“Rebels” (Sort of) S2 Premiere: Old Friends Return (Open Thread)

Since the promotions have been all over the place, it’s not a spoiler but last night’s “Rebels” featured the return of everyone’s favorite loyal clone Captain Rex along with Wolffe and Gregor:

Did you watch yet? What did you think?

(If you haven’t seen the show yet, please be aware comments will have spoilers. No complaining!)

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21 Responses to ““Rebels” (Sort of) S2 Premiere: Old Friends Return (Open Thread)”

  1. roxam91 Says:

    The episode was very nostalgic, as though I met an old friend I haven’t spoken to in years. It truly felt like I was watching an episode from TCW. It’s amazing how far this show has gone from nothing but OT-nostalgia to something very respectful to the saga. Kinda makes me wonder if that was the plan the whole time…

    Anyway, it was definitely interesting to see a Jedi interacting with clones post-Order 66. I’m really glad Fives’s sacrifice wasn’t for nothing, and that Rex, Wolffe, and Gregor didn’t have to live with the guilt of killing their Jedi friends like other clones apparently did. But what I really want to see is this ‘Siege of Mandalore’ event Rex mentioned. Either way, I’m satisfied to see the good ole’ clone troopers back, and I can’t wait for next week’s episode.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Yeah, I’m definitely up for the Siege of Mandalore story to be told. Also the tale of why Rex had that chip removed.

  2. piccolojr1138 Says:

    Very good.

  3. madmediaman Says:

    Solid episode. Great nod to Jaws in the middle of the episode… just fun.

    Like most, I hope we do see the Siege of Mandalore told either in a direct to video release or on TV. The story deserves that kind of treatment.

    I don’t want to see it relegated to pre-viz reels, or a comic mini-series, or a novel. The final episode of the Maul/Mandalore arc promised something so big, and visually stunning that no other medium will suffice.

    Dave recently said in panels that he really would like future Clone Wars arcs revisited in something other than comics or books, so only time will tell.

    • andywylde77 Says:

      Ah you noticed the “Jaws” reference huh? When I first seen it I was like something really familiar about this? Then it hit me, Jaws! Kind of like how they had a Raiders of the lost Ark callback in the first season.

  4. Tez Says:

    I think this episode was a suitable pause in the action after the Siege of Lothal opener; definitely not filler, but a very welcome nod to the Clone Wars show.

    I think we need more exploration of Wolffe’s motives, and the others’ reactions to that.

    I’m intrigued by Rex’s line “I didn’t betray *my* Jedi” – there’s a lot you could read into that. Did he betray others? Did he decide that the betrayal was on the part of *his Jedi*, rather than him? And who was *his Jedi*? Anakin, or someone else?

    There’s a lot of vagueness in this episode, all deliberate I’m sure! I want to know more; whatever else is revealed in subsequent episodes, I trust Feloni and gang will give us a satisfying tale.

    • Daniel Says:

      I really liked this one. It’s nice to see the PT working nicely with the OT as it should.
      Question for everyone, have you read Shattered Empire? *slight spoiler alert* It has some really nice PT stuff in there with Leia going to Naboo and her sensing the presence of Darth Maul 35 years later or so after he was in the hangar. Did anyone else read it and really enjoy it? Did you think it was a nice way to mix the old with the new? I especially liked seeing Naboo Starfighters dogfighting TIE Fighters.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Yeah. “Shattered Empire” is really good. As someone on the FB reminded a minute ago, the latest Darth Vader comic also has a visit to Naboo.

        My dream is Luke and Leia meeting their surviving maternal relatives.

      • zch81721 Says:

        After seeing that image I really want to pick up shattered empire now.

  5. buick runner Says:

    This whole chip thing is a insult to the film sega. Filoni created the chips so he could add a weak point to Sids plan of taking over the galaxy. Supposedly Lucas dislikes the chip concept as clones are engineered to follow orders without question as stated by the films. Plus ANH, shows there are Jango clone Stormtroopers with the head bumping one. At least Rex isn’t a PT film character.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I didn’t think the chip thing was necessary because AOTC explicitly states that the clones were bred to be obedient and follow orders, so of course they weren’t going to question Order 66. But they needed an explanation as to why some clones do not obey Order 66, ergo the chip. Maybe the tendency to be obedient and follow orders is meant to prevent anyone from having ideas about removing chips. Just thinking out loud…

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      I think the old EU (to be more precise, the Republic Commando book series) stated that Order 66 was only one of the 150 emergency orders that the Clones followed without question if one of them was issued. However, Order 66 was the only one without “checks and balances.”

      Just my idea: you can of course retcon that these 150 orders still exist in the new SW canon and that the chip just makes sure that the Clones follow Order 66 under any circumstances. (If I remember correctly, Tyranus tells the Kaminoans that the chip was implanted as a protection against the Jedi going rogue.)

      Anyway, I do not know who came up with the biochip idea. Did GL change his mind? Or did he deliberately leave it open whether the Clones just followed orders when Order 66 was issued or that Order 66 was explicitly programmed into their brains?
      You should also not forget the storytelling point of view: if you have a series where the Clones are heavily featured and that have Jedi as their friends, is it really convincing (despite their biological programming to follow orders) that more than 99% of the Clones will turn against their friends without hesitation? This may have lead the TCW crew (with the blessing of GL?) to come up with the biochip idea.

      Similarly, you get the impression (just by watching the Saga) that the Stormtroopers are indeed clones (see headbumping…). Later on, GL may have thought that it was okay that the Stormtroopers were (mostly) recruits.

      In general, I think that GL did not have a problem to change parts of the continuity that he considered “minor,” and the “Stormtroopers = clones” and “Order 66 = programmed” parts may have been such elements of the Saga. This is, however, pure speculation.

      • Stefan Kraft Says:

        And to be clear: my idea that GL changed “minor” parts of the continuity if necessary without hesitating is not meant to be disrespectful. And as I have stated, this is only a speculative impression I got.

      • roxam91 Says:

        Agreed. After all, Lucas was in charge of TCW. If there was something he didn’t like, he wouldn’t approve it. So in a way, I view the chip thing to be an idea of his.

      • Daniel Says:

        How does the head bumping Stormtrooper mean he’s a clone? If anything that would make me think he’s not a clone, just some undertrained recruit. Or is it because he would be an old geezer?

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Jango bumped his head the same way while getting on the Slave I in AOTC.

      • Daniel Says:

        Haha yeah he did. I researched this after posting the question and found that. Never noticed that before. I love how I can keep discovering new things about these movies. Anyways GL also said that the clones inherited the bumping head trait from Jango in the AOTC DVD commentary. So it seems like he did change his mind about stormtroopers being clones. But I’m ok with it. It makes a lot of sense with their accelerated aging. Pablo Hidalgo also just said that some clones still loyal to the Empire are now teachers at Imperial academies. It would be neat if they showed an older clone we know from TCW training stormtroopers in Rebels.

      • buick runner Says:

        The bio chip is entirely Filoni’s idea and supposedly Lucas disliked it. Lucas gave Filoni and the other writers free reign.

      • roxam91 Says:

        you keep saying that Lucas disliked it. Is there an interview or something from Lucas that backs this up? Lucas would never allow anything he didn’t like making it into the finished product.

  6. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    I was like a disapproving parent with Wolffe:”WHAT DID YOU DO?”

  7. Tarrlok Says:

    The clones’ interactions with Kanan called to mind a lot of other sci-fi dramas. In a good way. I like debates and conflicts over the nature of people who are ever so slightly “off” baseline humanity, yet who remain resolutely human.

    Very nice episode.

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