Why Does The Media Hate The PT?

Some years back I posted a piece about the four main reasons why prequel haters are prequel haters.

Today, I take on the nemesis called Darth Media. Let’s face it…the professional and semi-pro media, both geek-oriented and “mainstream” (a.k.a. “lamestream”), are horribly biased against the prequels and always have been. You know it, I know it. There are other films and filmmakers who are not treated kindly by the media or by film critics. Michael Bay doesn’t seem to garner too much respect, for example. But there is something about the Star Wars prequels in particular that really brings out the ugly. We got a taste of that just a couple days ago with a horrible article in the Wall Street Journal. The link is in piccolo’s comment to the Prequel Trilogy interview story. It is a biased piece of junk. The hack who wrote it didn’t bother talking to anyone who wasn’t a confirmed prequel hater. But the WSJ isn’t alone in running hatchet jobs.

The big question is, “Why?”

They Hate Lucas’s Guts

There is a very simple, obvious, overreaching reason for all of this and that is the media hates Lucas’s guts. They attack the prequels to attack him because they are his creations. Why do they hate Lucas? I’ll tell you…

1. “Easy Riders, Raging Bulls: How The Sex, Drugs, And Rock And Roll Generation Saved Hollywood”

Journalist and film buff Peter Biskind’s 1998 book celebrated the Hollywood upstarts of the late 1960s and 1970s but certainly had a jaundiced opinion of the films of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. It helped popularize a meme that movies were great until stuff like Star Wars came along, made films just about money, and quality went downhill. I remember arguing against this meme by pointing out that the first blockbuster king of the ’70s was Irwin Allen and his oeuvre of disaster films. Also big hits in that era were horror movies and yet no one blames William Friedkin for torture porn fare like “Saw” or the 10th “Paranormal Activity” flick. This meme also ignores that many of these film geniuses simply self-destructed on piles of cocaine and ran out of luck while others like Martin Scorsese kept cranking out the kind of films they’d always made for decades afterward.

What does it matter, though? In media world, once something becomes “conventional wisdom” it’s harder to get out than a blood stain on a white t-shirt. So this resentment against Lucas and against Star Wars for ruining movies was running high just as he unleashed his fourth Star Wars film to great hype and stores packed with stuff. It seemed like perfect timing to retroactively punish Lucas for something he didn’t really do. I believe this is a big reason why some of these critics were very harsh on TPM and dismissive of the rest of the trilogy as some kind of cynical cash grab.

2. Journalists Resent Success

I graduated from one of the top journalism programs in the U.S. though I am not a professional. I can tell you that some of the most bitter, envious folks you could ever encounter in life are in this field. There are a lot of things about the print, digital, and broadcast media that are not fair: cutthroat competition, frequent layoffs and buyouts (don’t go into media if you want a steady gig…it’s one reason why I didn’t stay), getting overlooked for promotions, ageism, sexism, you name it. I’d found the broadcast world in particular to be very much like show business; it’s all about what you can sell on camera and your looks. It doesn’t mean they’re not good at their jobs but there’s an indefinable “it” and charisma you need to have a shot at success along with of course, luck, opportunity, and a willingness to go anywhere and do just about anything to grab the brass ring. Because of that, a Yale graduate could be sitting there anchoring next to someone whose claim to fame is being Miss Kielbasa Festival 2002 and Miss Kielbasa Festival could very well be the one hitting the big time before the Yale grad. One has to weather the politics of the editorial board or station management and then the corporate politics of the parent company. And freelancers? It’s even worse. They don’t even get the benefit of a cubie and a severance package. Curiously enough people in that field are greatly drawn to power, like moths to a light bulb, but they resent wealth and success (so long as it’s not their own). Lucas made for a perfect pinata due to his billionaire status and his business success. It became easy to view Lucas as a “fat cat” CEO instead of as an artist. So you get memes and narratives about the prequels being the product of a privileged, out-of-touch evil capitalist who couldn’t connect with his proletariat fan base anymore, that he’s betrayed himself as a filmmaker.

Keep in mind that many in the media view themselves as iconoclasts because it brings them attention and makes them feel brave taking on the big and powerful. Lucas in their minds is establishment and they feel it’s their jobs to “destroy” the establishment because they get a lot of clicks and pats on the back for doing so.

3. Lucas Isn’t Fond Of Them

An introvert’s introvert, Lucas has always treated press interviews the way most of us regard root canals: necessary but extremely unpleasant. Yes, the current Mrs. Lucas is an occasional t.v. commentator/contributor, he his chummy with some media types like Bill Moyers, and he’s been on friendly terms with personalities like Oprah Winfrey and Jon Stewart. But Lucas has overall been very critical of the media for a long time. He once made a comment that journalism is all about copying what everyone else is saying or writing (see below). When he isn’t promoting anything, he’s pretty much dead to the press unless somebody from TMZ just happens to catch him on the street or something. He’s more likely to skydive into an erupting volcano than ever agree to talk to any of the geek/internet press.


Remember what I said earlier about “conventional wisdom?” The media thrives off of “conventional wisdom” because it eliminates the ground work of finding out what’s actually happening. Today’s media is 24/7 and that puts tremendous pressure to put something out with less time to get it done. Plus with cutbacks in newsrooms, there are fewer resources to check for accuracy. So everybody along the way slacks on stories: editors, producers, reporters. Nobody fact checks. So the media has come to depend more and more on memes and narratives that frame a story and then it finds a few examples to support that narrative or meme, then calls it a day. I wish I could say this only happens on amateur blogs but I’ve seen it happen over and over with professional media. Also, I find that opinion often pads out content. Opinion and analysis are fine, in their own context. But I see it all of the time in “news.” Or opinion is passed off as “news.”

