Stuff To Read On “Akira” and Cutting The PT Hate

Bryan Young has an article as part of his “Cinema of Star Wars’ series on the influence of the animated film “Akira” has had on the prequels and Clone Wars.

And a guy on Coffee With Kenobi, while admittedly not a big prequels fan, has had it with prequel bashing.

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6 Responses to “Stuff To Read On “Akira” and Cutting The PT Hate”

  1. hansolo1138 Says:

    Some people who don’t like the prequels aren’t hateboys. I personally will admit that they have issues (esp. AOTC).
    But all three are in my personal top 100 movies of all time list, and the role of my favorite Star Wars movie is in a constant state of flux between TESB and ROTS. It’s OK to dislike the prequels, but it is NOT OK to say that they are not Star Wars and it is NOT OK to dismiss the opinions of others as invalid because they are not yours.
    1,000 points toward Mr. Murray. He has gained a new follower in me.

    • Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

      It’s never been a matter of liking them, it’s more showing the proper respect towards the filmmakers and fans regardless of subjective opinion.

      You say “I don’t like them, personally”, I may ask why since how people react to media fascinates me, but I’ll absolutely respect if it’s not your cup of tea. However, if you say “This objectively sucks because This, That, and the Other Thing”, then I can show you empirical evidence that This is subjective, That just isn’t true, and even IV-VI did the Other Thing constantly.

  2. madmediaman Says:

    No offense to Scott at CWK, but Prequel bashing has only just started. What Prequels fans have experienced over the past 15 years or so is nothing compared to the hate that will be leveled at Lucas and PT fans following TFA.

    The “Greatest Star Wars Movie Since Empire” blog headlines are being primed (and probably written as we speak)… it’s a done deal because most of these people are personally obsessed with their own fevered theories that “Lucas ruined Star Wars!!!!”

    The hater crowd reminds me of George, wonderfully played by Chelcie Ross, in Hoosiers. The town bully obsessed with the Hickory Huskers winning “his way.”

    In a great scene early in the film, Coach Norman Dale, played by Gene Hackman, has been struggling to get his undersized and undermanned team to play as a team, and learn basketball fundamentals. After a string of losses he’s hauled in front of a town meeting to determine his fitness to remain coach. At the last minute the town’s basketball prodigy, Jimmy Chitwood, who has sat out the season, mourning to the death of the Hickory’s previous coach, announces that it’s “time for me to start playing ball again,” to the cheers of the townspeople.

    George’s response here is what I suspect we’ll be hearing from every OOT, or PT hater on the planet the day after TFA hits theaters:

    Kids, you ain’t seen nothing like the vitriol that’s coming down the pike. Frankly, it will probably be so bad that it will embarrass most casual fans, and may turn some people off from fandom.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Some of them might feel that way…for about 3-6 months. A year tops. My prediction is the more popular consensus will be “maybe not as great as TESB but better than ROTJ or the prequels.”

      But there will be people who are going to be upset with what’s done with the story and the characters, and if it doesn’t make these guys feel 9 years old again (as though anything could), they will turn on the flick like rabid dogs because they learned nothing about over inflating expectations the last time. They’ll be the squeakiest wheel and have the most influence over opinion over the long term. Besides, Abrams is not the geek hero he was 6 or so years ago.

  3. andywylde77 Says:

    One thing that I have always hated about the way people express their hate towards the PT is how they seem to have the need to have the world validate their opinions. Like if I was to say I love the PT! Someone would come along and say, “how can you like them they are horrible movies?” I would say well I like them they are really great movies. Then the next reply would be, “well there not really great movies and most fans would agree with me!”

    That right there is what pisses me off about this fandom, where this is said(and has been said many, many times) “well there not great movies and most fans would agree with me”

    “Most fans would agree with me” “The PT sucks and everybody knows it” “Majority of fans hate the PT”

    See these are the type of garbage comments I have read and responded to for a long time. This is what I mean by the need to have the world validate their opinions. Like after they claim that “all the real SW fans hate the PT” I am just supposed to go “OH my! the “real” SW fans hate the PT!” “Well I guess I need to hate it now too!” “I mean I have to do whatever the MAJORITY does”

    So do people see how ridiculous they sound when they use the “majority of fans” argument? I bet they don’t. If they did they wouldn’t be using it. I don’t care if they hate the PT. But stand up for yourself and like/dislike whatever you want based on YOUR OWN opinions! Not everyone else’s opinions.

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