling. I’m glad Lucas spoke up. I wondered if he actually felt worn out by the hate and now there is confirmation that he did. I’m just emanating bad feelings towards Disney and JJ Abrams, and most of all everyone who piled on the hate, right now.

    • lisse Says:

      I’ve had it up to here with entitlement today in my personal and fandom life so I’m feeling spiteful and I hope Ep VII and its creator come to be treated the same way the fuckboys chose to treat Lucas and his work.

  26. Shaman McLamie Says:

    I’m really disappointed that the fan reaction did play a part in George Lucas leaving Star Wars and Lucasfilm. I’m a little disappointed in George Lucas for letting it get to him. Honestly Lucas owned the company, he’s a billionaire and he doesn’t have to worry about what anyone says. He could have made the Sequel Trilogy, fanboys would probably still hate it, millions of kids would love it, and the hateful fanboys, excited kids, and general public would probably still go and see the movies, buy the merchandise and make Lucasfilm billions. I don’t know why he feels he would have been creatively constrained by fans. I always had the impression he was indifferent to it all, but it really sounds like it did get to him on some extent.

    • Hunk a Junk Says:

      I think after the reaction to Red Tails and the completely unhinged reaction to the Blu-Rays (“Oh my God! Vader says no! Lucas ruined the best scene in the history of cinema!!!!”) Lucas finally felt, “You people are nuts. Life is too short for this BS.” Looking back on how he groomed Kathleen Kennedy to be his replacement, how she talked in interviews about preserving his legacy and honoring what he did, I think Lucas really believed he was leaving the company in good hands. I think he believed she would make the ST based on his treatments, that she’d happily consult him frequently (she even smiled and said so) and that he’d started things in a direction he wanted. It appears Kathleen Kennedy wasn’t the ally she’d led him to believe. Clearly, Disney only ever wanted the franchise but not George. They’re happy to cash in on his life’s work, but they’re terrified of the bullies on the Internet who say mean things about George and they don’t want to risk their investment by making them mad at them too. It’s entirely possible George is regretting his decision to sell. Kennedy stabbed him in the back. I’m sure she did it smiling.

      • Bob Clark Says:

        This is the best summation if the whole thing I’ve seen so far.

      • Jim Raynor Says:

        Funny thing about Red Tails:

        The critics were very brutal to the movie (in a way they hadn’t even been to the SW Prequels, despite internet geek exaggerations), and the box office wasn’t very good, but the people who did see it loved the movie.

        Once again I’ll point to the available polling data, which has Red Tails at a solid “A” CinemaScore.

        I saw the film in the theaters and wasn’t blown away by it, but overall I thought it was good. The audience around me backed up the CinemaScore. It was very diverse, with younger and older people (some possibly WW2 generation), whites and blacks. I saw an elderly white couple and a young black man all excitedly enjoying the movie.

        That’s who Lucas was making the film for. Not the bitter SW fanboys, or the critics who were surely exaggerating their negativity as an extension of the never ending anti-Prequel bandwagon.

      • susanbowes Says:

        I agree. It was also Lucas’ was of experimenting with films once again. The special effects in Red Tails was fantastic. To be honest, I liked the movie a lot, but I’d seen another movie about the same subject and that was a much better film. However, Lucas’ movie was still a very good movie and it informed a lot of the younger audience about American history.

      • susanbowes Says:

        Sorry for the mistake. I meant to say that It was also Lucas’ WAY of experimenting with films once again – not was. 🙂

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I’ll be very honest here. The anti-PT backlash got to me very personally and to this day I have never forgiven “the fans” for that. If it bothered me that much as a fan, I can’t imagine how much it bothered Lucas. It had to have bothered him. Money or not, it’s his baby and money or not, as an artist you always want to be respected.

    • madmediaman Says:

      When your kid is getting death threats from the fandom it’s probably time to walk… thank you internets

  27. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    Did the author of the “VANITY FAIR” article actually claimed that Lucas had “helped” to create “STAR WARS”?

    • maychild Says:

      No, they claimed that he created it.

      Although I have seen a number of know-it-all hateboys and so forth say he “helped” create it, or grudgingly acknowledge that he created it but “had a lot of help” and “was surrounded by tough-talkers who reeled him in.”

      • Jim Raynor Says:

        The way some internet geeks make it out to be, it was all Gary Kurtz (who hasn’t produced anything of note since Star Wars) and the brilliant editing of Lucas’s ex-wife Marcia. As if an editor actually writes and makes the film.

        Strangely, I don’t see the editor or any additional producers being name dropped so often for The Dark Knight and The Avengers. Most people can’t even the people in those roles. Geek directors instead are lauded for being artistically independent and NOT caving in to the studios or leaning on others.

        But of course, different rules are used when talking about Star Wars and George Lucas.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Yeah, nice, huh?

      • maychild Says:

        Dang…I just read the first paragraph where it said he created it. Then I read further and saw “helped create.” Good Lord. I know VF is biased against Lucas — it always has been, dating back to the OT, and in a 1990 issue that featured articles on both Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, treated SW like it was contaminated, and sneered at the very idea that it played any role in Ford’s road to superstardom — but this is beyond the pale.

  28. Rogue 47 Says:

    I don’t think it is a particularly good idea to start villifying Abrams & Kennedy personally here in a way that copies how some of the PT bashers have treated Lucas. You can’t genuinely be upset about that and then go on to do the same. Lucas is the towering creative mind of the first 6 films, that will never change. But it does imply that the ‘divorce’ from that period needed a certain resoluteness. Yes Star Wars is studio-property now and hence its days as ‘independent films’ are over. This is what studios do, George knew that in ’77 and he knows that now. But there is no reason to believe all studio films are automatically bad. TFA will be a career-defining movie for Abrams & Kennedy, they know that. And that position is not that unsimilar to George’s in 1976. He went his way back then, fortunately! I similarly hope Abrams has gone his way with TFA. Whether you like where he takes it … leave that to after seeing the movie. Given how heavilly this movie will weigh in his CV he will have realised this needs to be his best … which is why he originally shied away from it.

    • Nick Skywalker Says:

      I don’t see anyone or George for that matter vilifying Abrams and Kennedy. I wouldn’t compare being upset about this and PT bashers. I don’t think Kennedy deserves death threats and getting called everything under the sun but what’s shaping up here seems to be that she flat out lied to Lucas to get his trust and then when he trusted her enough to run his company, she turned on him. Like it or not, that doesn’t sound like a very good person. And I don’t care if that how the “industry works.” PT bashers hate George just because they didn’t like a movie. I don’t think all studio films are bad, I just don’t like the way they’re acting. There’s no reason to act like a bunch of high schoolers.

      • Rogue 47 Says:

        “she flat out lied to Lucas to get his trust and then when he trusted her enough to run his company, she turned on him” That is what I call attacking someone’s personal integrity without having any evidence to base it upon. She is running a business, not a ‘friend’s club’.