In that spirit of laziness, there’s also a tendency to follow the herd. They will repeat the same ideas and the same angles everyone else has used. Part of it is because these guys all live in the same places and associate with the same circles. Part of it is because that in spite of their education level, they’re not terribly curious. Geek media or entertainment media has a bunch of people immersed in pop culture but they can’t put any of it into context. They like to post provocative things to get attention but what they don’t want is real disapproval. Everyone knows what happens to the few souls who attempt even the faintest praise of the prequels, so they rarely break from the anti-prequel angle. Also, whenever someone from the straight news side of things wants to seem “with it” while writing about stuff like Star Wars, that person will often look to geek media for the right cues.

Whatever the reasons, laziness persists because there are rarely any consequences for that laziness. Even if it results in a big scandal, like what happened to “Rolling Stone” last year, there are shockingly few consequences.

The Media Believes The Fans Are On Their Side

There are other franchises and celebrities not well-regarded by geek culture yet the professional media wouldn’t say an unkind word about them in interviews or articles. Why? Because they know the fans would rain hell on them and not buy the mags, click on the links, or share the pieces.

But the media feels more than comfortable to bash away at the prequels, even to this day. Why? Because they know the “fans” at the least do nothing and at the most agree enthusiastically with the piece and spread it around like an STD at Spring Break. Media opinion influences fan opinion which in turn influences media opinion. Repeat, rinse. If you don’t believe me just check out the comments on these articles if they allow comments. A writer is going to think his piece is validated if he gets a lot of hosannas from bashers who agree with him.

It also bears noting that the media is now dominated by Gen X-ers and Gen Y-ers, who are more likely to buy into the “Lucas raped my childhood” mindset.

Star Wars fans should be ashamed of themselves for their complicity in this problem. It’s not enough to mumble something about how you don’t like it when they bash the prequels but keep subscribing to magazines or visiting sites that do it routinely. What would make you upset enough to at least comment on the piece or send in a letter to the editor? Whenever they do get upset about a media piece, it’s often very selective so it becomes easy to blow it off as just nerd rage.

So those are the basic reasons for media prequel bashing. In closing, here’s a cathartic tune about the media (that’s not “Dirty Laundry”):



97 Responses to “Why Does The Media Hate The PT?”

  1. kenkraly2004 Says:

    It’s simple it’s the mainstream media always has been , These podcasts like Schmoes Know (which I respect) , Collider Video etc. like to bash the PT and say it’s not the real Star Wars but who cares what they think because they only represent a little minority and not us the fans that like it as a Saga. Guys like John Campea are the reason I will never post their shows on my social media I like him as far as movie news goes but his opinion on Star Wars with his PT hate is way way out of line. To me Dan Star Wars is a Saga it always has been their is something to like for every generation from The PT to now The Sequel Era. PT Bashing while I don’t like it at all it’s brought upon by the mainstream media. You and I like all the films as a whole but the mainstream looks down upon them which is sad. TFA will be a good film hopefully do I agree with the pandering to The OT no but I’m not going to get too upset about it. It is what it is and I like all things Star Wars

    • Shamari Stewart Says:

      I agree, I watch collider videos and schmoes know and I feel your pain. They bash the PT all the time. If that’s how they feel about the movies that’s fine, but it certainly doesn’t make me want to promote them at all. They’re alienating lovers of the prequel trilogy

    • jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

      You’d think one of these wannabe-hipsters would defend the prequels, if only to play devil’s advocate.

      They always define themselves for their avant-garde film tastes, and “speak truth to power”-sentiments. But yet…THEY ALL HAVE THE SAME OPINION ON EVERYTHING!

      I don’t understand how you are being a “free thinker” if you are always saying the same thing as everyone else. While it’s nice to find other like-minded folk, what’s the point of saying anything if you are just agreeing with everyone else all the time?

      It’s a gang-like mentality. Except, instead of being tough thugs with blue hair and tattoos, they are insecure geeks with their hair combed to the side, and wear stained Firefly t-shirts.

  2. Shamari Stewart Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. And I think your statement about many star wars fans being from the generation that grew up with the OT is a large reason why so many people don’t like the PT.

    I also think people expected something like the originals when watching the prequels, but when they didn’t get that they decided to hate everything about it. Like people keep expecting this movie to be like the OT and comparing Rey to Luke and Kylo Ren to Darth Vader and Snoke to the Emperor. If the sequel trilogy just regurgitates characters from the original trilogy, I won’t like it. But we’ll see what JJ abrams does with it, so far I think it looks great.

    Anyway, I agree with your points and I wish we could counter the hate (one reason I like blogs like this)

    • John Kramer Says:

      I also love how they complete hate ANY part in the prequels while if not for the prequels, The Dark Knight trilogy would not even happened. They say they’re defending the classic, but actually be unthankful to them.

  3. Rebel Je'Daii (@SWForce4EU) Says:

    I really wish these posts had a share button. They need to get out there. Prove to the world that not everyone agrees with the prequel hate.

  4. Alexander Says:

    Everyone in the mainstream media is allergic to the message of the prequels. It’s talking about them in a negative light.

  5. roxam91 Says:

    If there’s one thing I hate about geek media… it’s that every news article just HAS to include the author’s opinion on the subject matter. This applies to both Star Wars and non-Star Wars news. There will always be a line that says “Hopefully it won’t suck like (insert name of movie/TV show fanboys hate)”, or something similar. Whatever happened to simply giving me the news from an unbiased perspective?

    • andywylde77 Says:

      Yep this is spot on correct! The way authors of articles put there own snide remarks into an article usually pertaining to the PT.

