Bigmouth Strikes Again And Fans Want To Strike Back

Since the celebrity whose name rhymes with Diamond Leg told the New York Daily News recently that he had no respect for anyone who liked the prequels, arrogantly said that Lucas didn’t understand his own movies, and perhaps most tasteless of all, referred to it as “infanticide” and compared Lucas to a child murderer, a petition has gone up on to have Pegg banned from “participating in Star Wars permanently.”

A few of you have posted about this petition on the FB page and in comments here. You can sign if you want but take these factors into consideration:

1. Petitions are often not effective. This one only has 156 “signatures” as of writing. Even the ones that garner thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of signatures usually don’t accomplish their goal.

2. Singling out a celebrity in a petition drive could attract what Pegg-y deep down wants and that is more publicity for him. Worse yet it could turn Pegg-y into a martyr for free speech. Does he deserve that? Hell no. That narrative doesn’t help us at all either.

Still I understand everyone’s frustration. I share it. If you’ve read SWPAS long enough I went into a two-day rant-a-thon over Pegg-y’s guest shot on Clone Wars a few years ago. It seems like no matter what he says or how he says it, he not only gets away with it, he gets rewarded for it! Even after this crap from the NY Daily Snooze, there were people who really should know better defending him! If you have any respect for George Lucas whatsoever, you should be appalled that anyone would compare him to a child murderer even if it was cheap hyperbole. It was douchey to act like you know the true meaning of Star Wars while the guy who created it doesn’t and he’s an a-hole for saying he doesn’t “respect” fans like us. But “infanticide” and “killing your own kids?” Indefensible.

Rebel Force Radio’s hosts are no fans of the Peggster either and in the Nov. 13 episode of the podcast, they had a glorious rant that pretty much encapsulates everything on Pegg-y. Start at around 43:52…it ends around 55:04:

They’re right. At Pegg-y’s core, he is a big fat phony. I believe he sincerely dislikes the prequels but I’m guessing he considers prequel bashing an important part of his brand. It helps give him cred to geeks in general and to the media, which of course invites this kind of thing every time they talk to him (see “Why The Media Hates The PT”). When he said he doesn’t respect anyone who thinks the prequels are good films, is he admitting he doesn’t respect Dave Filoni, whom he cheerfully worked with on that one episode of Clone Wars? Mark Hamill likes the prequels. Does Pegg-y not respect him anymore? How about if anyone else starring in TFA is a prequel fan? Or in any of his other films? How come nobody ever asks him those questions?

They’re also right that Pegg-y shouldn’t be part of anything official anymore. Wait, didn’t I just express skepticism over this petition? Here’s my point: Lucasfilm and Disney SHOULD have the common sense to keep Pegg-y away. We shouldn’t have to start a petition or do anything else to convince them. Especially since Lucasfilm has made David Prowse persona non grata at official events for the things he’s said to the media. (At least Prowse has not compared Lucas to a child murderer.) You don’t want somebody who antagonizes a large number of your customers AND attacks the guy who created your whole raison d’être like that to be the face of your brand. It would be like D23 inviting somebody who wrote a book accusing Walt Disney of being a Nazi and a cross-dresser.

Petitions aside, fans can take things into their own hands. You don’t have to plunk down $20 to see anything with the doofus in it. Don’t buy any of his films. Don’t watch anything with him in it on t.v.. If he gets invited to appear as a guest at a con, don’t go. And take heart…I don’t think the doofus is friends with Rian Johnson, whom he obviously must not respect.

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48 Responses to “Bigmouth Strikes Again And Fans Want To Strike Back”

  1. susanbowes Says:

    Nothing anyone can say, nor no matter how many petitions are signed – nothing will change the haters minds about the prequels. I’ve given up trying. When someone says something bad about the prequels, I just tell them enough is enough – that they’ve been whining about the prequels for over ten years and it’s about time to let go of their hate. Even that doesn’t do any good, but at least I’m trying. Worse comes to worse, I just quit the SW fan page because I’m so very tired of listening to their constant complaining.

  2. kenkraly2004 Says:

    Simon Pegg is wrong on so many levels on that statement he made about The Prequels in The New York Daily News we get it you don’t The Prequels big deal but don’t keep insulting Star Wars Fandom like you do all the time. My goodness. And I’ve said many times The Star Wars Prequels and The Prequel Era Including The Clone Wars TV Show are not bad. Now did the Prequels had their issues yes but bad movies no they are not. Star Wars is a Saga not 3 films not 1 film 6 soon to be more films with many more to come.