    • Hunk a Junk Says:

      I, for one, am not attacking Kennedy because I didn’t like her movie. Or because of nitpicky crap like the Millennium Falcon being impossibly modified in TFA to be different than the way it’s been established for 40 years (look at the gun ports). I will spend zero time snarking about her talent. I will never attack her physical appearance or her family. I’m going on her actions. Lucas specifically hired her to protect his company. After working together for over 30 years, he felt he could trust her to carry on his vision and in the videos from the time of the sale she is sitting there smiling talking about how “we’ll always need George” and chuckling about how often she’ll call for advice. But now, according to George, that changed almost immediately after the sale was complete. She fired the screenwriter George hired for EpVII, she cancelled Clone Wars, she started shutting down Lucasfilm divisions, she started laying off employees, she threw out his treatments for the ST, she cancelled the 3-D releases of AOTC and ROTS (because it’s just too hard to release a completed movie and make one at the same time even though that’s exactly what she’s doing now), she hires new writers who have a documented open disdain for George and the PT (one even publicly saying “F*** George Lucas”), and she has been overseeing a PR campaign for TFA that dogwhistles with a bullhorn that she and the other creatives at Lucasfilm think the PT sucked and George made those movies the wrong way. Somewhere in ALL of that there is undoubtedly a LIE! George is saying now very clearly this is NOT what he intended when he sold the company. He’s saying, “They wanted a movie for the fans,” and there was KK at SDCC and Celebration earlier this year pandering the to the fans about how “Star Wars is yours!” Now, no doubt Kennedy and Disney will characterize all this as “creative differences.” I’m sure she believes she’s doing what’s best for the company with what she thinks are good intentions. And as a lover of the PT I know that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Lucas is on record as saying he was leaving his company to Kennedy to run it a certain way and Kennedy is on record as saying “we’ll always need George.” Well, just that part is a lie. The moment they had Star Wars they said “thanks we don’t need you.” That’s a lie. A lie, a lie, a lie. She lied to George and she lied to the fans on the video. Her actions are more damning than any harsh words from any of us.

      • Dawn Richardson Says:

        THIS!! ALL OF THIS!! EXACTLY *THIS* ABOVE!! You’ve said it all *perfectly*, Hunk a Junk!! *Exactly* bang-up right!

      • darth66zannah Says:

        What hunk of junk said is gospel

      • jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

        None of us know what Kathy’s or JJ’s personal feelings about the prequels or sequel scripts are.

        The fact is, Kathy never was a creative producer. She just manages productions. For years, she did what Spielberg told her to do, now she’s doing what Disney tells her to do.

        Disney is the real instigator here. Not Kathy, practical effects or Simon Pegg. It’s like the South Park episode where Mickey Mouse beats the shit out of one of the Jonas brothers. That’s what they did to George’s script!

        They are building a whole TFA-themed land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Disney World. They have a lot riding on this film. Star Wars is just a product now, not one man’s passionate pet project.

        If Disney wants TIE fighters and an ice planet, you’d better fucking give it to them or you won’t be working for them.

        Should Kathy and JJ have stood up to them more? That’s a judgement call. Did they even want to stand up to them? We’ll never know.

      • susanbowes Says:

        You’re forgetting that Lucas groomed Kennedy to take over Lucasfilms when he retired and that was BEFORE Disney brought the franchise. She knew what was expected of her and if Lucas thought she couldn’t handle the job he would’ve never turned Lucasfilms over to her. She may just be another flunky at Disney now, but in my opinion she still betrayed Lucas whether she was forced into it or not.

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      I think that Hunk a Junk is more or less right (even if worded a bit strong), but that Rogue 47 has a point, too. We do not know what really happened. It is clear that GL is anything but happy about it, and he has probably indeed the impression that Kennedy lied to him. Still, I cannot be 100% sure whether Hunk a Junk is right about it, so I’ll hesitate to call her a liar.
      What I can say without hesitating: Kennedy’s decisions were business decisions to make sure that Disney gets its invested money back as soon as possible, and they are certainly not what GL intended. I’m not happy about the whole situation because it (probably) is the worst outcome for the relation Lucas – Kennedy and the creative direction SW is taking.

  29. kenkraly2004 Says:

    I’m not going to boycott TFA because of this. I understand why GL feels this way though.

  30. rynnbowers Says:

    I say this all the time, Lucas has nothing to be ashamed of and should never ever let the idiots that say those things get to him. It is heart breaking reading that.

    I for one was…past tense…excited for a new star wars. Then during celebration this year I started to catch on to the PT hate. It was subtle at first but then it got blatantly obvious. After that the hype for the film started to diminish until it ultimately was gone.

    Now I know that yes there are a few things the prequels could have done better, but these are the films Lucas wanted to film and he did just that. He set out to give us the events that transpired before the OT and were only hinted at during those films. Lucas gave us this huge and amazing world to get lost in when we need an escape. We can sit back and imagine ourselves flying across the galaxy with our favorite characters and having adventures with them even if it is only in our minds…he gave us this world to play in so to speak.

    The Phantom Menace was my very first star wars. I went to see it one weekend and fell in love with the movie. I went back the following two weekends to see it again. Attack of the Clones I saw opening weekend right after work. And it was just as amazing as the first. After this I got the OT to watch so I could see them as well. They were the special editions of the films, while in am sure the originals were the be all end all of star wars…the special edition to me helped keep me invested in the films. I found the. To be honest not as interesting as the prequels, buy are needed to finish the amazing story. When Revenge of the Sith came out, I was working at the local Rave Motuon Pictures. I got to see the film before anyone…even before the actual screening. It was me, a friend I could bring, and a few other employees and our manager. We even turned the sound up in the biggest auditorium we had, just so we could get the full effect. The music and the opening all the way to the end still gives me goosebumps when I think about it. I still bust into tears when orser 66 is implemented. Boga getting shot down with obi-wan astride her, aalya secura getting gunned down by her clones, ki adi mundi and plo koon getting shot and gunned down. These three films were amazing and brought out the kid in me.

    With the original films Lucas set them up to have a prequel. You can’t have a middle and an end…you have to have a beginning. Every journey starts with one. As he said this was a film about a family going through a happy time all the way through a dark time to finally come out again in the light. He gave us the republic, its slow descent into decay, its eventual fall, and the desolation that was left. In this we had the rise and fall of the Jedi as well as there eventual return. You can just mention that in episode 4 then have them turn to Luke in return and yay the jedi are making a come back.

    Either way Lucas shared his vision with us and for fans to say those thing…the only ones that should be ashamed are themselves. I have no intention of seeing the new film until it is on hbo. J.j. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy should both be ashamed for leading this hate. They should be thankful they even have the job they do and that without Lucas they wouldn’t…pray least on this film or in this capacity. They should ambassadors for the new film and embrace all six films as a whole instead of what they want this to be. Kennedy and dianey with this smear campaign to tey and foeget the pt films needa to stop, and yes to answer one posters question it was at celebration wherw she states she hwr dislike of them…evwn going so far as saying she would think about remaking them. Some way to hold up the vision your boss thought you would. Its also nice to see her stab her boss in the back after taking hwr on and mentoring her and eventually promoting and entrusting her with his baby only to have her do the stuff she does. Have no fear though…have no fear though i beleive in the karmic rule. Kennedy will get whats coming to her times three. karma is a b***h and it always comes around.

    Finally thing to add…the hate on jar jar is also unwarranted. He and padme are my two favorite characters. And honestly without him we wouldnt have the OT. It was he hav emergency powers to palpatine in episode 2. Even if Palpatine and mas ammeda subtly coerced him into giving the emergency powers to palpatine. He was weak willed creature and not very bright and wouldnt surprise me if palpatine didnt do some mind trick on him as well. but still he was a welcome addition to the films and shows.

