Star Looks Back At PT Teasers, Trailers

Here’s a fun, detailed look back at the teasers and trailers from the prequels. I’ve written about them before but star has a lot more info and plenty of trivia:

Trivia: While we could see General Grievous already in the Tartakovsky Clone Wars series as early as April 2004, his movie look was something of a secret and he appears only in a far away shot on Utapau when Obi-Wan confronts him. Grievous’ bodyguard, the IG-100 MagnaGuard, does get a very clear shot in the trailer however.

Alternate shot: Ki-Adi-Mundi’s reaction to the clones aiming their weapons at him is different then what we saw in the movie. This is clearly seen with the background, which appears to be the Jedi Temple and not Mygeeto. In fact, the clones pointing the blaster to him are not even his clone troopers but rather the 501st troopers on Coruscant.


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9 Responses to “Star Looks Back At PT Teasers, Trailers”

  1. Hunk a Junk Says:

    Watching the PT trailers again, compared to the TFA trailers, one thing becomes instantly clear: George Lucas was trying to expand the Star Wars universe with each movie while TFA is clearly recycling the greatest hits of the OT. Just in the TPM trailer, we got a glimpse of entirely new Star Wars worlds. New ships, new characters, new settings — it was like unrolling a map and finding an entirely new continent. TFA gives us everything we’ve seen before. Desert planet? Check. Millennium Falcon, X-wings and TIE fighters? Check, check and check. Snow planet and planet-destroying superweapon? Check and mate. It drives me bananas to hear fans talk about how the PT “didn’t feel like Star Wars” while praising TFA for “finally we get a movie that looks like Star Wars should!” Well, duh! Of course it “looks” like Star Wars — it’s all the same damn stuff! How can anyone with a straight face describe JJ Abrams as a “visionary” when he just recreates Tatooine (complete with moisture vaporators) and simply relabels it “Jakku?” I have no doubt TFA will be well-executed. The action will move fast, the comedy will work, there will be emotional beats, etc. But vision? Hardly. At it’s heart, its the type of sequel Hollywood used to make before George Lucas made TESB and changed the paradigm. In it’s DNA, TFA is Jaws 2.

    • Daniel Says:

      To be fair, the new planets may all be the same climates as previous planets but they are still all new. And I can’t think of any climates that haven’t been shown on a planet in Star Wars so it’s hard to have something completely original at this point. And the feel I get from TFA is that the scope is still huge. To me it feels like it does expand the GFFA even more, despite any other flaws it might have.

    • hansolo1138 Says:

      Two thoughts:

      One, Geonosis is basically Tatooine with redder sand, and Kasshyyk is Endor with Wookiees, so Lucas did the exact same thing.

      Two, all of the planet climates from the OT (desert, ice, jungle) with the exception of one (gas planet) are represented in TFA. Basically, Johnson and Trevorrow HAVE to think up something original for VIII and IX

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Endor was supposed to be Kashyyyk. Originally the big forest battle was supposed to be Wookiees versus the Empire but Lucas wanted primitive tech defeating high tech. He thought that Wookiees that could shoot laser bowcasters and fly starships weren’t sufficiently low-tech, so we got Ewoks instead and the battle Lucas wanted ended up in ROTS.

  2. Jacobesico Says:

    The trailers for the prequels blew me away.

    I can’t even remember the movie I saw in the Cinema when the Attack of the Clones trailer came on and I recorded the Revenge of the Sith Trailers which I loved and with The Phantom Menace teaser, I remember leaping around with my Luke Skywalker Lightsaber in response to some of the Darth Maul bits. (I was six or seven back then)

    Seeing the Force Awakens trailers are just meh. It’s nice seeing Harrison Ford as Han Solo again but I don’t feel as excited as I did with the Prequels.

  3. Keith Palmer Says:

    I don’t know if it was intentional, but something that’s long struck me about the two TPM trailers was how they gave me impressions of what the movie’s plot would be that turned out to not be quite accurate. The teaser convinced me we’d see a galaxy falling apart in a collection of small wars as teams of Jedi and Sith searched for a child of prophecy, and the trailer left me thinking the Naboo would mount an unsuccessful space attack on a Federation starship in the middle of the movie, after which Queen Amidala and the rest of the characters would have to flee their world before returning to make a perilous underwater journey to recruit the aid of the Gungans… Anyway, I do have to admit there was a certain period when I was trying to work out an “alternative Episode I novelization” based on that first impression, although it got closer and closer to the movie as time went by (and I wasn’t interested from the start in leaving out Jar Jar, much less trying to invert his personality) until I realized I didn’t have to “invent my own substitute” any more.

    That, of course, just calls into question the “carefully vague” trailers for TFA, which I’m not exactly compelled to rewatch that often. (The most compelling one of the bunch seems the unofficial “fan cut” that replaces half of the footage with saga flashbacks…) It’s not so much that they leave me wondering what’s going to happen as they seem to make it seem just “the neo-Empire versus the neo-Rebellion,” without bothering to explain what could have reduced things to that state all over again, which sort of feels like jumping straight from TPM to Star Wars without even knowing that gifted kid Anakin became Darth Vader…

    • hansolo1138 Says:

      My thoughts exactly. The “Journey to The Force Awakens” stuff is no substitute for what should be another film trilogy. (Just in case you get ideas, Chuck Wendig we don’t want your trilogy as movies.)

  4. hansolo1138 Says:

    “Alternate shot: Ki-Adi-Mundi’s reaction to the clones aiming their weapons at him is different then what we saw in the movie. This is clearly seen with the background, which appears to be the Jedi Temple and not Mygeeto. In fact, the clones pointing the blaster to him are not even his clone troopers but rather the 501st troopers on Coruscant.”

    Hmmm. J.J. would find his “devotion to secrecy” so much easier if he didn’t use so many “practical effects.” Green screen might actually be helpful for misdirecting audiences and preserving plot points.

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