  3. Bob Clark Says:

    Eh, let’s not lump Nazis and cross dressers together. Cross dressers were part of the groups the Nazis tried to exterminate after all.

  4. Rebel Je'Daii (@SWForce4EU) Says:

    HA. Regarding this line: Lucasfilm and Disney SHOULD have the common sense….
    All I can think of is how Wendig insulted prequel fans on Twitter. You don’t insult the people that you want to buy your product. He did, they allowed it without comment, allowed him to insult verified reviewers (meaning they DID buy the book and read it) and still went ahead and kept him for writing 2 more books.
    That kind of proves they DON’T have common sense.

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      Wendig also insulted prequel fans? The stuff I have read was “borderline ok”, i.e. he seemed only to express his own opinion about the movies. Still, he could (and should?) have behaved more professionally even there. The other stuff (insulting critics…) is another matter.

      • Stefan Kraft Says:

        Anyway, Mr Pegg gets invited as a consultant to TFA (more or less) while Mr Lucas…? Granted, we do not know what happened. Maybe Mr Lucas accepted that his input was not asked for (at least for TFA) and moved on.
        Still, it’s a bit like not asking Mr Tolkien what he thought of the screenplay for LotR if he were still around when they made the trilogy.

  5. Βlade57hrc / Ira ProV Says:

    I disagree in one thing…
    If i ever got the chance of meeting him at a -Con, i would do it…
    I would thank him for making/participating in so many awful shallow movies that make me laugh with their stupidity…while a wearing a ROTS t-shirt…
    Or something…

    Well, i live on the other side of the pond and that will never happen…but i can dream can’t i? 😀

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      I would even wear a TPM shirt. The problem is: I quite enjoyed the other movies with him I have watched so far… But maybe I could scream around that everyone who does not love the PT is not a SW fan and instead a disgrace to the legacy of Lucas, Kershner, Kasdan, Kurtz, and Marquand? (Yeah, that does not make any real sense, but do Mr Pegg’s statements make any?)

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I’d make an exception if he was in one of those dunking booths. Then I’d hire a professional pitcher to toss all of the balls.

  6. darth66zannah Says:

    I just took my dvd of JJ’s Star Trek and broke it in half…now I really wished I hadn’t bought a ticket for TFA..I feel like I support this shit head and betrayed Lucas 😞

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      Wow, what a reaction… While I can understand it, my suggestion is the following: should you have any other DVD with Mr Pegg, sell it on eBay (or even give it away). This means one brand-new DVD less with Pegg in it sold, i.e. the corresponding studio loses the profit of one DVD. Yes, that’s not much, but they at least do not get $ for featuring him.

  7. Sergey Holod Says:

    Simon Pegg is not so important or famous as he tends to present himself in interviews. As a Russian I know him only because I love British television and I was a fan of “Black Books” TV series where he played virtually himself. Yet even though “Mission: Impossible” is somewhat popular, if you go to people on streets and mention to them “Simon Pegg” nobody will understand you – but if you mention to them “Tom Cruise” everybody will understand you.

    Simon Pegg is a windbag. He is a small-time comedian whose fate gave him the opportunity to play decent parts in decent movies made by decent directors. Understandably he’s gone bonkers. He always had vile sense of humor. But he isn’t original in his cynicism. It is a trademark of many British comics. I even think his attacks on Prequels and George Lucas aren’t personal. He just forgot himself in his own spiteful talk. Having no moral grounds he’s just going deeper and deeper in offenses out of a pure sporting interest.

    His present chance to speak to a vast number of people via Internet means nothing. People have learned enough about the Art of Cinema to understand where Prequels stand in history of cinema. Neither the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences nor even Simon Pegg have the last word in formulating people’s opinion. Time will erase all their verdicts.

    Art will survive not through critics but through love. As long as there are people who love Prequels the legacy of George Lucas will survive. People like Simon Pegg can only deny and destroy. They create nothing. Theirs so called art is always an antithesis to other people’s work. They can only argue. There is nothing positive or original in their accomplishments. In the end they will perish because there will be no legacy of theirs.

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      Really good comment, Sergey. GL has created a huge legacy, not only one of the most successful brands in the history of cinema, but also a lot of technology that has been incredibly influential for the production of movies.

