Sony Classical To Reissue Eps I-VI Soundtracks On Vinyl & Digital

Time to run down to Urban Outfitters and get one of those retro hipster turntables! Sony Classical announced it will release on January 8 three ultimate versions of the Eps I-VI soundtracks: The Ultimate Vinyl Collection, The Ultimate Soundtrack Collection (CD), and The Ultimate Digital Collection (hi-def downloads).

It doesn’t appear that these are going to be expanded soundtracks like the supersized TPM soundtrack released in 2000. But it’s a great opportunity to get all six soundtracks on vinyl if you’re into that sort of thing or replace CDs/downloads you might have lost.

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8 Responses to “Sony Classical To Reissue Eps I-VI Soundtracks On Vinyl & Digital”

  1. morejawajuiceforme Says:

    Damn it. I want the complete prequel scores already!

    Still, the packaging looks pretty nice. 🙂

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      I have the same problem!

      • Stefan Kraft Says:

        Sorry, I read “want” = “own”. I already have the PT soundtracks, but believe it or not, I do not own the OT soundtracks (yet). This would be one situation where I would welcome an additional OT-only set. 😉

  2. madmediaman Says:

    But even these are not the complete scores of the OT either. These are simply the original soundtracks of each film, as they were released in 77, 80, 83, 99, 02, and 05.

    Fairly lame.

    • bansheegun Says:

      Dang. I was hoping it was gonna be the entire score recorded for each film. There’s still a ton of AOTC and ROTS tracks that still haven’t been released… 😕

    • Keith Palmer Says:

      My brother found an old copy of the original Star Wars album at a garage sale not too many years ago, so I suppose he’s ahead there. I was talking with a co-worker who’d bought the soundtrack for Interstellar as a vinyl record (he seems a “Christopher Nolan fan”; I just took note of the film as a “space travel movie”), so I do know how much of a comeback vinyl has made these days; even so, this mere re-use of previously existing Star Wars soundtrack recordings does get a bit tedious… (Given the new movies were only released on CD, too, I’m wondering if tracks will be left out converting them to vinyl.)

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Good point, since people have forgotten that vinyl really limited the number of tracks you could put on album. (Same deal with cassettes and 8-tracks.) When Fleetwood Mac put out “Rumours” in 1977, they had to ax Stevie Nicks’s “Silver Spring” off the album because it didn’t fit. That bugged her for years and it was a big reason why she pursued a solo career; it couldn’t have been easy fighting for vinyl space with two other songwriters. It wasn’t until after the advent of CDs that the song was able to be released, in 1997. I guess the hipsters don’t know that. I felt really old when I saw in a store a bunch of albums reissued on vinyl that I remember when they were originally released on vinyl in the first place!

        I would only be interested in vinyl as a collectible but boy are they a pain to store. If it’s too hot, they can warp. I had a friend in college who lost hundreds of dollars’ worth of rare records over Christmas break because they turn up the heaters all of the way when everyone’s gone. We lived in old buildings with ancient water pipe heaters that could freeze if not being used. The university had to pay the guy back for his losses.

  3. LadyJediScientist Says:

    I’m actually looking forward to the vinyl editions. I have 3 of the soundtracks on vinyl currently: 4 LP original release album of A New Hope, 1 LP original release album of Return of the Jedi, and 4 LP album of The Phantom Menace with all of the tracks from single disc CD version❤️❤️ I just hope they do as good of a job with the scores of Attack of the Clones & Revenge of the Sith. It would be nice if they had extras like a photo book or exclusive poster, but as long as all of the tracks are included I’m good😊

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