Star Wars Anthology: Sebulba Parody Video

Here’s a TPM/SW spoof of Vin Diesel’s tribute to Paul Walker from “Furious 7,” this time Sebulba looking back at his “friendship” with Anakin Skywalker:


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4 Responses to “Star Wars Anthology: Sebulba Parody Video”

  1. roxam91 Says:

    Well… now I’m never gonna look at Sebulba the same ever again.

  2. susanbowes Says:

    Pretty cool vid, but I can’t see where Sebulba and Anakin were brothers in any way, shape or form. Even after Anakin turned they’d still be enemies because, even though suppressing his memories, Vader would’ve remembered the hostility they felt towards each other. After all, Vader did stop Fett from shooting Chewie when Threepio was on his back. (Empire Strikes Back) It was never said why Vader stopped Fett from shooting, but I assume it’s because he remembered making Threepio and he still had feelings for him.

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