      I am wondering: how much attention should we pay to Pegg’s rant(s) in the long term? On the one hand, he does not deserve our attention for these stupid comments. On the other hand, we should keep asking Disney why they support a guy like him who insults fans. I am not calling for punishment, but just (as LP has said) for common sense.

      • susanbowes Says:

        I think we should all start ignoring every last one of the haters with every ounce of our being. It’s attention they want, and if we deprive them of a response they’ll soon start bickering among themselves and hopefully end up destroying their own ridiculous attempt to ruin the prequels.

    • Noah Evans Says:

      “Art will survive not through critics but through love” and what you said reflects it, even if the Oscars didn’t care for Star Wars I, II, and III (or even Star Wars after 1977… I think, I may have to double-research), these movies are still remembered and talked about, while all those late-year-released “Best Picture Winners” (and some nominees) barley make it a year before fading public interest (Granted, Titanic shows that there are exceptions). Unfortunately, it is difficult to mark timeless art in cinema (especially kids and family films) when the major companies pollute them with soon-to-be-dated material. I wish to follow in Lucas’ footsteps and make timeless quality pictures.

    • firebird2110 Says:

      I think Sergey is right, we should just ignore Pegg. He’s really not an important person and getting upset by anything he says only feeds his already inflated ego.

  8. jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

    Yes, 156 signatures! Only 50,000-or so more, and then the studio will be forced to bow to our demands! Then the only job Pegg will be able to get in the industry will be scooping at Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour in Universal Studios!

    But seriously, I think it’s clear that Pegg is just saying what JJ and Kathy can’t. JJ used George’s script for toilet paper! But he has to remain professional and say he respects everything Lucas has done. Pegg, being a comedic actor/writer, is however not held to the same standards and is allowed by the press to make fun of certain people.

    If asked, JJ and Kathy will just pass off Pegg’s insults as, “Simon just being Simon”, and will laugh it off.

    I don’t like Pegg’s comments, but you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. It bothers me a lot more when actors make political comments (yeah, I’m sure he’s done that too). At least here, he is commenting on his area of expertise (screenwriting). He is not an expert on how to achieve peace in the middle east. Even the experts can’t figure that one out.

  9. seitanoglu Says:

    I really don’t understand this man, from a moral point of view. Here’s the thing. Every person thinks they’re a good guy/gal, it’s how our brains usually work. So, if Simon Pegg thinks the same thing of himself, I have to wonder how he can hold on to the fiction that he’s a ‘good guy’ after how vile a treatment he offers an entire generation of fans. This can be asked of most virulent PT haters, though, because it usually goes like this:

    Prequel fan: *wants to peacefully enjoy what they like and talk about what they like with other fans, nothing more*

    Pegg and his ilk: *constantly insults, belittles, demonizes and shits on all of these people, making their fandom life and utter misery*

    So, from an objective point of view, who is in the wrong morally here? Who is the farthest thing from a ‘decent person?’ It’s a question that a lot of the most horridly unpleasant people in the fandom, with Simon Pegg front and center, hardly seem to ask themselves.

  10. Alessio Pasquali Says:

    Boy, Simon Pegg has really crossed the line this time. You know I hope all SW fans enjoy TFA and respect it and accept it for what it is because if people bash on Disney and JJ and Lucasfilm for not giving them the big OT 3 reunion by having them kill off Han Solo, which I think will fit the story, boy JJ and Simon Pegg is gonna be in for a hard time if people hate TFA and Star Trek Beyond as they did to Star Trek Into Darkness. If he says “F–K YOU” to fans who were less than pleased about STID & voted it to be the worst Star Trek movie of all time ever, he’ll be saying F-U to SW fans who may hate on TFA if they don’t like what they see. At least JJ admitted his mistakes and apologized for Into Darkness. But, with Pegg writing Star Trek Beyond, if people are just as vicious and rude and disrespectful like Simon Pegg is and they go outta their way to bitch, complain and moan and tear down the Prequels, boy Simon Pegg is gonna be in for a rude awakening if people hate Star Trek Beyond and say it’s equally as worse as Into Darkness, which just to say in my opinion that I actually enjoyed when Ben Cumberbatch said “My Name Is Khan” and people clapped at the moment in my theater. But, still let’s what and see where this goes in 1 month. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  11. Alessio Pasquali Says:

    Also, sorry if I’m being extreme, but I really wish we could sew Simon Pegg’s mouth shut like how Stryker did to Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine to teach him a lesson for his constant disrespectful mess toward fans of the entire SW saga and occasionally George Lucas.

