The Connections Between Leia and Padmé

Filmmaker David Salazar has a guest post on the parallels and connections between mother and daughter in the Star Wars saga:

Speaking of Padme’s fate, Darth Vader force chokes her at the end of Episode III and calls her a “liar” and unleashes his anger at her betrayal. At the start of “A New Hope,” Darth Vader calls Leia a “traitor” and is later seen entering her cell to question and torture her. In “Revenge of the Sith” Padme goes to her husband to get information from him regarding his incriminating actions; in “A New Hope” it is Vader trying to get incriminating information from his daughter. The first image of Leia is in her white gown in “A New Hope;” Padme wears a white gown prior to her death. Both characters are also linked with droids that provide essential information to Obi-Wan. In Padme’s case, the maternity droid tells him of the twins’ birth and her death; in Leia’s case, R2D2 carries the crucial message that will ultimately save Leia’s life. Moreover holograms are also associated with both characters. A hologram with tints of blue looms over Padme on her hospital bed; Leia is a blue holographic image when Obi-Wan and Luke first see her.

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One Response to “The Connections Between Leia and Padmé”

  1. susanbowes Says:

    Interesting article. I can’t wait to see what Rey does that connects her to both Leia and Padme’s inner strengths. It’s apparent that she’s not a “damsel in distress,” but rather a strong figure from the beginning of the movie, and most likely, to the end of the film.

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