      It usually goes to the tune of, “well we all know that the last 3 SW movies were horrible” It seems to always be an appeal to the masses with their remarks as well. They try to make it seem like everyone hated the PT. It really, really got old a real long time ago.

  6. Heidi Says:

    It seems ‘these days’ It’s so easy to have lazy opinions, I can’t get away from them. It makes you wonder if basher fans have any original thoughts.

    Good perspective article, it’s nice to see some new POV’s on perceiving the irrational hate. I didn’t realize journalism used to be your field but it explains the eloquently written articles.
    It would seem as you put it, self-hatred breeds well in a profession as nasty as you described and that is never a good thing. Self-loathing leads to many problems. I know reporting personalities have to be upbeat and happy when they’re in the spotlight but otherwise I get the sense that fanboys (hateboys) and fanboys in media, in general, are very sad, hate themselves and are severely unhappy and dissatisfied in life. But, you know, without sounding religious, you can pray for them. It certainly wouldn’t hurt them, they’re needs are no different than ours. Maybe it’s the night, but I’m feeling more compassionate of late. Other than that I’ve run out of ideas.

    • John Kramer Says:

      I also love how they said ANY part in the prequels is bad, while if not for Anakin’s corruption there would be no Joker corrupted Dent in The Dark Knight trilogy. They’re just unthankful to the classic, and say that they’re defending the classic.
      I go to the internet for days, and all I see is every prequel fans always get bashing from the haters, and anyone who said he hate the prequels and try to bash people who love them, and still treated like heroes. Just like the Joker once said, they’re just fake heroes. Just like Gaston in Beauty and the Beast.
      At the end, you can’t win the haters if you’re too friendly to them. You will never win. You can’t tell these money-loving, power-wanting people to respect the opinions. The only thing you can do is make them mad, break their mind just like they did to us. Never show any friendly to them. All you can do, if you must talk with them, is bashing them just like how they bash us and the prequels, which they never have any respect for.

      • Bob Clark Says:

        Is there confirmation that ROTS influenced TDK? That’s a personal theory of mine as well, but I’d love to know if Nolan ever spoke of it himself.

      • John Kramer Says:

        Nolan said that once if I remember. And if you look, Palpatine corrupted Anakin and Joker corrupted Dent were the same. Even the scene when Palpatine told Anakin, now Vader, that Padme is dead, was also looks like the scene when the Joker told Dent, now Two-Face, about what happened. And after that, both Vader and Two-Face became evil. Their friends (Batman and Obi-Wan) can’t tell that truth to everyone, and everyone see both Batman and Obi-Wan as villains.
        Even in this site, there’s once said that if not for the prequels, Nolan’s Batman would never been made.

      • Bob Clark Says:

        If you could find a quote from Nolan that’d be really interesting. I’ve thought the prequels were a big influence on him since Batman Begins, what with Qui Gon himself cast as Wayne’a mentor, who winds up being a Palpatine type mastermind who uses Amidala type decoys (rather than the more fantastical immortality elements of the comics).

      • Βlade57hrc / Ira ProV Says:

        ”At the end, you can’t win the haters if you’re too friendly to them. You will never win. You can’t tell these money-loving, power-wanting people to respect the opinions. The only thing you can do is make them mad, break their mind just like they did to us. Never show any friendly to them. All you can do, if you must talk with them, is bashing them just like how they bash us and the prequels, which they never have any respect for.”
        1000% Agreed!
        And it works!

      • Stefan Kraft Says:

        I would also be interested. The only thing I know about Nolan and SW is that he positively spoke of ANH and (even more so) of ESB. This is something you hear a lot of filmmakers from his generation. I think he mentioned ESB as an example of a successful sequel. I do not remember any statements about the PT though.

      • John Kramer Says:

        I love how they complain about Vader whiny, but still love the whiny Palpatine in the books. Palpatine is truly evil to people, but he still whiny when he was young, then how could Vader didn’t? In all 6 Star Wars movies, there’s only 1 villain who was truly evil from the start: Grand Moff Tarkin.

  7. Rogue 47 Says:

    I love the Prequels, even though I am an X’er myself and became a fan in ’77 when watching ANH as an 11 years old. I understand the frustration of PT fans at mindless Prequel-Bashers just bashing away at something they love, i find it frustrating too and I have actually develloped the habit of not letting these thing stand in threads or comment-sections. Prequel-haters are not very imaginative, nor are they argumentatively strong and they usually end up referring to Plinkett/Stoklasa as their uncritically idolised piece of junk-reasoning. They are relatively easy to take down even when it is tiresome at times.
    But whenever i read pieces by Prequel-fans that carry the message “everybody hates us & our films” then I get a little worried. Sure the media on average copy prequel-bashing, but not all! The Daily Telegraph has produced a few positive pieces recently against the stream. But what’s more important: it is not as if the media are wrong only about the Prequels, it is wrong about a great many things … and in the case of Fox News about almost everything. Of course in the case of the PT we can take their errors personal, but I think it is nothing personal but just, as you write, just herd behaviour & click-baiting. But pieces that suggest “yeah, everyone hates us” unfortunately subscribe to the incorrect narratives of these media outlets and these skewed fanboys.
    Fact: The Prequels were succesful films at the Box Office, it is irrelevant whether the Originals were more successful in their times because their times were different and Gone with the Wind or Avatar were far more succesful at the box office that any Star Wars. But the Prequels were succesful!
    Fact: The Prequels received a very similar critical acclaim as the Originals did in their time and ROTS outstrips them all as the best-received Star Wars film.
    Fact: the Prequels are much closer to their creators artistic vision than the Originals.
    Fact: 5 of the 6 Star Wars films are non-Hollywood and Independent films,which is for example why it traditionally always gets by-passed at the Oscars. I am sure at is due to change this time around.
    Fact: each of the two trilogies combine mythical (rather than literay) story-telling with a heavy use of symbolism and … profound innovation in filmmaking. Each trilogy has had a great influence on their contemporary films & films made later.

