Is A PT Alum Making A Return To Star Wars?

Episode VIII has basically started shooting and rumors are afoot that Hayden Christensen might pop up in the film. From Furious Fanboys:

One of the oldest rumors of Episode VII talked about villainous characters who wanted to resurrect the Sith in some way. Based on what is now canon in Aftermath, the “Acolytes of the Beyond” seem to worship Vader and they possibly want to resurrect him.

And from the original story on

A team in the U.K. are soon heading to the U.S. to begin training Hayden Christensen for a Star Wars: Episode VIII appearance of some sort.

I have a hard time thinking they would need Christensen to train for Star Wars if he’s simply a ghost. He is still physically fit. To me the rumor almost points towards some resurrection of Darth Vader story idea or perhaps a flashback? It makes it all hard to imagine. It also seems to be very different from the anti-prequel marketing going on for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I suppose The Force Awakens could be a confidence builder which could in turn allow them to bring back prequel era actors when appropriate to their story and not have too many older fans jump ship.

MSW also mentions Vader possibly being in “Rogue One.” I really doubt they’d bring back Hayden just for that. All you’d need is a sufficiently big guy who can walk like David Prowse.

If and that’s a big IF (Disney has shown extreme reluctance at this point to associate its new movies with the prequels) Anakin is needed to appear in Ep VIII, it’s most logically as a Force ghost who can chat with Luke or one of the noobs and not as some resurrected or cloned Darth Vader (please, God, no). Or maybe Blue Ghostie Anakin can smack some sense into any of these freaks trying to reach “Vader” with a Ouija board. Hayden hasn’t aged all that much in 10 years and they have a dark secret called digital effects to roll back time anyway.


26 Responses to “Is A PT Alum Making A Return To Star Wars?”

  1. james Says:

    I would Love Hayden returning as Anakins ghost. Resurrection seems a bit out there even for Star Wars. But Anakins ghost would be amazing and show that they still respect 123. Saddely I doubt this very much.They have been intentionally invocing the 456 feeling and distancing themselves from 123. They would never bring Anakins ghost back cause of its controversialness. I would still desperatly want to see Anakin spiritually advise Luke like Obiwan did,would be a hugely missed opprotunity if they did’t, as it would be facinating. All we know is he became a ghost, nothing of what he did with that power.

  2. Bob Clark Says:

    Honestly, I can see the promise of Sith acolytes actually resurrecting Vader in physical form, bringing him back to life… not realizing he’s actually turned from the dark side, and they’ve actually brought back a redeemed Anakin who’s now looking to right his wrongs, etc. That’s the only real story idea I think can both justify the training, and that doesn’t ruin his story arc. His redemption in sacrifice in ROTJ are respected by his back-from-the-dark resurrection, and we can finally see the chosen one do what he was meant to do in full form. Anyway I’d prefer that to bringing back evil Anakin.

  3. Žiga P. Škraba Says:

    This is one of those rumors that sound too good to be true.

  4. darth66zannah Says:

    this won’t happen just for the fact that i want it to happen…kind of like the whole darth plagueis being the villain in episode 7 rumor…it won’t happen because it’s exactly what the prequel and saga fans want

  5. Hunk a Junk Says:

    I have respect for many of the individuals at Lucasfilm, and I can see someone like Dave Filoni tossing these ideas around with serious consideration, but I think institutionally the company doesn’t have the courage yet to take on the hateboys. George Lucas had no ****’s to give over hateboy ranting, but these people like their jobs and need their jobs. Maybe after they’ve established a track record of success they can revist the PT and PT characters, but right now I don’t see anyone putting their paychecks on the chopping block to embrace an entire saga perspective.

  6. susanbowes Says:

    I wish Disney would bring Hayden back, but I seriously doubt it’s going to happen. Hayden did say he wasn’t asked to be in Episode 7 so them asking him to appear in other episodes is highly unlikely. However, seeing Anakin’s ghost come back to help Luke teach his niece and nephew the ways of the Jedi would be awesome. As far as Anakin being reincarnated and fighting the Sith once again – they did bring Darth Maul back in books that followed the movies. So why can’t they bring Anakin back too? In my fanfiction I bring both Anakin and Vader back too, but in a unique way – one that I believe hasn’t been done before. I’ve been told by readers that my story would make a fantastic movie. It’s too bad I can’t send my manuscript to Disney, but without any contacts that’s impossible. In any event, I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that the rumors are true and Hayden appears in upcoming episodes.

    • Frida Nyberg Says:


      • susanbowes Says:

        According to books written after the movies, Han and Liea get married and have a set of twins, (Luke’s niece and nephew) then they have another child they name Anakin.

      • roxam91 Says:

        I think I already mentioned this before, but don’t consider any post-ROTJ material released prior to the Disney purchase as canon in relation to the ST. Not to say Luke won’t have a nephew in TFA, but we really don’t know at this point.

      • susanbowes Says:

        Lucas (and fans) did accept some material written after the movies as canon.

        As far as Episode 7 – I think Luke’s niece and nephew are going to be introduced in the movie. There is that one trailer where we hear Luke saying that the force is strong in my family – then we see him handing a lightsaber to someone. That someone is most likely his nephew. (or niece)

      • roxam91 Says:

        I never said they wouldn’t accept some of the Legends material into the new canon, we just don’t know which parts specifically would be integrated into the ST. Maybe we will get both a nephew and niece… or maybe we’ll only get one. Who knows?

      • susanbowes Says:


  7. Jacobesico Says:

    I would love to see Hayden back as Anakin’s ghost. He should’ve been in Episode 7

    As for bringing him back from the dead? No. Just. No.