    • hansolo1138 Says:

      DO NOT MENTION FAKE DEADPOOL! Not cool, dude.

      But seriously, that would be an improvement.

      • Alessio Pasquali Says:

        Thanks. 😉

      • Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

        No, that was real Deadpool. If people very much like the Prequel-Hater types didn’t crap all over Origins, then that would have been a perfect origin Story for the new Deadpool movie and explain why he was so messed up.

      • hansolo1138 Says:

        I’m sorry, I just realized how much like a hateboy I sounded. Thanks, “Nilbog.”

        Even though I take issue with Deadpool as presented in Origins, I have no right to assume everyone has the same opinion as me, and take issue if they have a different opinion.

        What I hope separates me from the haters is this post. I respect your opinion, even though I disagree with it. Unlike Pegg, I am not accusing Gavin Hood of infanticide, and I respect people who enjoyed Origins: Wolverine. It actually wasn’t so bad, but I did not like the (IMHO) crappy effects, and the film’s portrayal of Deadpool.

        Again, sorry for how I came off, and thank you for calling me out on it.

  12. Alessio Pasquali Says:

    At least JJ will consider acknowledging the Prequels as canon in The Force Awakens by having those flags of Anakin’s Podracer and the emblems of Ziro the Hutt and Hondo Ohnak’s gangs from the Prequels and The Clone Wars above the castle of Maz Kanata (Lupita N’yongo).

  13. Jacobesico Says:

    Pegg reminds me of that kid at school who won’t be your friend because you are friends with someone else. He’s THAT pathetic.

    I’m very tempted to sign that petiton but at the end of the day I can’t be bothered with that blowhard.

    I don’t think anyone should boycott any conventions if he’s attending. On the contary I think you should go, dress up as Jar Jar Binks and mob him. Or heckle him and make him the butt of many jokes.

  14. Keith Palmer Says:

    So far as “Dave Prowse’s exclusion” goes, the recent “Making of” books did mention how he had a bad habit of giving plot details away in interviews, which might have started the bad blood flowing quite a while back. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what might get Pegg to do something comparable…

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Prowse’s issues go back to his complaining about James Earl Jones’s voice being used instead of his own.

      • hansolo1138 Says:

        Didn’t he also take issue with being replaced by Sebastian Shaw as unmasked Vader and pre-SE ghost Anakin?

      • lazypadawan Says:

        He’s taken issue with a LOT of things.

      • Stefan Kraft Says:

        (Quite) off-topic: I think Prowse even stated in 1978 or 1979 that Darth Vader was Luke’s father. Since this was top secret (for instance, I think that Prowse did not say “I am your father,” but something else during the shooting), it is not clear if Prowse was just guessing or if GL had really told him.

      • susanbowes Says:

        Prowse gave away the film’s plot. That’s why Lucas denied him access to the set and didn’t show him as Vader at the end of ROTJ, showing Shaw instead.

  15. lisse Says:

    I’m surprised he didn’t say anything about his childhood being ‘raped’ because that’s the usual tack his ilk take – correlating real sexual violence to them not liking a movie. . This man is literally trash though (his rape apologia of Woody Allen still pisses me off) and d how he chooses to express his opinions are just more things that solidify the kind of person he is.

    • hansolo1138 Says:

      “I’m surprised he didn’t say anything about his childhood being ‘raped’.”

      Calling Lucas an infant-killer is just as bad, if not worse.

      • lisse Says:

        I’m not going to debate about degrees of what’s worse and I feel uncomfortable with arguing over whether calling Lucas ‘rapist’ of childhoods or a ‘child killer’ is worse because it doesn’t matter. It’s all terrible.

        I brought up the ‘raped childhoods’ refrain because it’s commonly heard among the anti-PT brigade and it correlates to Pegg’s own history of rape apologia. He’s a terrible person all around ya feel?

  16. 42 Says:

    Simon Pegg makes great movies and I won’t boycott them just because he has a passionate opinion. I thought that was what this website was about: accepting opinions. Or is it only about accepting opinions that you agree with?

    • lazypadawan Says:

      In other words, you totally agree with him and you’re a prequel basher too.

      This site is about celebrating the prequels, not “accepting opinions.” Buh-bye, troll.