    There will always be people who cannot shut-up about hating them, honestly there are also people who cannot shut-up about hating modern art. We should either argue against that narrative or stop caring. But adopting it and feeling sorry for myself is not an option for me. Comment threads are very poor representations about what ‘the people’ realy think.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I think the mainstream media is wrong and very biased on many things.

      • morejawajuiceforme Says:

        Agreed. The Fox News’ of the world are just as wrong as the CNNs of the world, as well as the rest of the (mostly leftist) mainstream media. The other guys just weave their narrative in a way that’s more pleasing, seemingly legitimate, and more in line with conventional wisdom to a giant chunk of people than something like Fox News does.

        Don’t get me wrong… I’m not personally sticking up for any particular side. I don’t identify with left or right–there’s just too much BS on either side, and I’ve been burned way too much–but criticizing media narratives while propagating some of them isn’t helping anybody.

        That’s off-topic, though. I agree with most of Rogue 47’s post. Well said.

    • Βlade57hrc / Ira ProV Says:

      @ Rogue 47
      Slow clap!!!

    • John Kramer Says:

      Even if I only see the OT as the story and the PT were just a part, I would not hate the PT. I would see the PT as a part of the story. Even if I don’t like the PT, I would not bashing them.
      The haters said Lucas only want money. But actually, no one but the haters truly want money. They’re haters that NOT even the Joker could be that evil.
      After the death of Sir Christopher Lee, now I can say that the haters never care about life. All they want bashing Lucas.

      • Stefan Kraft Says:

        Did some haters say anything negative about Sir Christopher Lee after his death? I am asking because you state that “the haters never care about life.”

      • John Kramer Says:

        There was one hater who call people who love ANY part of the prequels are trolls. When I told him that if he said something like that, he would call Sir Christopher Lee a retard. All he said was I’m stupid for call Sir Christopher Lee a great actor. He bashing Sir Christopher Lee for no reason other than Sir Christopher Lee was in the prequels.

  8. Jacobesico Says:

    I usually tend to ignore the “Geek” sites.

    They are just full of wild theroies and pointless articles.

  9. Leatheryman Says:

    As a textbook Gen X member and rabidly loyal Star Wars fan, I’m going to tell you I love the Prequels, though I did leave the cinema feeling deflated after the first two. I came around after subsequent viewings.unfortunately they have their flaws, which are often exaggerated by their detractors, but the flaws exist all the same. The worst part is that it’s nothing a little creative writing a couldn’t fix.
    I like to watch The Phantom Menace and imagine it was made in the 70s. I think Lucas set out to make those movies and release them to a 70s audience, except it was the year 2000s.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      There are people who think the OT is flawed too.

      • lisse Says:

        *hand raised* I watched all of the films as an adult for the first time and I can point out that are flawed about the OT too.

    • roxam91 Says:

      That’s the thing though. The prequels were made with the same mindset George had in ’77. Unfortunately, tastes change over time, and what’s considered good and not good now is different than what it was in the past.

    • Jacobesico Says:

      No film is perfect.

      They all have their strengths and weaknesses.

      I usually tend to focus on the positives.

      • Heidi Says:

        What is perfection though? I have zero complaints with the Prequels which is why they stand up to be perfect films for me.

      • Bob Clark Says:

        Perfection is usually just a matter of reputation, something no work can live up to. “Citizen Kane” is a great, truly great film. Is it perfect? Nope.

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      Well, something not being perfect is not necessarily an obstacle for loving something. If someone sees more flaws in the PT than in the OT, so it be. Overall, I think that it is good that SWPAS wants to talk about the merits of the PT: it is not the right place to talk about its faults (whatever they may be).

  10. Keith Palmer Says:

    I’m not quite sure if “Lucas single-handedly ended the golden age of auteur-driven cinema” meshes with the current veneration of the “original trilogy” (a veneration that to me never quite seems to say what the point of those movies was in the face of full-bore “prequel rejection”), but maybe it served as a booster and was discarded. I suppose I’m also inclined to suspect the frenzy over identifying the aliens in The Phantom Menace with assorted offensive stereotypes let inarticulate “fanboy” rage and sniffy, “refined” disdain feed off each other, but maybe that’s just the unfortunate consequence of having been there at the time.

  11. Kim Says:

    I don’t really give too much thought to the haters and their repetitive rantings. I cannot imagine spending my life obsessed with something I don’t like, and have no desire to engage with people who do. I’d rather spend my free time enjoying the six movies that I love. Anyone is free to “hate” the prequels, but a “journalist” like the one who wrote the WSJ piece is just disgraceful because of the absolute disregard for truth of any kind. I love the prequels (and the OT), but don’t feel the need to try to talk anyone into liking something they don’t. It’s their loss. But the crusade some have to whine and whine and whine and wallow in bitterness over their disappointment with the PT is just laughably pathetic. Cue “Let It Go”

  12. Sergey Holod Says:

    Even though irresponsibility of journalists is a common thing worldwide – the hatred towards Prequels isn’t.

    Let us not forget things are different in various parts of the world. People love Star Wars in many countries and many of them don’t even know the word “Prequels”. Star Wars is just six movies for them.

    Perhaps hatred towards Prequels will eventually be cured from outside of USA? I don’t know.

    • jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

      Yes! The French love Jar Jar as only they can! They say he’s just as funny as Jerry Lewis!

      Jar Jar has been romantically linked with some of the most beautiful French starlets. He is known to frequent a chateau in Nice.