    All in all is this saddens me and I wish George Lucas the best and wish everyday he hadn’t handed over this amazing creation he gave us to Disney. He shouldn’t worry about what a few fans say about his film and should realize for every one of the fans that hate the films there are at least ten or more that love them. Sorry this such a long post, ill try to keep it shorter next time.

    • Jacobesico Says:

      Great post.

      I’m very livid at George Lucas’s treatment at the hands of Kathleen Kennedy and at this moment in time, I really hope that TFA will fall flat on it’s face.

      I would be more then happy at this moment to spend the next fifteen years trolling, bitching and tearing down the movie But I’m not sure that George would want that.

      He’s got more class then all of the so called fans. I remember tha big cheer he got at that Disney event where he said that he liked Jar Jar Binks.

      If I were in he shoes, I would tell those nutjobs to clear off.

      The problem is that the ordinary fans don’t spend their entire life online. They have lives to get to and I don’t think that they sent much time telling the internet how much they loved the prequels.

      • rynnbowers Says:

        I think I agree with you on that. More people complained more than gave praise I thought not and now we are seeing what thst has brought as a reward. I think this all sucks with disney as soon as they got their hands on the license they got rid of the EU that lucas has acknowledged as being a part of the star wars legacy. He specifically said as long as it does not contradict the films its considered canon. This opened up his world… as I posted…to everyone. I think he did this ao he could be a part of what the fans created and show that even if the idea doesn’t sound all that great it can still work as a paet of the greater whole.

        I hope that makes sense. But kennedy will get what’s coming. Everyone who had a hand in this hater fueled war will get what’s coming. I dont consider this film a part of the saga. I still acknowledge the EU, because that is too much information and entertainment to just throw away and not let be part of what Lucas has created after he himself acknowledged it.

    • Dawn Says:

      I’m sitting here just utterly gobsmacked anew and my jaw is hanging open just to read how Kathleen Kennedy – that she – I mean, at the SW Celebration, did she actually make comments to that end – that she *seriously* said that she not only disliked them (or however she phrased it) but that she’d even go so far as to think about “re-making” them?!

      On the one hand, that utterly stuns me cold, shocks and horrifies me and there aren’t words enough in *any* language to fully express the depth of rage and betrayal and frustration, bitterest disappointment and anger and hurt beyond all compare I feel at *that* one, to be sure (and if I feel like that, if we all of us are, then I don’t doubt that it’s gotta be that much worse and felt that much more keenly and acutely by George himself….as lazypadawan posted above, SW is his baby, it’s *his* thing, he put his heart and soul into creating it and towards telling *his* story *his* way, and I can’t imagine a more egregious betrayal than what Kennedy et al – but maybe *her* especially – have done to him!) – yet at the same time, though, it’s like there’s this part of me which is so grim and bitter and cynical over the whole thing that I’m almost not surprised by it anymore….by the depths to which they’ll sink and by them treating Papa George with such utter disdain, contempt, rank *cruelty*, and continually insulting him and his creative vision and *everything* he’s ever done, to that end.

      I’m shocked yet not shocked, but my heart’s still utterly broken by it, in any case….and again, yeah, I’m feeling like that about it, I’m sure that it’s gotta sting George himself only that much worse….though he truly is the ultimate class act and really proves just what a decent and honourable man *he* is, in starkest and most powerful comparison, that *he* isn’t badmouthing anyone else or throwing *them* under the bus like they’re doing to *him*. HE is proving himself to be *far* and away the better man, and it shows!!

      Also, yeah, like lazypadawan mentioned above, I too *do* take very extremely personally the anti-PT hate and ugliness….because I too have borne the brunt of it for over sixteen years (this bad for me, for us, I can only imagine how much worse it’s been for Papa George and that only makes me even madder and hurts me to the quick, to be honest-!). On various forums, TF.n most notable among them (and I gather I’m still insulted and sneered at on that site, even though I haven’t been back there in ages), online and offline both, just like all of us I’ve endured the relentless bullying and harassment and intimidation (and it *is* bullying plain and simple, maybe we weren’t calling it that back then but we’d have had every right to and, frankly, that’s exactly what it’s *always* been!) by the haters, the fanboys, the bashers, the trolls, whatever you want to call them….I’ve suffered it, we all have, and you know what, we damn well *shouldn’t* just “forgive and forget”, not EVER.

      We *shouldn’t* just have to “respect the opinion” of the PT bashers, because THEY HAVE NEVER RESPECTED OURS, NOT *ONCE*. Even when we *very* politely asked for our feelings and opinions on the matter to be treated with respect, we are only continually attacked and berated and bullied into silence….and this, now, is exactly where this proverbial house-that-Jack-built progression of events has led us. So yes, in point of fact we really *do* have every right and justified reason to be negative about what’s happening, about what this has all led to, and about all those associated with this new movie….because they are *exactly* the ones throwing Papa George under the bus and, to be blunt, they’re also the ones pissing all over his creative vision for the SW saga. *They’re* the ones treating him and everything he accomplished with contempt and disdain, and formenting this attitude of relentless cruelty and negativity, malevolence and hatred against him and against all those who are actually fans of his work. *They’re* the poison, pure and simple!

      • susanbowes Says:

        Everyone seems to forget how Mr. Lucas must’ve felt by Kennedy’s betrayal. He groomed her to take over the franchise he created and before selling to Disney, he made her the head of Lucasfilms. How low can anyone go? I hope Disney ends up firing her!

      • rynnbowers Says:

        Yes she did. There was an interview either during the TFA panel and she mentioned remaking the prequels or going back and having them remade.

        I forget who asked the quesrion, but the prequels were brought up and I think jj was there with her and he made some comments about them before he went to talk about practical sets and stuff and Kennedy said the remake comment. It was during Celebration. I watched most of the panels from home on my computer and the same thing with the star wars battlefront unveiling….the hype was big and then those comments were made and I basically swore off this movie.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        I watched the same panel at Celebration from an overflow room and I don’t recall her saying she would remake the prequels, unless this was at a different panel.

      • rynnbowers Says:

        I remember her at a panel…so it might have been a different one but it was at celebration. She and jj were on stage and I dont know how they got on the subject of the prequels but she dis mention a remake or something along the lines of redoing them. Then they cut right down to the new movie again. It was almost a blink and you’d miss it moments.

        But in interviews for magazines she has said the same things. Thst no one likes the pt and that she is/was in talks of getting them remade.

        Here is the one article detailing what she wants to do:

        Celebration it was a little drop about the pt and her and jj were back to being the nest buds because of real sets. (Oooh, look a desert with real sand….who knew a desert had sand, I thought it was all Ilm) sorry bad attempt at sarcasm. This stud just irritates me more than anything. The pt is fine the way it is it doesn’t need to be rebooted because she didnt have any input in on the project…hell why would she? Is she George lucas? I think not.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        That Reddit post is full of crap. Totally made up.

      • susanbowes Says:

        That’s probably exactly why Kennedy betrayed Lucas… because he didn’t include her in making the prequels. Sure sounds like sour grapes to me.

  31. madmediaman Says:

    I hate to say I told you so…. I think it was last year on this page when I mentioned that I had heard rumblings the Star Wars divorce was messy.

    But let’s be clear, while a lot of the blame for the current state of Star Wars rests at the feet of the fans, the reality is the blame almost all lies with Marin County City Council for refusing to approve George’s Grady Ranch Studios. Had that never occurred we would have already likely seen George’s Saga swansong in May, with another director set to take the helm for Episode VIII in a Lucas guided conclusion to the Star Wars Saga.