      • 42 Says:

        I’m not a drive-by troll. I visit this site frequently and I highly respect the passion that goes into it. I just think that lately there’s been a lot of reactionary anger when I think the site is at it’s best when it is celebrating love for these movies, rather than descending into the rudeness that we all decry. But I understand if you’d rather not hear me out. I like Simon Pegg. You’re right, he was off base here. Lucas is a great filmmaker who has never murdered a child. But otherwise, Pegg’s opinion about the prequels should be respected just like ours should be respected. I see no reason why Lucasfilm should exile a talented actor just because he cares deeply about their franchise. I just feel like with the release of these new movies, resentment is boiling on the prequel side of the fanbase, and I wish we could all get along. Thanks for your time.

      • susanbowes Says:

        Let the haters respect Pegg’s opinion. I’ll tolerate it because I want to be fair, but I’ll never respect the man’s opinions.

      • Bob Clark Says:

        It’s not that Pegg cares deeply about the franchise– it’s that he doesn’t care at all about the feelings of those he disagrees with, and cares even less about the feelings of the guy who made all these things to begin with. Furthermore, he’s displayed a kind of hypocrisy in how he’s dealt with fans who didn’t like the last couple Star Trek movies he was in, telling them they can f*** themselves. As such, it really is disappointing to see that type of toxic behavior rewarded. It’s fine to be passionate and fine even to disagree, but it’s altogether unacceptable to basically encourage bullying of anybody who doesn’t accept your view and spew the kind of unhinged, offensive rhetoric he espouses. To put it simply, he’s the Donald Trump of fandom, and no matter what side you’re on, I think one thing we can agree on is people deserve better.

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      42, the problem is not that Pegg does not like the prequels. That’s an opinion I can accept. However, Pegg said that “he had no respect for anyone who liked the prequels, arrogantly said that Lucas didn’t understand his own movies, and perhaps most tasteless of all, referred to it as ‘infanticide’ and compared Lucas to a child murderer.”
      You may argue that he did not mean it, that he was just passionate etc. But even if this is the case, he has to apologize at least for the last part. And IMHO for the entire rant. It’s one thing if he does not understand my point of view (being a Saga/prequels fan). It’s another thing to insult other fellow fans.

      If Pegg just had said that he does not like the prequels, fine. However, he is downright disrespectful. And he does not only get a lot of media attention for his rants, but he is also allowed to be (more or less officially) part of the official SW: guest star in TCW, (minor) consultant for TFA, and even a background alien in TFA. Disney should at least tell him to behave decently and professionally.

      @LP: I am not sure whether it is too harsh to block 42. Is this the first comment you do not agree with, or did he write more?

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Maybe there are subtleties with the English language and with the way internet trolls communicate that you don’t pick up on, but this guy was a drive-by troll even if he was sneaky about it. I just decided to give him a public smacking first. As to whether you think it’s too harsh, IT’S MY SITE.

      • susanbowes Says:

        It wasn’t harsh at all. Guy deserved it!

      • Stefan Kraft Says:

        Well, I have probably only read a small part of all the comments 42 has written here. Moreover, I obviously agree that it’s your site.

    • Jacobesico Says:

      He’s not “passionate”! Saying that he has no respect for anyone who likes prequels is just plain childish.

      To be honest, I’ve never really heard of him before and after seeing him acting like this big fat manbaby, I’m not going to bother with his stuff.

      Screw him.

      And as for this site, it is a great place for people like myself who love the prequels to come together without fear of running into people like yourself who spread ruin everywhere they can.

  17. Falcongunner Says:

    I’ve been thinking about commenting since I found this Haven of a site (along with ‘A Certain Point Of View’) and I had a thought while at that site which has relevance to this post. Now, I know we were all at the least shocked by Mr.Pegg getting a part in ‘The Clone Wars’ and wondered what Dave Filoni was thinking in giving him a part. Forgive me if I’m not dead on with this as I don’t Have the episode to hand, but to sum up, Simon Pegg plays an original trilogy character who has few lines, is told to ‘Shut up’ by another original trilogy character and get thrown off a moving vehicle before the main part of the action….Now I’m not saying that Dave hired Pegg just to throw him off (or under) the bus, but tell me…when you think about don’t you just get a warm glow?

    • Keith Palmer Says:

      When I first watched that episode I pretty much took note what you described and did my best to think of it as putting a better gloss on an uncomfortable situation, yes.

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