      Truly, he is a man of the world.

  13. Jason S. Says:

    I hate to quote Red Letter Media on this, but I keep thinking of a line from Rich Evans (one of their more insightful critics) in their Star Trek Into Darkness review:

    “The problem with fandom is that they care more about branding than they do substance. It says Star Wars, ‘Here’s my money!’ It says Spider-Man, ‘Here’s my money!’ “

    A big problem right now is that the current wave of fandom – and the one now in charge of mainstream pop culture, particularly on the Internet – consists of mostly male otaku who were Gen-X and Gen-Y kids and teenagers in the 80s and 90s. They are characterized by the “manchildness” of their approach to fiction criticism, focussing less on the original artistic intents (“What was it? What worked about it? What didn’t work, and how could have been improved on?”), and more emphasis on shallow analysis of character shipping and lore without any consideration of their actual “meaning”. They care only for a very narrow-minded definition of the brand as a pathway for escape from the real world, to where they feel less threatened – an immature mindset that involves internalizing their pop culture tastes as an identity to the point of pathology.

    So we’re seeing the results of this trend being perpetuated on the articles and forums of Gawker, Buzzed, io9, and Kotaku, and through popular YouTube “critic” series like The Nostalgia Critic. Loudmouthed harassment through name-calling and sea-lioning, coupled by very poor and often pointless “research” (often in the name of sexist “Gamergate” agendas), are the most commonly applied tools of the trades. The result is a very toxic environment that has led to counter-constructive opinions across many fandoms (i.e. Star Wars, Marvel, DC, TMNT, Transformers). And the mainstream movie/TV studios, struggling to stay afloat amidst emerging competitions from Internet TV, are left pandering to these otaku with narrow-minded remakes and reboots of their favorite brands, because it’s all their willing to buy even when broke. (Anything else, and they’ll scream blasphemous death threats at the artists involved for not catering to their “childhood”.)

    Hopefully, this phase will pass. The entertainment industry in all mediums is in an economic crisis right now (even when considering international profits), and I think the Gen-X/Y geekdom antireality-bubble that has plagued mainstream media will burst within the decade or so, due to mass revolt from other, more open-minded customers.

    • madmediaman Says:

      THIS 1000000000%

    • jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

      Yes, Hollywood now is all about branding and not substance! The big budget films now are all reboots, remakes, or comic book adaptations.

      Hollywood is now Roald Dahl’s chocolate factory, endlessly producing Wonka Bars and Gobstoppers but never offering any new, original recipes for it’s chocolates.

      The sad thing now is that the younger generations don’t know anything else. It’s all just a regurgitation of something already recycled.

      I honestly can’t believe there is anyone over the age of five, who can get excited about the new, upcoming Spider-man franchise. But there is! The first Spider-man franchise started barely over a dozen years ago, and now it’s been rebooted twice already!

      Been there, done that. Next!

  14. andywylde77 Says:

    The media over the years really took this “PT hate” and ran with it and never stopped! The worst part is that the media in regards to SW feeds the wrong egos. And those wrong egos are the worst and loudest of the bunch. The hate of Lucas and the PT that the media itself advocates does nothing but boost the hate that is already boiling over enough already.

    As others have stated as even myself included is that within the next month or so when TFA is released, the PT hate and Lucas bashing will be back in full force and they will be talking no prisoners. I know I will hear a lot of trash talk and ignorant rants in the upcoming months. So instead of getting into verbal assaults with others over their ignorant uniformed opinions I feel I will just try not to acknowledge it.

    And I really have no issues with this new film. It may turn out to be great. I am going to give it all the chances it deserves. Because it is not the movies fault that it was marketed in a disgusting half assed way. And the new film can’t help who makes it. I just hope that all the stupidity that is headed this way will fizzle out as fast as it started.

    Because LFL/Disney marketed this film in such a way it would make one believe that this new era of SW is being made for the whiny OT purist man children that were whining for way too long. And I single out OT purists because they are the portion of the fandom that seem to hate more SW material than they actually enjoy. I have never met a SW fan that loves the PT and hates the OT. Every fan of the PT that I see loves the saga as a whole. I was brought into the SW fandom by the OT. And even if I was an OT purist I wouldn’t even tell anyone I was. I would be ashamed to be part of the fandom that have been the worst part of said fandom.

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      “the PT hate and Lucas bashing will be back in full force and they will be talking no prisoners”
      I hope that some involved in the production of SW will at least implicitly defend GL. Something like “we’re all here thanks to the great filmmaker GL” would help.
      We don’t really know what happened when they (more or less?) dumped GL’s story treatments. Is there a lot of tensions behind the scenes? We don’t know.

      • andywylde77 Says:

        Well I hope the people involved with the film will be nice about it as well. But I know the media and fans will be at it again with the hating and bashing.

  15. Nick Skywalker Says:

    The media is like the one person who is nothing more than a follower. They don’t care who or how, if they think it’s popular and it will make them look cool and trendy too, they’ll go along with it. The biggest mistake the media and Disney did is listen to the loud minority. MOST people I know may not love the prequels or even like all 3, but they don’t spend their entire existence bashing it at every opportunity. The everyday fan doesn’t either. Catering to the rabid man children is just as bad as catering to the hormone charged fan girls that I’ve seen too many shows ruined because of.

    • Daniel Xie Says:

      Exactly. Fan pandering and extreme fanservice never really works. It didn’t work for Terminator Genysis so why could it work for TFA?

      Also I don’t know if anyone plays Starcraft II, but the ending of the final expansion was one of the most blatant pandering attempts in the history of gaming. Ok to make it simple and not spoil much, the main male human protagonist gets the girl, and it’s implied he becomes a god or a higher being to be with her due to a “blessing” she leaves behind. A vocal group was calling for a “happy ending” between the two ever since Heart of the Swarm.