    But the fanboys got what they wanted… yearly fanwank. I suspect within less than 10 years that will grow old quickly with general audiences.

  32. Jim Raynor Says:

    Again this shows that Lucas is thinking on one level while “the fans” are on another.

    Lucas is a storyteller, and he’s clearly interested in the family drama and themes of generational conflict that are at the core of his saga. These are things that have been an inspiration to me as an aspiring writer, which I’ve praised and tried to raise awareness of. Lucas’s story holds a lot of truth that I think a lot of people would do well to understand even if they don’t like the movies.

    “The fans” (and by that I mean the loud geeks and bashers on the internet) however just want a repeat of the same surface elements from the Original Trilogy: “practical effects,” “used look,” X-wings, TIE fighters, and planets with icy or desert terrains.

    They want a new movie that just ticks off on a checklist of the same things they saw in the old movies, not necessarily an extension and deeper exploration of the saga’s themes (as the Prequels did for the Original Trilogy). They want to feel secure in what they knew from their childhoods, instead of putting in more effort to grow and understand what others such as Lucas are trying to say.

    I also saw a link to an IGN article just now with a headline trying to spin this piece of news: “Lucas wasn’t OK with ‘doing something for the fans'”

    I didn’t bother reading it, but the headline itself was incredibly off putting and indicated another biased attack piece from the geek media. Maybe that’s not fair of me, but it wasn’t fair of them either for putting out more inflammatory click bait.

    • Jacobesico Says:

      What do you expect from IGNorant? 😉

      But I would love see what George Lucas’s vision for a Sequel trilogy would be. Especially since he has said for years that there is no story to tell after Return of The Jedi.

      I’m sure that my version of the Sequel Trilogy would be very different to someone elses. I certaintly wouldn’t bother with any on this Force Awakens crap.

      • susanbowes Says:

        I’d love to see Lucas’ version of what happened after ROTJ too. Like you, I’m an aspiring writer and have written a fanfiction continuing the saga in a way I believe Lucas would like and maybe even be proud of. I tried very hard to use his ideals in my story, not the crap that’s been written and published since the movies came out. Most of the authors/stories destroyed the theme of the saga… Luke turning to the dark side… my butt! Even Lucas said that Luke would never marry and he’d stay true to the Jedi Code and NEVER turn to the Dark Side for ANY reason!

    • andywylde77 Says:

      Yep you know what’s up. The new era of SW is off to a disgraceful start and I know that in the long run this whole approach they are taking will land the SW brand right into the trash. As you stated how they want a paint by the numbers film. Which is exactly what the are getting.

      The whiners and bashers really never cared for the story and myth of SW. It is obvious at the things they focus on. The whole “practical effects” garbage is proof of that. Because anyone that truly cares for SW knows that the story is what makes SW great. Everything else is great too, but the story and myth itself is the most important of all. So when they were running their mouths about real sets and stuff that just shows they can’t see past the surface.

      Lucas went and did the PT and he delved even deeper into the myth and lore of SW. But jaded fans didn’t want that. They want exactly what they claim the PT is, video game, mindless action. They always seem to think that making Anakin “older” in episode 1 would fix the film. Why? Because the bashers will give some contrived answer but while they are telling you one thing in their heads it all amounts to because it’s kewler hurr hurr”

      So now the younger generation for who this will be their introduction to the SW universe probably won’t pick up on it like other kids did with the OT and PT. I mean since they are catering to 40 year old man-children what appeal will there be for younger generation?

      • Noah Evans Says:

        “The whiners and bashers really never cared for the story” woah, that’s not true… these bashers care very very much for WHO “shot first” between Han and Greedo, they are soooooo passionate about ONE tiny little detail that contributes little to the ACTUAL STORY. (Although unless I am wrong, Han was the only one who shot in the uncut version. So, technically Greed did shoot first.. 😉 )

      • andywylde77 Says:

        lol! For me the only thing I know about the whole “Han shot first” is that no matter who shot first, second last or what not, Greedo dies and Han lives. So the same outcome no matter which scenario one decides to go with.

  33. piccolojr1138 Says:

    “Director J.J. Abrams says he hopes The Force Awakens honors what Lucas originated decades ago, and adds that he had nothing to do with the decision not to move forward with Lucas’s story treatments. “Before I showed up, it was already something that Disney had decided they wanted to go a different way with,” Abrams said in an interview with EW (conducted before the CBS interview). “But the spirit of what he wrote, both in those pages and prior, is everything that this movie is built upon.””

    ““I don’t know why it isn’t on the poster, but it’s a valid point. I’m sure that that will be a credit in the film,” the director says. “We are standing on the shoulders of Episodes I through VI.””

    • piccolojr1138 Says:

      The second quote is about George Lucas’ name.

    • madmediaman Says:

      I cry BULLLLLLCRAAAAPPPPPP!!! Abrams was NEVER going to work on any film in which he did not have FINAL say so on the finished product. THR reported in May of 2013, four full months after Abrams was hired, that Arndt was out as was Lucas. He can spin that all he wants, but this ultimately falls on his shoulders.

      • Dawn Says:

        I call total BS on Abrams’ comments as well, especially when, as you say, they’re so readily disproven by looking back over the course of events thus far. Also, WTF is with him saying “I’m sure that will be a credit in the film” – referring to Papa George’s name being in said credits – this isn’t a matter of being *sure*, this is a matter of, well, he’s the bloody *director* so if he cares enough to put it in there, then it will be. If it’s ultimately not, then that’s on Abrams too, and as has also been commented here, this and more just absolutely reeks of him trying to pass the buck. Ever more *sickening*, in truth….!

      • Brian47 Says:

        But, just to be fair, it’s completely normal in this business for the initial screenwriter to not stay on throughout production and it doesn’t mean there was bad blood or differences. Kasdan worked with Arndt, which he notes in a “Wired” interview, then Arndt departed and Kasdan and Abrams worked on the script. From what’s been stated in interviews, there is still a lot of the Arndt script present in the movie.

      • jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

        Abrams is a writer/director, so he was hired to do just that. I was holding out hope for a while that he would just tweak George’s story, but I should have known better.

        Rian Johnson is also a writer/director. Don’t get your hopes up that he is the one who will faithfully adapt George’s story ideas. That ship has sailed.

        I think Abrams probably wanted to tell his own story, but I also believe that Disney hated George’s script and would not have let it be filmed. It was probably too novel and original, and Hollywood *hates* that.

        Look, hopefully Abrams came up with something half way original, while also giving Disney all the TIE’s, Death Stars, ice and desert planets that they demanded.

        Welcome to corporate filmmaking, peeps!

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Yeah I think Abrams was trying to sound conciliatory.

      • Hunk a Junk Says:

        Abrams is smart. Really smart. He knows how to spin. He knows how to get what he wants while making himself look humble and gracious about it. Take Force for Change. Really cool idea to get Star Wars involved in charity work, right? It’s raised about million dollars or so, right? Think about JJ’s paycheck to direct TFA. It’s likely we’ll over 10 million — and that’s likely a conservative estimate and doesn’t include Bad Robot’s fee to produce and money on the back end. Think about how much Harrison Ford, Larry Kasdan, Kathleen Kennedy and the rest of the creatives are going to make on this film. One million is a drop in the bucket. That wouldn’t pay for craft services on this movie. And JJ isn’t paying any of it. In fact, he’s getting the FANS to donate THIER money to the charity and he gets the reward of the good PR of being a really, really bighearted guy. “Hey people, I’m doing this awesome thing! Why don’t YOU pay your money to these other people. Aren’t I amazing?’ Not to mention the tax right off for overseeing the charity. JJ or any one of these people could just write that check and not feel a dent in their personal income.

