Can You Stand One More Article On PT Visual Effects?

This was posted last week but I only found out about it today: “Exposing The Biggest Lie In Star Wars History”. Love the title. It has photos galore of real sets, real deserts, and other real stuff used to make Eps I-III.

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18 Responses to “Can You Stand One More Article On PT Visual Effects?”

  1. roxam91 Says:

    It boggles my mind that till now, there are people that still think the prequels were 100% green screen.

  2. Alessio Pasquali Says:

    Look at this from another perspective, guys. I think that what we’re seeing in the marketing for this film is, not people saying the Prequels sucked if u read previous interviews where JJ shows he’s a Prequel fan and Clone Wars fan, but, a direct response to Hollywood VFX houses/industries that they have gotten to the point where they keep trying to outdo what they’ve done in the past, and often times the storytelling and sense of reality gets lost and suffers because too many of the resources are give up to these unlikely big explosive special effects. Look at movies with big VFX: Man of Steel, Godzilla, San Andreas, he’ll even Transformers. I like those movies, but, u see from a certain perspective when big explosive sequences come in, u ask when is the story gonna come back and interact with the effects? So, no matter how awesome the script is, they’re putting too much emphasis on the effects along the way and they’re removing screentime for more important elements and if they’re not removing screentime, they’re making a movie that’s too long. For example, the Marvel stuff, which I love. I love all the MCU films don’t get me wrong, but, you think critics thought that last Avengers movie, Age of Ultron, had everything end up all nice and tidy? I don’t think so. So, that to critics is what it’s become. It’s just become, to the critics, this pissing contest between Hollywood warehouses to try and outdo what they’ve done in the past in terms of VFX, and that to a lot of people, is destroying storytelling. So, I am impressed with how guys like JJ and ILM are for making a Star Wars movie that has the feeling of one word: authenticity.

    • roxam91 Says:

      Doesn’t make repeating the words “practical effects” over and over and over again less annoying. And the guy who wrote the article even admitted he thought the prequels were 100% CGI, so that is a clear hint the marketing is basically saying “Don’t worry guys, we’re gonna have practical effects… unlike those prequels you hate.” And funny you should mention the MCU. While working on “Guardians of the Galaxy”, James Gunn mentioned building practical sets. And do you know how many times he mentioned that? Once. I repeat… ONCE. Compare that to the marketing of TFA, which has repeated the words “practical effects” way more times than I care. If they wanna say they’re doing practical effects, simply mentioning once or twice would’ve sufficed. Now, it feels like the TFA is really called “Practical Effects: The Movie”. What about the plot or the characters? The damn movie is 3 months away, and I still have no idea what it is about other than it takes place 30 years after ROTJ. This is why I enjoy stuff from the MCU. They talk about who will and won’t be in a movie, what the movie will be about, and other interesting stuff, not constant crap about practical effects like Lucasfilm is, unfortunately, doing. Personally I don’t even care about how much or little VFX is used in any movie. I honestly can never understand the complaints about them from film snobs, and I never will. If I enjoy the movie, I enjoyed it, and VFX is barely a factor in it.

      • Alessio Pasquali Says:

        Well, I guess you make a point. But, you have to see that they are doing this from a business standpoint.

      • roxam91 Says:

        If we’re talking business, then Lucasfilm clearly hasn’t paid attention to recent box office history. How many of the massive box office hits of recent years mainly focused on practical effects in their marketing? Zero. Hell, just look at “Jurassic World”. That movie was a gigantic success, and I never noticed any practical dinosaurs in the movie (as opposed to the original JP). Did people even care? Doesn’t seem so. The guys in Lucasfilm right now seriously don’t get marketing. I honestly believe TFA is the worst marketed film in recent history, focusing simply on practical effects as opposed to a more important things like plot and characters.

      • Alessio Pasquali Says:

        Well, hopefully, this month, we’ll learn what the movie is about in a plot synopsis as well as what will be in the final trailer.

      • Frida Nyberg Says:

        It probably has a lot to do with the fact that JJ doesn’t want to reveal ANYTHING. It all has to be a “secret” up until it’s seen, and I understand that to a degree, I never watch trailers anymore because they’re pretty much a short version of the film. When I’ve seen a trailer, it’s like “Well, that was that film. No need to go see it now.”