      The ending itself wasn’t that bad, but that last 5 seconds ruined it.

      But then again, I could be hypocritical, I believed that fans have the right to change ending of Mass Effect 3 and I also side with the people that want a certain character to come back to life for Game of Thrones. But the again, Mass Effect 3 was a completly different context where our choices were all supposed to literally matter and the ending didn’t reflect that. Likewise with Game of Thrones and ASOIAF, there is a lot of implication that we the audience have been guessing the author’s moves with how events are set up with our predictions with how that character is supposed to be alive and how he ties into a bloodline. So essentially, R+L=J and the resurrection, would most likely be planned by the author the whole time and we’ve only guessed it right.

  16. darth66zannah Says:

    This article explains exactly what I have gone through with movie news sites. ALL OF THEM BASH THE PREQUELS and it pisses me off…especially Screen Rant. In like 2 weeks they had abou 4 editorials bashing the prequels…it was so pathetic! I honnestly believe that no one on that site has graduated from a college or university….maybe even high school…they are a bunch of degenerate nerds…Then I vowed to never visit the site again, bookmarking new movie sights to visit instead…sure enough in less than a week those sights had articles bashing the prequels too! It’s ridiculous! These assholes must have a default program to do this when there is no news…”any news today?” …”nope…”but we need a story!” Let’s make another editorial bashing michael jackson!” “he’s dead man”…”oh yeah…let’s bash the prequels instead! people always love that!” “good idea!”

    the only movie site that actually reports the news and doesn’t have those fanboy circle jerk off articles is comingsoon.net and firstshowing…so far

  17. Stefan Kraft Says:

    What I find interesting: the “GL did the PT only for money” narrative seems to have died out? I am not sure how popular it was anyway, but I do not see any complaints that Disney mainly produces the new trilogy for the money.

    I would even go one step further: it is accepted that the major studios want to earn money and that they therefore mainly rely on sequels etc. (The studio risks less with a sequel because the audience already knows the characters etc.) I am just curious what happens should the Disney strategy for SW not work. Will the narrative “Disney did the ST just for money” become one of the criticisms?

    • maychild Says:

      No, it’s still circulating. I’ve seen many haters claim he just made it for the money. If you point out that he funded the movies himself, they do crap like, “What, are you actually BRAGGING that he spent so much money on those pieces of s***?”

      • Stefan Kraft Says:

        I remember the discussion you had and that you posted here. Anyway, “fans” attack GL for making the PT “just for money,” but Disney is of course only making the ST for the love of the Saga… They would even produce these movies if they lost money on it, right?

        (On a more serious note, I think that GL is a “money-aware filmmaker” in a good sense. After the financial problems he had with ANH and ESB, no wonder that he always made sure that he would not lose money when making a movie. This led to filmmaking and special effects getting cheaper and to more creative freedom for many filmmakers, so…

        You may discuss whether all the merchandise was necessary, but a) he was AFAIK himself surprised by the profit you could make with it, and b) he has rather used the money to invest in his own company and the stuff he believed in. Yes, he certainly does not have a problem being rich and I would not be surprised if he did some things just because they seemed profitable. However, he has probably never been a selfish billionaire who has tried to make money for its own sake.)

      • Stefan Kraft Says:

        “I would not be surprised if he did some things just because they seemed profitable. However, he has probably never been a selfish billionaire who has tried to make money for its own sake.”
        Worded like that, this is probably a contradiction. What I mean is that he may sometimes have done something “just for the money,” but rather seldom.

      • maychild Says:

        Well, sure. He allowed the Expanded Universe to go on with little, if any, input from him, even though he was blatantly contradicting it with the prequels and CW cartoons. He was certainly not averse to making a profit — who would be? — but he was also investing back into his own company to keep it running.

        The idea that he made the prequels as a cash grab is beyond absurd, and betrays the ignorance of the people making the claim — and when called out on it, all they can do is bluster.

        Of course, they are firmly ensconced in the safety of their own feedback loop, with other haters congratulating them for their hipness in bashing Lucas and the prequels and assuring them that anyone who dares defend them is just a mindless Lucas-worshipper (only they tend to put it in more vulgar terms). Which is ironic, given their own unabashed worship of the Red Letter Moron, whom they quote and reference as if his videos are gospel. They’re rather lacking in self-awareness, these folks.

  18. Boba's Vette Says:

    Interesting. Someone commented on the article on Friday or Saturday saying how it’s strange that a fan like him wasn’t asked what they thought of the prequels and said he didn’t hate George and He loves all six films. He also took a jab at the author calling it a “puff piece” and that fans like him don’t count because it didn’t fit the agenda. It was very well written, however it appears to have been pulled out of the comments. Darth media at its finest!

  19. hansolo1138 Says:

    I saw Star Trek Into Darkness and Man of Steel. I mildly enjoyed STID, and was blown away by MoS. But I needed trips to WhatCulture, CinemaBlend, and Screen Rant to explain to me that I had actually watched two horrendous films that ruined their respective franchises. Hmmm…

    • Bob Clark Says:

      I don’t like STID (though I love the abbreviation for entirely innapropriate reasons). I quite liked MoS, though. Lots of fanboy whining on the ending continues to perplex me.

  20. maychild Says:

    In case you needed more proof of what a complete douchebag Simon Pegg is, here’s a quote:

    “I don’t really have any respect for anyone who thinks those films are good. They’re not,” he told the News. “(They’re) a monumental misunderstanding of what the (original) three films are about,” he said. “It’s an exercise in utter infanticide … (like) George Lucas killing his kid.” – Simon Pegg

    That’s from an article in which he assures people that TFA will erase all bad memories of the prequels.