        Meanwhile, George Lucas gave away over 4 BILLION dollars of his own money. And there are fans who are still convinced HE’s the evil one.

      • susanbowes Says:

        I agree that JJ and all the big shots at Disney will reap far more than what they contribute to any charity… and that Lucas donated more of his money than any movie studio ever did and he didn’t do it just to get credit. Lucas did it because he cares! He’s a decent human being which is more than I can say about most of Hollywood.

        Not to change the subject, but did any of you hear that ALL of the proceeds from 90 Minutes In Heaven (Hayden’s latest movie) are going to charity? That’s unheard of in Hollywood and I doubt anyone one else will ever do the same.

    • Jacobesico Says:

      The cynic in me thinks that Abrams is trying to pass the buck.

      • susanbowes Says:

        That may be true, but I doubt Abrams has the pull at Disney that you and others believe he does. He’s just someone Disney hired to direct TFA – nothing more, nothing less.

    • cousinbasil Says:

      “But the spirit of what he wrote, both in those pages and prior, is everything that this movie is built upon.”

      Is something every fan writer/artist in any fandom would say. If he thinks this, then he better have fought hard to have the film include “Based on George Lucas’ Star Wars Universe”.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        It should be in there. The new Peanuts movie credits Charles Schulz, even though Schulz has been dead for 15 years. Every James Bond movie credits Ian Fleming, even though Fleming’s been dead for decades. They’re using George Lucas’s universe and characters and he’s still very much alive, but still no credit?

    • Hunk a Junk Says:

      Ah-OOOHH-GAH! Ah-OOOOHH-GAH! The warning klaxon has sounded! PR damage control is in effect! ‘Crap, we have Entertainment Weekly on speed dial, right?!’ Yeah, this is spin and expect much more of it in the coming days. I bet by the end of the month we get a statement from KK herself assuring everyone that she loves George and wants to make a movie he’d be proud of. They will hint and suggest that TFA was somehow following a map Lucas created, but that ship has sailed. George didn’t plot the course and wasn’t invited on the journey. Sorry, Lucasfilm, you don’t ‘thanks but no thanks’ the creator of Star Wars and build a PR campaign boasting about how much he’s NOT involved and then get to turn around and say how much you really, really like him and how he influenced everything you’ve done. Good God, be adults and own what you’ve done.

      • Keith Palmer Says:

        I’m afraid a part of me is willing to think “better this sort of spin than subtle suggestions Lucas’s ideas ‘needed work’ but ‘he just wouldn’t compromise.'” Thinking that, I know, means I have my own suspicions of how the disgruntled think (or at least what assumptions have been graven into their reflex reactions) and what appeals to them…

  34. Steve Bragg Says:

    I am a big as a supporter of Lucas is, truth is he SOLD it. He saw what the papers said. He should have negotiated for more control if he wanted to keep it.

    • susanbowes Says:

      Sorry to disagree with you Steve, but Lucas sold the franchise to Disney believing he’d still have input. He was stabbed in the back and that’s why he walked away from the whole thing and who can blame him for that? Certainly not me. I’m glad he chose to walk away. It was the honorable thing to do under the circumstances.

    • Hunk a Junk Says:

      Very true. This will likely end up being a cautionary tale. Lucas agreed to the sale after deciding to entrust his friend of 30 years to carry on his legacy in a certain way — and she told him AND THE FANS that she would. But she didn’t. Over his career, Lucas put a lot of trust in people around him and many times it worked out. Sometimes it hasn’t. This is one of those times. That doesn’t mean KK shouldn’t be called out for what she’s done.

  35. susanbowes Says:

    I said this in a reply to Jacobesico, but I wanted everyone to see this:

    We all seem to forget how deeply upset and hurt Mr. Lucas must’ve been by Kennedy’s betrayal. He groomed her to take over the franchise HE created AND before selling to Disney Lucas made Kennedy the head of Lucasfilms. She betrayed his trust completely and I can’t see how he could ever forgive her. I know I’d never be able to.

    I wish Mr. Lucas much success with all future endeavors and hope that everyone of us continues to support him. I know I will.

  36. James Says:

    I felt like crying after I read this. The more I hear or see about these new movies the more I feel like I will hate them. Wich makes me sadder cause I dont want to be a rabid hater.

    • susanbowes Says:

      My advise… see the movie before saying you hate it. Even though it’s not Lucas behind the driver’s wheel… that doesn’t mean it won’t be a decent movie. If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting far to long to see a SW movie so why not go and see it and enjoy it for what it is – Star Wars!

  37. Aeryn Says:

    It’s been a long time since this fandom has made me THIS angry, and that’s saying something.

    This news breaks my heart, and kills most of what little anticipation I had finally, slowly cultivated for TFA. I’ll still see it, sure. But at this point it’ll be almost solely so I can judge it on its own merits. I’ll at least do that. I really do hope I enjoy it. But it won’t be much more than expensively made fan fiction to me.

    Dislike/hate the prequels and Special Editions and everything Star Wars that came after ’83, fine. No one’s telling you not to. I certainly gave up debating the bashers a long time ago. (I will say I DON’T think a majority of people “hate” everything that Lucas did after ROTJ. Those who do just express that hatred far more loudly. I’ve never understood why the bigshots at Lucasfilm seem to think they deserve such a lopsidedly huge influence.)

    But the idea that ANY of us fans have ever had more “right” to the saga than the man who created it? Bull crap. Even if you believe he ran the saga into the ground (I don’t), it was his story to do so with. If you don’t like what he did with it: you grumble. You stop spending your time and money on it. You MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE. If your true love was the original three movies, you still have those memories. Lucas didn’t gleefully dig into your brain and rip them out. He didn’t institute a mass burning of all your old VHS tapes.

    I’ll never understand the decades of sustained vitriol over something they claim to hate. (Or such an emotion existing over something fictional to begin with.) I dislike the LOTR movies. I dislike the Star Trek reboot. I think JK Rowling did a largely crap job with the canon endgame Harry Potter romances. But I don’t, and won’t, screech for years on end to everyone with half an ear that Peter Jackson and JJ Abrams and JKR raped my childhood. I hold dear the memory of what I do love about those stories, and move on.

    And it looks like I may be doing so with SW now too. If TFA and everything after turns out to be a disappointment, I’m not going to stick around those parts of fandom and constantly vilify Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy, though I have no love for either (from what I hear, particularly the latter). I still have six movies and a TV series I dearly love (maybe two TV series, depending on how “Rebels” shakes out), that I think tell a complete story in their own right.

    I don’t blame Lucas for walking away – if something causes you more pain than joy, you need to walk away from it if you can. He wanted the freedom to work on stories NOT directly involving a certain galaxy. And I believe he genuinely thought he was leaving said galaxy in capable hands. It breaks my heart for him that something he spent so many decades of his life and heart fighting to create and shape now leaves such a bitter taste in his mouth. I wish I could shake hands with him and tell him thank you myself, to let him know the Simon Peggs of the world certainly don’t speak for me.

    • susanbowes Says:

      Jacobesico had a great idea about making a video telling Mr. Lucas how much we appreciate Star Wars and I’m going to do just that. If you want to include your support in any way – a note thanking him – attach it to an email and send it to me at I’ll gladly add it to the video.

