Clone Corridor Focuses On Handmaidens

As part of its series on the forgotten women of Star Wars, Clone Corridor puts a spotlight on Padmé Amidala’s retinue of handmaidens:

George Lucas first got the idea for the Handmaidens while writing the rough draft for Star Wars, where he intended them to accompany Princess Leia on her travels. Traditionally in history Handmaidens were nothing more than maids or even slaves, but when George Lucas envisioned them for New Hope he already envisioned them as more than just servants. Rather than servants the Handmaidens would feature as travel companions and even stand-ins for Princess Leia. Although they were scrapped then, the Handmaidens finally appeared on screen in the Prequel films where they had become much more interesting characters.


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4 Responses to “Clone Corridor Focuses On Handmaidens”

  1. bansheegun Says:

    I always found the idea of using Handmaidens as decoys to be pretty brilliant. I always hoped we would see Sabé in TCW.

  2. James Says:

    That is one of the many, MANY great things about 123 the subtlty of the strong women in it. So many movies force strong women essentially shouting “HEY EVERYONE LOOK WE GOT A STRONG WOMEN WE ARE NOT SEXIST!!”that it’s just groan worthy. Star Wars and Episodes 123 in particular treat it just as a fact of life not somthing that is the biggest deal in the galaxy. That is perfect as it makes the movies portral of BOTH gender as equal not one being special or more importent then the other.

  3. Keith Palmer Says:

    I wasn’t exactly “engaged” with the fandom right after The Phantom Menace, but I still couldn’t miss the interest some people had in the handmaidens back then. Some of the speculation might have seemed, even “before retrospect,” to be a little too eager (although it might have been tied up with expectations that Amidala had been elected a permanent queen), but maybe that’s just my personal feeling that it’s better to try and engage with the main characters of a story than to trade “actual content” for “unfulfilled extrapolation” about minor characters.

  4. lovelucas Says:

    Great costumes designed by Trisha. All of them looked like Natalie with the exception of the blonde.

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