    • lazypadawan Says:

      Hey Simon Pegg, none of us have any respect for YOU.

      And look at him act as though he and he alone KNOWS what movies he never made were about.

      • hansolo1138 Says:

        Wouldn’t it be beautifully ironic if TFA gets the same backlash TPM got? What would Mr. Pegg say then?

      • lazypadawan Says:

        If you’re curious, look up what he had to say after Trekkies bashed “ST: Into Darkness.”

      • Jacobesico Says:

        Wouldn’t it be beautifully ironic if TFA gets the same backlash TPM got? What would Mr. Pegg say then?

        What would be more beautifully ironic would be Pegg’s character getting the same level of hate as Jar Jar.

        I doubt it would happen but I can dream.

      • hansolo1138 Says:

        Pegg will likely be a cameo, akin to the one of the aliens in the Mos Eisley Cantina, Jabba’s Palace, or Dexter’s Diner. Still, if he had a speaking role that certain people found annoying, the Jar Jar-esque backlash might happen.

        Even if he is just a guy wearing a costume in this movie, he would still be eating his words if TFA bombs in the eyes of hateboys. That would be one of the few bright sides of TFA failing.

      • jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

        Okay, I can see why these comments would upset prequel fans, but he is a comedian so I don’t think everything is intended to be taken literally.

        Frankly, I am glad he is a co-writer because that means there will actually be some humor in this movie. The real fear we should have is of a self-important, overly serious, dark and gritty, up-it’s-own-butt with messages, Oscar-wannabe Star Wars. That would betray everything that both the OT and PT are about.

        I actually really liked The World’s End. It was funny, thrilling and philosophical. It was sort of Monty Phyton-esque, in a good way. I haven’t gotten to Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz yet, both from the same director as World’s End.

        On the other hand, he did Paul, which should not be seen by anyone…ever. Let’s watch the two intelligent British guys help save the stupid, ass-backwards Americans from themselves. That was the whole thrust of the humor. Thanks, British people! 🙂

      • lazypadawan Says:

        No, I think he’s deadly serious about that. And he did NOT co-write the film (I would not see it if he did); Abrams consulted him on some things and I think it had nothing to do with making the film more funny.

        He’s totally overrated, just like every “geek” celebrity.

      • Stefan Kraft Says:

        @jarjarbacktattooguy: Good point. Nothing against adding some good SW humor. And I actually enjoyed Shawn of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Pegg *is* quite a good comedian IMHO. The problem that I have is however quite simple: should he really have talked like that and be serious about it, he is more than really, really rude (to put it mildly). He may think whatever he wants about the PT (and as Swankmotron has written, he is absolutely powerless to change anything about them, HA!), but should Pegg be serious about his statements, he is insulting… well, the majority of the Fandom.

    • Jacobesico Says:

      How childish.

      I don’t think he really understands what Star Wars is about. He’s just blinded by childhood nostalgia.

      I don’t know why people get wound up by this muppet. He’s trying to get a reaction from us just like the rest of the blowhards.

      Let’s just treat him and them like the joke they really are.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        The problem is Lucasfilm sucks up to this guy, he scored a cameo in TFA, and practically got to be creative consultant.

    • hansolo1138 Says:

      WHAT???!!! If the Prequels “misunderstand’ what the Original Trilogy is “about”, THEN WHAT ARE THEY EVEN “ABOUT” IN THE FIRST PLACE?


      • jarjarbacktattooguy Says:

        They’re about the taxation of trade routes to outlying star systems! They’re in dispute, you see.

        The subject of taxes often sends people into a tizzy, fo shizzle! And before you know it, planets are getting invaded and people are getting smoked by boomas.

        But kids today don’t want a story with their action movie.

    • Nick Skywalker Says:

      What a worthless tool.

      I swear hate boys don’t need “better movies” they need therapy. The way he puts it, you’d think the prequels glorifies every bad behavior in the book. If you’re this upset over a movie, you need help.

    • piccolojr1138 Says:

      He’ll be pissed when the newcomers will watch the whole saga after TFA.

    • Brian47 Says:

      Oh, good grief, there is just no “agree to disagree” with this guy or even respecting someone else’s opinion. So, he really thinks Lucas himself, the creator of STAR WARS, has no idea what STAR WARS was about? Pegg can have his own feelings on the matter and his own experiences, but that’s like tearing down Tolkein for not understanding THE HOBBIT when he wrote LOTR. I think Lucas has an innate understanding of his creation, it’s simply not what Pegg thought it was about.

    • Heidi Says:

      Guys, watch out, I think we may have a Sith lord on our hands. 😛 He seems very in seduced by the opposite principles of what George was telling in HIS story.

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      There was some interesting discussion about the whole story on Mike Klimo’s Twitter account – Mike would love to seriously discuss the Saga with Pegg and Abrams just to have an interesting discussion. Jason Ward wondered whether the Simon Pegg quote was 100 % new or whether it in parts contained some old quotes. Finally, there was also something about getting passionate about stuff you love (careful here because I do not remember how it was worded and meant).

      Anyway, is the NYDaily article really that bad? I refuse to click on the link…

    • roxam91 Says:

      Didn’t Pegg mention months ago how sci-fi makes people childish (or something close to that), and that he wanted to focus on more “mature/adult” films?

    • Nariel Says:

      Maaybe I’m missing something, but why is Simon Pegg supposed to have some kind of authority regarding SW?

      • Stefan Kraft Says:

        Good question. I think he has as much authority as I have – the one of a fan, i.e. almost non-existent. But he manages to get a lot of attention, for the wrong reasons IMHO.

