Fortune Cookies and Fashion posted a couple of days ago 6 Clone Wars Fortune Cookies To Take To Heart. (Fortune cookies are those sayings at the beginning of every Clone Wars episode.)

Meanwhile, it pains me to bring up the hellish clan known as the Kardashians but I saw this picture of an extremely preggers Kim Kardashian taken a few days ago:


I wondered where I saw this dress before and then I remembered:


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16 Responses to “Fortune Cookies and Fashion”

  1. roxam91 Says:

    I don’t know which hurts me more… this, or Justin Bieber wearing a Clone shirt.

  2. darth66zannah Says:

    I love this site Lazy but PLEASE take this vile, disgusting, scum of the earth, degenerate, brainless hoar of your site immediately. I can’t stand the site of it

  3. darth66zannah Says:

    *off your site*

  4. susanbowes Says:

    Figures she’d steal a design made for someone else, even though the dress was made for a movie character! Kind of like plagiarism, don’t ya think?

    I can’t stand any of the Kardashians. They’re nothing but bunch of – pardon my expression – ho’s, who influence our children in bad ways. I can’t for the life of me understand the huge hub-bub over them caused by all those gossip shows. Pays to be rich, even if considered pigs.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I can’t stand them either but unfortunately she was the one wearing the dress! Bleah.

    • may_child Says:

      I loathe any and all Kardashian Krud, but I gotta hand it to them: they knew how to market themselves, and bamboozled the public into believing they were interesting.

  5. susanbowes Says:

    Whore is no longer considered “hip enough” to use today. Now the expression is “Ho” – made popular by rappers.

  6. Heidi Says:

    Actually I kinda thought it looked more like Leia’s gown at the end of Episode 4. Either way it looks Star Wars inspired no matter how you look at it.

  7. Daniel Says:

    Unrelated to Kim Kardashian, has anyone read this fan theory about Jar Jar yet? Not sure what to think about it…

  8. Nick Skywalker Says:

    It’s a beautiful dress. I could totally see Padme sporting this. As for the creature modeling the dress…no comment.

  9. Dave Strohmenger Says:

    I think it looks more like the initial POTF2 Leia figure.

  10. Noah Evans Says:

    Pregnant Kim-K sporting a dress similar to a dress sported by pregnant Padme from an illustration? DARN, I can never draw Padme the way I do again without feeling so awkward!

    In all seriousness… it is a weird coincidence… although… why does everyone keep talking about these people? What was the last beneficial productive thing they contributed to society again?… sigh, it actually is tragic really: everyone on this earth has potential to good, but some either do bad, do worse, or do nothing….

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