        So since they don’t want to reveal anything about the plot, that leaves them with only one thing to talk about – the way it was made.
        Not that I’m defending JJ and co:, I think the way they’re throwing crap at I-III to be disgusting.

      • roxam91 Says:

        I can understand keeping secrets. I don’t want to know EVERYTHING about a movie before I watch it. But I at least want some sort of idea on what I’m watching, and right now, that’s not the case with TFA, and it’s really gotten ridiculous.

    • Sergey Holod Says:

      You made exactly the same appeal to “look at this from another perspective” in the other topic titled “Anthony Daniels Definitely Throws The Prequels Under The Bus” here:

      For what purpose one must repeat the same statement to the same group of people? You didn’t even rephrase your previous post. You just shortened it.

      • Alessio Pasquali Says:

        To try to calm down upset people and keep them content until the movie comes out. Then, they can really voice their negativity online. That’s why.

      • Alessio Pasquali Says:

        And, Im trying to see the ray of Hope in all of this.

    • piccolojr1138 Says:

      You’re wrong, this is about the prequels. They say it themselves, nobody invent it.

      “J.J.’s mandate from day one was authenticity and being as true to the original trilogy as possible. And he felt the prequels were flawed by the fact that they had every [CG] tool known to mankind and used everything at their disposal. I use the metaphor of disco when the synthesizer came about and everyone was using it in any way possible. And I think J.J. wanted to reconnect with how the original films were made.”
      Rick Gilford, production designer of The Force Awakens

      • Alessio Pasquali Says:

        My way of perceiving this in a positive and open-minded way is that I think Rick is saying JJ felt the Prequels stood out on their own with their own technology before the Empire era ripped it to shreds and that he’s trying to find new technology to make this new batch of films stand out on their own in terms of feeling authentic. Look, man, I’m sure they know not to diminish anything or insult anyone, but, they want us to get used to the fact that it’s a new era in Star Wars storytelling and it’ll be a new series that’ll different from the Prequels just as the Prequels were different from the Original Trilogy. Besides maybe JJ said that because he didn’t want fans of the OT to feel worried. Try to be hopeful in this guys. I’m keeping fingers crossed some PT nods will be in this movie. Have an open-mind here. You seem to be forgetting JJ showing he’s a Clone Wars fan when he held a Clone Wars backpack as shown in the pic in this link here: Plus, at Furious Fan Boys, there’s an article where JJ praises the Prequels for the technology and VFX:

        That last part was totally unnecessary. This isn’t TFN’s message boards.–LP

      • piccolojr1138 Says:

        Well, when it comes to TFA, I prefer to believe J.J. Abrams and his team than Alessio Pasquali. I provided proof that they said the opposite of what you claimed they said.

        They are grown-up people, they don’t need anyone to speak on their behalf and to make up some secret thoughts… To be open-minded is one thing, to distort reality is another.

        (sorry for grammar errors, I’m french)

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Before this turns into a battle royale, he has his perspective, you have yours. That’s all there really is to say.

  3. susanbowes Says:

    Read the article. Good thing they included the pictures. It does prove that Lucas used some original sets when filming. I, like roxam91, can’t believe people still think that the prequels were shot entirely in front of a green screen. They can’t say that about Ani’s and Obi’s lightsaber battle on Mustafar. (with the exception of the glow from the lightsabers and background lava flow) Hayden and Ewan practiced that scene for months before it was shot. AND it was them swinging those lightsabers, not CGI! I think the special effects made the prequels more exciting, as with most other movies using CGI now. Look at Avatar for example. That movie was about 99% special effects and it was a huge hit. Let’s face it – CGI is here to stay and people will just have to get used to it.

  4. Nick Skywalker Says:

    I don’t know how crass and inept you have to be to believe that the prequels were 100% CGI. And I don’t know how crass and inept you have to be to believe that TFA won’t have any CGI. You’re in tough luck kids, I wouldn’t be surprised if TFA had more than one of the prequels. What do these people want for them to literally film in space?!? George always wanted SW to push the boundaries of technology and there was only so far he could go in 77, 80, and 83.

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