  21. maychild Says:

    The scorched-earth approach to the prequels also means that the media “forgets” to report about Lucas’s good deeds. For instance, the fact that he donated the money he made from the sale of SW to charity: hateboys and their representatives in the media say stuff like, “I bet he’s enjoying all that money he made from selling SW.”

    If you dare point out that he donated the money to charity, you get, “He’s just a bored rich guy looking for some tax breaks.”

    In 2010, he donated half his wealth to charity. The news barely made a blip, if that, in the media. Contrast that with the way that JK Rowling doing likewise practically made front-page headlines and people couldn’t gush enough over her generosity. No one sneered that she was just a bored rich woman looking for some tax breaks (although admittedly, I don’t know if the UK gives tax breaks for charitable donations).

    • andywylde77 Says:

      Yeah I am so fed up with all the “hurr huur Lucas loves moneys” BS! The man financed his own films and we are talking million dollar budgets at that. If JJ Abrams had to finance TFA anyone not lacking common sense would know that JJ would have no part of SW if that was the case.

      But yeah Lucas was about “swimming in his vault of money” ala Scrooge Mcduck.

      I am of the belief that this man will go the rest of his life being bashed by ass clowns on the internet. But he is and will always be the better man and compose himself as such. I have no doubt of that.

      • Stefan Kraft Says:

        Off-topic (and not meant as a criticism of andywylde77!): I have read quite a lot of the great stories by Carl Barks and Don Rosa, and Scrooge is more than just a money-greedy bankster. As a fan, it always hurts a bit if Scrooge is seen as the archetype of a greedy capitalist.
        (On the other hand, the first stories by Barks also featured Scrooge as a parody of a billionaire – Barks was also a satirist.)

  22. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    Here is an article that will leave you burning with sheer anger – http://www.internethawaiishellnews.org/new.asp?news/article-3312178/I-wanted-delightful-Star-Wars-director-JJ-Abrams-says-Force-Awakens-written-appeal-fans-sell-toys.html.

  23. Nick Skywalker Says:

    Speaking of PT and the media, just saw in my local Walgreens a special Newsweek issue commerating SW. Didn’t have time to read the whole thing but here are a few things I noticed:

    1) As expected, 90% was about the OT, 5% about the TFA, and 5% about the PT.

    2) I will give them this: There was a 2 page spread on the special editions and the hype of TPM and a huge spread of a Target toy section during the hype of TPM on another 2 pages. (Didn’t read the article so who knows what was said about them both)

    3) There were a few (and I mean a few) prequel pictures and more pics of TFA but most were of the OT

    All in all it was like how everything regarding SW marketing is these days. Constant OT references and a complete unbalance of trilogies. However they did make it seem like the really were celebrating ALL the movies, hence why I even gave it a second look, seeing I was in a rush. The icing on the cake though was how one section clearly said “celebrating the beautiful posters of all seven episodes” yet there were like 2 or 3 TFA posters, dozens of OT posters, and not a single prequel poster.

  24. Dawn Says:

    Simon Pegg’s comments….hateful, vile, ugly, despicable, but as we all know, ultimately he’s only voicing what the haters and their ilk have been spouting all along….that exact same utter poison….it’s only symptomatic of what we’ve all experienced. But still, this just completely stuns and horrifies me….I mean, just when we might’ve thought they could sink no lower….

    RIP, “Star Wars” fandom. That honestly is how it feels…. 😦 😦

  25. ladylavinia1932 Says:

    “But kids today don’t want a story with their action movie.”

    After noticing the reactions to some of the movies, this past summer, I’ve come to the horrible conclusion that you’re right.

  26. andywylde77 Says:

    Simon Pegg is a DIRTBAG! I can’t stand that sniveling little twerp. But I have been reading one too many comments about how this new SW film will “make us forget about the prequels” garbage.

    Well I know that the PT will never be forgotten. Because the PT-haters are whiny ass bitches. And the PT will exist to them because they need to be whiny ass bitches about it. So all those clowns that think “the PT will be forgotten” really need to stop fooling themselves and start being honest with themselves.

    Because under no circumstances will the PT ever be forgotten about. Nor will the PT ever disappear. Nor will the PT ever stop being part of the SW canon. The quicker these whiny ass bitches(PT haters) get this through their thick skulls the sooner they will be able to accept this reality I just laid out to them.

    • Claym0res Says:

      Trying to make them realize them is like trying to get a camel to go trough an eye of a needle, except it’s easier for the camel to do that than for the OT-fanboys to stop bitching about the PT.

      Hi. Edited your piece. Please read the Rules of the House:

      “Commenters must be polite and civil.
      There is to be no racist, sexist, or other demeaning language”

      I see where you are coming from but I don’t want discussion to derail into something else. Thanks! –lp

      • andywylde77 Says:

        Oh my bad! I am sorry on that. I didn’t realize it. That was only meant for the whiners, but I won’t go to that level again. Sorry about that.

    • Shaman McLamie Says:

      There is a petition requesting Simon Pegg be removed from having any involvement in any future Star Wars films and projects.

  27. Sergey Holod Says:

    Emperor Palpatine: “I am the senate”
    Mace Windu: “Not yet”

    Simon Pegg: “I am the majority”

    But unfortunately there is no one of Mace Windu caliber in the media who are willing to stand up and defend the Star Wars fandom from a pathetic person such as Simon Pegg.

  28. Shaman McLamie Says:

    Don’t want to come off as a spammer, but I’m just want to spread the word about a petition to ban Simon Pegg from participating in all Star Wars Star Wars projects.
    This guy is involved in the creation of Star Wars The Force Awaken and he goes off and insults more than half it’s fan base.


  29. lazypadawan Says:

    Objective? Bug off, troll boy.

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