    The more I learn of the Sequels, the more disheartened I feel. It doesn’t sound like a Star Wars story. Just rubbish about “real Deserts” and “real windows”.

    What next? Real ghosts?

    • susanbowes Says:

      I’m glad you’d like to see Anakin come back as a ghost in episode 7. However, you said you’re against bringing someone back from the dead. What is a ghost but a dead person appearing to us in another form? Obi-Wan appeared to Luke as a ghost in ROTJ. Did you object to that idea? Qui-Gon spoke to Yoda, and later to Obi-Wan from the Netherworld. Was that idea too far fetched? Having familiar characters come back as ghosts in the next episodes isn’t a new concept, but I think it would add a lot to the films, continuing the ideals Lucas brought to Star Wars.

      • Jacobesico Says:

        It’s not the ghost aspect it’s the idea of physically bringing them back from the dead.Their body should stay dead.

        I’ve no problem with the Force Ghosts. In fact I was quite sad that the writers in the Expanded Universe didn’t use them a lot in their novels. They had Obi-Wan say in the first Thrawn Trillogy novel saying that he won’t speak to Luke again.

        I would have loved to see Obi-Wan, Yoda and Anakin advising Luke about his New Jedi Order. I would have loved to have heard Liam Neeson’s voice in Revenge of the Sith. I found it very touching in the Clone Wars when he came back for the Mortis episodes.

        I could imagine Anakin catching up with Luke post Return of the Jedi. I would have loved to see Anakin appear to Leia again after she decided to forgive him after learning about his past in Tatooine Ghost.

        As I said, I’m against physically bringing characters back from the dead like they did with The Emperor in the Dark Empire Series. It doesn’t really seem like Star Wars to me.

        I think I remember Lucas toying with the idea of bringing Obi-Wan back from the dead in Return of the Jedi to help Luke face Vader but ultimatly decided that it would be more emotional if it was just Luke vs Vader. I may be wrong but I swear I read that somewhere.

        But then again, I know that Darth Plagueis was able to resurrect life to some degree but the said test subject was in a coma.

        But I think that physically bringing back Anakin from the dead is not a good idea. Instead I would love to see his Force Ghost.

      • susanbowes Says:


        You should read my fanfiction “Malignant Metamorphosis” because I do bring both Anakin, Vader, and even Palpatine back from the dead. Even though against the idea, I think you’d find the way I brought them back quite unique. Quite a few fans of the extended universe loved my story and you know how hard it is to please them. LOL Anyway, if you decide to read my fanfiction, it’s available on for free. (author – Forcechild — my penname) Give it a try. You might be very surprised and end up agreeing with me about bringing these characters back to life in the next movie episodes too.

      • Keith Palmer Says:

        I always had the impression Obi-Wan “faded out” at the beginning of the “first Expanded Universe” novel because if he (and Yoda and even the “senior citizen Anakin” from back then) had been available for consultation, things would have inevitably got around to commenting on the details of “how things got that way,” which was being reserved for potential new movies themselves… I do understand the novels were eventually able to at least mention what had happened in the new movies (even if I have the impression some of that commentary was filtered through “prequel hostility”)… and I suppose it might even be “ironic” if that now-superseded storyline wound up making references the Disney movies make a point of avoiding.

      • Bob Clark Says:

        Wasn’t there precedent of people coming back to life/the physical plane in Lucas’ original ROTJ draft?

      • susanbowes Says:

        I wouldn’t know.

      • Jacobesico Says:

        I’m reading through your Fanfiction at the moment. It’s very interesting. I usually go through the Star Wars stuff over at but I find myself fustrated over the poor quality of the writing over there.

        I haven’t got the paitence to write Fanfiction. If I did, I would have done a series of stories where Padmé survies Revenge of the Sith and is alive during the Original trillogy. I find that the writers over at tend to operate in memes and secret codes and there are too many time travel stories where everyone is out of character.

        But I’m going to keep reading your fanfiction. 🙂

      • susanbowes Says:

        I’m glad you decided to read my fanfiction. I think you’ll like it a lot if you read it to the end. I know it’s very long, but a lot happens in the story. I used to belong to too; even had my fanfiction posted there, but I found it difficult to download stories. However, I did receive very good reviews on Malignant Metamorphosis. One women told me that she wasn’t into science fiction at all, but I’d turned her on to Star Wars with my story. MM was also broadcast on a Star Wars ipod station where John Chapman, who played a star pilot in the original movie, heard it narrated. He called me from England just to tell me how much he liked MM. Made my day! 🙂
        Anyway, I hope you’ll let me know whether you liked MM or not when finished reading it. Force be with you my friend.

  8. roxam91 Says:

    A rumor is just a rumor until proven true. But if it does end up being true, then I MIGHT forget about the turd that was the TFA marketing. I will say that Episode VIII’s director, Rian Johnson, appears to be a saga fan (he surprised a group of haters by defending the prequels, and he used a prequel reference on Twitter). But, we’ll see…

    • Keith Palmer Says:

      I’ve been wondering just a little about “the new director” too in connection to this latest rumour gratifying one slice of fandom. Whether this might eventually amount to “the sequel trilogy” going in three different directions (to say nothing of the spinoffs to be folded in among them) seems open to contemplation, though…

  9. piccolojr1138 Says:

    The whole “back to the original trilogy” thing comes from Kennedy (even before Abrams) so I doubt this rumour is true. MakingStarWars has good sources though

  10. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    I’ve been wanting this since the announcement.

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