      • Aeryn Says:

        I may do just that. Thanks!

      • susanbowes Says:

        No thanks needed. Mr. Lucas deserves our praise and needs to know that he still has loyal fans who love his prequels.

        If you plan to send me a recording of your own to add to my vid it might be better if you send me a link so I can upload it. Let me know if you’re making your own vid, or if you plan to add it to mine.

  38. Bob Clark Says:

    A summary of my thoughts on the subject at the moment:

    • Hunk a Junk Says:

      Nicely done, Bob! I particularly liked this line: “Without an artist, there may be a product, but it ceases to be art.” I’ve been thinking this ever since Disney took over. There will people who will undoubtedly say, ‘But JJ is an artist and Disney employs thousands of artists.’ There are artists and there are craftspeople. On Star Wars, JJ is employed as a craftsman. He’s talented, no doubt. Very. But think about his oeuvre so far. He’s remade M:I, Star Trek and now Star Wars — all franchises started by others. His most original ideas were Lost and Super 8, which I enjoyed but were notable more for solid execution than they were for originality. Compare that to Lucas’ first films. THX, American Graffiti, Star Wars, Empire, Raiders. Yes, Star Wars was influenced by things from the past like Flash Gordon and Akira Kurosawa, but they were shaken and blended into something that was uniquely original. By definition, a Star Wars movie made “for the fans” is not art. It’s a hot dog.

      • Bob Clark Says:

        Well an artist is an artist, but artwork done on commission for a wealthy patron has to be taken in context. It’s true of Virgil and the Aeneid speaking for the Roman Empire, or for Michelangelo’s paintings or sculptures speaking for the Roman Catholic Church. What Lucas did was more personal, like Dante and his vision .

  39. Jacobesico Says:

    What would be great would be someone making a Youtube video or something that expresses our support for George Lucas and his saga.

    Prehaps it could involve a lot of people stating how the Star Wars changed their lives and them thanking George Lucas.

    Hopefully George could see it but I do think that us Prequel supporters need to be more active in putting our view across online and in the media.

    • rynnbowers Says:

      I like that idea. I think you are on to something with that. Lucas needs to hear from all of us here and all over that we do appreciate what he gave us.

      On the second note I try to explain what I said in my comment above (only cliff notes version) when they bring up the pt versus the ot. Hell, the gamefaqs board for the new battlefront game is just that. The devs of the game gave only the ot settings from the star wars films and omitted the prequel/clone wars era. As sad as I am to say it, the game is a flop. But the thing is you cant just cater to one group and dismiss or not even acknowledge the other group.

      But either way I am sad this is happening to GL and hope that in time Disney and Kennesy will see that this is not the way to go about the films. Like I said karma is a b***h.

      • susanbowes Says:

        I’m game to make a video thanking Mr. Lucas and showing him our support and I’ll post it on youtube. Anyone who wants to contribute pictures, or notes to him attach them to an email to me at susanbowes@optonline. I’m going to make a video regardless of a response so if you want to add anything, send it fast!

  40. andywylde77 Says:

    So Disney wants to get rid of Lucas’ ideas so they can make a film “for the fans?”


    So now this begs the question, what fans are they referring to? Because I can safely say it isn’t the SW fans. Well not the SW fans that actually care about the myth and lore of SW but the SW fans that only see the SW universe at the most superficial level.

    The SW fandom has been divided for a long time now. Then Disney comes prancing along and divides the fandom even more, perhaps to even beyond the point of it ever getting back to normal.

    It always amuses me how some people will try and justify what nonsense that has been going on with this whole situation. Like, “well the PT era has been going since 1999 and it should go back to the OT era” See garbage attitudes like that only hinder progression. To me there is no such thing as “this era has been around longer than this era” SW is SW!

    If PT era material is something that is consumed by a whole lot of people, why shove it to the side? And why shun the fans that appreciate it? Doesn’t make sense to me.

    I don’t plat video games anymore but when I did I owned and played both Battlefront games(1&2). Those games were able to accommodate both PT and OT eras. Now, for some unknown reason the new BF game can’t accommodate the PT era? Seriously?

    There is a whole lot of shady business going on behind closed doors at the Disney/LFL camps.

    I made a comment a long while back on a forum that went to the tune of,

    The dark side surrounds Iger and Kennedy, I sense a plot to destroy the fandom!

    What was originally intended as a joke may have had more truth to it than comedy.

    • Bob Clark Says:

      They don’t even have fucking space levels. Really, if I can’t be a Jedi in the Clone Wars or blow up a Death Star, what’s the point?

      • andywylde77 Says:

        That sucks! I am not into playing video games anymore but I have been trying to keep up with the news about it. This new BF seems like it is just pretty much an OT only wankfest. Pretty sad.

  41. Jacobesico Says:

    Yeah the new Battlefront game is all style and no substance. It won’t hold a candle to Battlefront 2.

    • roxam91 Says:

      On the subject of EA’s Battlefront, the game is currently getting mixed reviews by critics and fans. Karma, karma, karma! I have no desire of getting it anytime soon, but if I do, I’ll buy it used (because I refuse to support developing a game that only focuses on OT nostalgia)

  42. susanbowes Says:

    In response to Jacobesico’s comment —
    “What would be great would be someone making a Youtube video or something that expresses our support for George Lucas and his saga.”
    I’m game to make a video thanking Mr. Lucas and showing him our support and I’ll post it on youtube. Anyone who wants to contribute pictures, or notes to him attach them to an email to me at susanbowes@optonline. I’m going to make a video regardless of a response so if you want to add anything, send it fast!

    • Heidi Says:

      You know what, that sounds nice, very appropriate. George has had so much bashing thrown at him that he’s probably needing some encouragement. I don’t care what anyone believes, being subjected to such vile rejection continually will weigh on the soul eventfully.

      If you could give me an idea of what your thinking this will look like, I might have a good idea what I would like to contribute, my sister will too. Will it be like a fan video thank you card or a memorial?

      Personally I might write something, or draw something or both.

      • susanbowes Says:

        I’m not sure what my video would be about right now. Generally my videos just include pictures and music. I haven’t done too many videos using live footage, but I could give it a shot if you want to make a short video recording yourself saying something to Mr. Lucas. Any ideas you have would be greatly appreciated.

    • Jacobesico Says:

      Thank you so much, Susan.

      I’ve added more thoughts on this in a new thread.

      • susanbowes Says:

        That’s great. I’ve already started making the video using behind the scenes stills with Lucas in them, directing Hayden, etc. You’re idea was fantastic and I can’t wait to finish it and post the video on youtube. It’ might take awhile, depending on how many people want to add things, but it should take too long.

  43. susanbowes Says:

    My video would most likely be a thank you to Mr. Lucas for creating SW, as well as telling him that he still has millions of fans that support him. I’ll probably make the video using behind the scenes pictures of him making the films… mainly Revenge. I’ve got a lot of behind the scenes shots of that movie mainly because it’s my favorite from the saga. The music I’ll use… SW of course. 🙂

    The only problem is I can’t afford to promote the video on youtube. I’ve made two videos describing two stories I wrote (not SW) in the hopes that people will watch them and then purchase them from I know I’d get more people to buy my stories if I promoted them on youtube, but like I said.. it costs to do that. Last time I checked the fee was $50.

    • Heidi Says:

      Just giving it a quick thought, I think I might do a short recording with my sister since she’s also a major SW fan. I thought a real-speaking person, a fan you can put a face too instead of something faceless, like the cowardly hate comments made by bashers.

      I don’t have any money to contribute though, just my current resources. 😦

      • susanbowes Says:

        I wasn’t asking for money. I just mentioned it to let you know that not as many people will see it – including Mr. Lucas.

        Love your idea! Hopefully others will send videos of themselves thanking Mr. Lucas too. Maybe we can start a movement of our own by making this video – letting haters know we’re done putting up with their crap!

      • Heidi Says:

        I think it’s an excellent idea. Perhaps no promotion is needed, maybe a snowball effect will take place? In any case, I want to do this because in my conscience, I can’t continually take from George’s work and not give back. He deserves an all around Thank You at the very least.

        I’ll send it to you, within the week. 🙂

      • susanbowes Says:

        I agree that recordings of people thanking Mr. Lucas is a great idea. He needs to see “live” people telling him we love and embrace ALL the movies, not just the originals.

  44. Tiffany Says:


    I would gladly love for a thank you video to be made for George; place yourself in his shoes for a moment; all that hate and back-stabbing and just hellish speech. Wouldn’t you love to see a video of all the people who appreciate what you made, and don’t send death threats to your family?

    i think he could really use it; everyone needs some cheering up in their lives; hate can really; really, wear you down; I should know.

    I don’t want to be like a fanboy who only takes; I want to give something back. Lets do this thing!

  45. hansolo1138 Says:

    My 2 cents:

    I love this site, but people here need to just chill out about this being “glorified fan fiction.” By your arguments, no one but Bob Kane and Bill Finger should EVER have been allowed to write Batman, no one but Gene Roddenberry should EVER have overseen Star Trek, and no one but Stan Lee and Steve Ditko can write Spider-Man.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, please.

    • roxam91 Says:

      For me personally, it’s not that I have a problem with something Star Wars related being written by someone other than Lucas. It’s that something being billed as Episode VII, something that was George’s original idea, and wrote a treatment of, is not really his as it turns out. I still plan on seeing TFA, but as far as I am personally concerned, it’s not Episode VII, it’s just a spinoff.

    • Nick Skywalker Says:

      I don’t mind someone other than George writing Star Wars but when the people calling the shots/writing it clearly have little to no respect for him, his movies, and are desperate to appease to the rabid degenerates that call themselves fans who have done nothing but crucify him for the last 20+ years, I take major issue.

    • Tiffany Says:

      Its not us thinking that only George can write Star Wars; no; Dave Filoni is able to write Star Wars with the same heart and so can any one else who respect his movies.
      It’s the lack there of in the fandom right now; its obvious Mr. Lucas has been written off the poster and there is no excuse for that, none. Frankly, it’s not possible to accept the mantle, if you do not give credit to the one responsible for making it; and it does Mr. Abrams ill if he does not stand up for George; despite what the world thinks.

    • Hunk a Junk Says:

      The issue isn’t other people writing or directing Star Wars. There have been plenty of people doing that over the decades, from Irvin Kershner to Dave Filoni to Lawrence Kasdan. But they were all working from Lucas’ story or under his guidance. Now, Lucas left guidance and personally began the process of developing Episode VII, even securing the Big Three, hiring a screenwriter (Arnt) and starting pre-production artwork. Disney and KK and JJ dumped all that. Arnt was dropped (and just because he’s getting a credit doesn’t mean his work remains in the film — it’s a contract thing), the pre-production art is now being used in Rebels and JJ was allowed to start from scratch. That’s the whole point of Lucas coming out about what happened. He’s saying “Hey folks, none of this is mine. I offered a story and input and I was shown the door.” So corporate fan fiction is an apt term. In fact, I’d go narrower and saying this is corporate hateboy fiction. This movie is specifically designed to woo back those who hated the PT. Disney knows PT lovers will still buy tickets, so they need to appease the loudmouths of the internet. So the movie is turning out to be the greatest hits of the OT.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I’ll add this. Since I spent a good portion of the day yesterday out of commission because of sinusitis, I had time to stare at the wall and think. We are where we are now because it’s become the narrative among nerds and “Star Wars fans” that George Lucas got by on dumb luck and essentially pulled a Homer Simpson with ANH. Anything that turned out right was through the efforts of other people. Anything that went wrong since then was purely his fault. Ergo, anyone can make a Star Wars movie since Lucas was never anything to the saga but a detriment. Disney is responding to that narrative. They really do think that all you have to do is plug into a series of memes and tropes and voila, a Star Wars movie that’s just as good if not better.

      We’ve had other people direct Star Wars movies and we’ve had other people write or co-write the screenplays. That they want to do this without any input from Lucas at all, while he’s still alive and well, bothers me, especially if my theory is right.

      • andywylde77 Says:

        Funny part is when these people think that Lucas only got by on “dumb luck” well then I would say that most directors best day can’t even come close to Lucas’ worst day.

        But we here know that the SW brand name was strong from day one till the last day Lucas was in charge. I know a lot people seem to think that SW “failed” during the PT or some even think that it started during ROTJ. If some folks want to delude themselves into thinking that, fine by me. I mean if someone is willing to walk trough life being uneducated or uninformed on the matter, what else can anyone say in regards to this? Not much I think.

        I always say that when people talk trash about Lucas and SW I feel that the individual doing it knows the truth behind what they say and if they mean what they say. They have to look at themselves in the mirror everyday and live with themselves. And to someone that isn’t truthful with themselves, looking at their reflection in the mirror has to be one of the most difficult things for them to do.

        I say this because after so many years of complaints and whining, one only learns that there are many liars and dishonest people in the group. With the promotion of the new film, a whole bunch of people jumped on the “practical effects” bandwagon and funny thing is most of the people cheering on Abrams and “practical effects” have no idea what a “practical effect” even is.

        Can I say this as certain? No. I do however believe this to be the case. Call it intuition. Because the SW fandom is full of people that claim to be “in the know” Which if you have read all the criticisms over the years, that doesn’t seem to be the case. It has irked me to know end how Lucas gets discredited for his own work and then credit is given to everybody and anybody that isn’t Lucas.

  46. Dawn Richardson Says:

    And I just snapped at a friend’s FB post where he was bashing all over GL and this latest news article; the tenor of his comments and replies to it, which basically repeated and parroted ad nauseam the same old tired worn-out negative echo-chamber BS – it just grated on my last raw nerve and I lost it. *Barely* managed to keep a remotely civil tongue in my head, but the truth is, I am NOT just going to sit back and be quiet and *let* lies and ugliness and hate like this be perpetuated against him and his creation. NO MORE. I am *raging* inside and I just can’t *take* it anymore….I keep thinking of what Padme Amidala said in her TPM Tone Poem commercial…. “There are things I cannot do, but there are certainly things I *will* do.” INDEED!

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Yeah, the fans’ reaction to this has been infuriating. But not all of that surprising either. They wanted somebody to take Star Wars from Lucas and to give it to them, which Disney and Lucasfilm are totally playing into.

      Like I said, I don’t want to hear a thing from any of them the day we lose Lucas for good.

      • susanbowes Says:

        That means making that video honoring George Lucas much more important now. Please pass along the info to all members so those who are interested can record a message thanking Mr. Lucas for making ALL the movies and send it to me via an attachment in an email. ( I’ll add all messages to the vid, even if I have to post it in two parts. I’ve already started making it and the sooner I finish the vid, the sooner I can post it on youtube, and on facebook as well – letting all the haters see it!

        Lucas did have an real account on facebook. He never replied personally, but he had a secretary keep tabs on it. Hopefully the account is still open and maybe Mr. Lucas will even see the vid if the secretary passes it on to him.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        When’s your deadline?

      • susanbowes Says:

        No specific deadline, but I figure the sooner the better. Tiffany and her sister Heidi are going to make their own video. Others may want to do that too instead of adding a message on my video. I don’t care how it’s done really as long as Lucas finds out that he still has loyal fans.

  47. bansheegun Says:

    If Disney wants the franchise, but not the legacy that made it one, then they deserve neither.

  48. susanbowes Says:

    The hater that I had an argument with today said their was a consensus that the majority of Star Wars fans hated the prequels. What consensus? Must’ve been just the haters that were asked because I sure don’t remember being asked whether I liked the prequels or not. Where in the hell do they get this shit? Sorry for swearing, but I’ve just about reached the end of my rope with these so-called SW fans. How dare they call themselves SW fans?!!!

  49. lovelucas Says:

    I’ve been m.i.a – drove back and forth to New York so I’m late to this party. But…isn’t this exactly, precisely almost word for word what we thought went down? No one believed me except those here. I was even told that George is heavily involved and stop your bitching about something you know nothing about …along with, “We’re sick of your non-ending tirade about lack of the respect for the prequels and George” and out of the the other side of their moths implying that of course George’s ideas we’re welcomed and that he confers with JJ all the time. Yeah…yeah yeah. We knew …we knew….we knew.

    • andywylde77 Says:

      Yeah I remember when all this started when it was announced that Lucas would be in a “consultant” type of role. Then the first trailer released and Lucas was asked about what he thought and he replied with he had no idea what was going on? So that was when I started having doubts about his role in the production. Then after that over time it started becoming more apparent that his involvement in this was basically nothing.

      • rynnbowers Says:

        I hate to say it, but this is completely unfair and not right at all. I know he sold the company and rights…but what they are doing to what Lucas created isn’t right.

        I wish there had been a loophole in the contract that if at any time he doesn’t like the direction of all this he can take back control or something.

        Ive stated previously I loved the prequel films and started with episode one. I loved every minute or each and every film as well as the lore that went into this series. I dont think disney should have cut off the eu just because of them wanting to make more films. I think they could have found a way to work with what was already there.

        I think they should respect george lucas and star wars period…end of story.

      • susanbowes Says:

        Quoting you….”I think they should respect george lucas and star wars period…end of story.” I couldn’t agree more!

      • rynnbowers Says:

        That is how I feel. I cant help harping on it, but reading the article and watching that video just makes me want nothin more to do with series unless George Lucas is brought back on board in some capacity.

        I posted way up, but I went my high school years with the prequels and they are without a doubt what made me fall in love with this series. At the time all the lore and information…characters, planets/locations, tech and vehicles…learning about this was a escape for me. It was something that I got invested in it gave me a way to escape. It sparked my love of stories and why I am making it my passion to become an author/writer.

        But yes disney as well as kathleen kennedy or anyone else needs to respect George Lucas and everything star wars…because without him we wouldnt have it.

      • susanbowes Says:

        So true that Kennedy, Disney, and even the haters should at least respect what Mr. Lucas has given us – so many things in so many ways!

        I always liked the originals, but I was never the SW junkie I am today until I saw Revenge. That and Hayden’s acting in the movie made me want to continue the story on my own, which I did. I wrote a SW fan fiction titled “Malignant Metamorphosis” that readers loved. So your goal is the same as mine… to become a published novelist. I have two non-SW self-published books on so I guess you could say I’m a “published author.” 🙂 If not for Mr. Lucas’ fantastic saga this might never have been possible. That’s why its so important to me to tell Mr. Lucas that he’s still appreciated.

      • rynnbowers Says:

        You ve been working on a series for a few years. It started with a class assignment and I decided there was more to the story to tell so I decides novels would be better to tell that story.

        If it hadn’t been for george lucas and star wars I would never have started this. It is passion of mine and something I want to do.

      • susanbowes Says:

        If not for GL I would’ve never put pen to paper either.

      • rynnbowers Says:

        That was supposed to be “I have been working…” sorry phone with auto correct.

  50. Pedro Felipe Says:

    I feel this will not be the end of the story, how will they keep a common vision with such convoluted disney schedule and without someone to guide a common vision of what Star Wars John be?

  51. John Kramer Says:

    One of the stupidest things I ever know about the prequel haters, are they praise the parts in the movies these days which actually the parts that they hate in the prequels.
    Anakin whiny: They hate Anakin whiny. But they praise the whiny Tai Lung in Kung Fu Panda and the whiny Loki in Thor. Both whiny even when they’re already evil. What do they think these whiny from?
    Also, in both the original trilogy and the prequels, we have Palpatine, the most evil Sith Lord and more evil than Vader, and in the books, all we have about him is a even bigger whiner than Anakin Skywalker. Nobody complain about it.
    Yoda fight: They don’t like Yoda fight. Maybe not hate, but don’t like. But they praise Oogway fight in Kung Fu Panda and Shifu fight in Kung Fu Panda 2. Wierd.
    Anakin became evil because of his love: They hate his love. But they praise the villains who became evil exactly the same way like him. Ra’s al Ghul in Batman Begins, Two-Face in The Dark Knight,… and Two-Face (not Dent, I said Two-Face) appeared only in the end of The Dark Knight. Wierd.
    Palpatine: One of the stupidest things they ever complain about is they complain that Palpatine appeared too much. They complain that he corrupted Anakin to Vader, but they praise The Joker in The Dark Knight who corrupted Dent to Two-Face exactly the same way that Palpatine corrupted Anakin to Vader. Really?
    Jar Jar Binks: They complain about Jar Jar for is a child character in a movie which have badass. But they praise Po in Kung Fu Panda, who was also a child character in a movie which have badass. They complain about Jar Jar, a side character, and praise Po, the main character. Seriously? Also, if you blame Jar Jar for gave Palpatine power, you must blame Po for awaken Tai Lung from the 20 years sleep. Jar Jar gave power for an evil which already haunt the Galaxy from the start. Po indirectly awaken an evil which was sleep for 20 years. If you say Jar Jar is evil, then Po is much more evil.
    CGI: They complain about the CGI in the prequels. But they praise the CGI in Marvel. While the CGI in the prequels is one of the most realistic CGI ever and influence the movies (including The Dark Knight trilogy) to have CGI in them.
    I think that the haters are just unthankful fans who think that the movies these days are always better than the classical movies. Seriously, this war, which was been 10 years, should be end now.

  52. JustinJL Says:

    Movies nowadays have left me cold, cynical, and just feeling that everything is homogenized , Lucas, to his credit, did things differently, where nothing was assimilated in the corporate culture. It is a shame. Well we turn the page on 2015. Here’s to better moments ahead.

  53. Michael Thornley Says:

    “To be blunt, this sucks. Imagine J.K. Rowling being told her input isn’t needed or wanted in the Harry Potter universe.”

    Weirdly enough, J.K. deconstructed the character of Harry’s father in The Order of the Phoenix, Snape’s Worst Memory, by showing him at his worst. And yet, the Potterheads never complained about her turning James Potter into an arrogant toerag.

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