TBT/FBF: YSL One Love Cosmetics Line


Cover Girl (and Max Factor in the UK) is about to unleash its TFA tie-in line in the coming week with several lipsticks, nail polishes, and mascara. It’s really the only TFA merch I would like to find and that’s largely limited to the polishes and lipsticks. I mean, no prequel quotes on the mascara tubes? No blushes or eyeshadow? No liquid eyeliner? (Lime Crime has a Blue Milk eyeliner.) And they blew a big opportunity by not doing a BB-8 Beauty Balm.

Still, Cover Girl is affordable and ubiquitous in every drug store, big box store, and supermarket in America. The last time a Star Wars makeup line was licensed out in the U.S. and abroad they went with the very high-end Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) to promote TPM which wasn’t so affordable or easy to find.

Officially it was called something like the “One Love” line and it was unleashed in the fall of 1999 to coincide with TPM’s October release in France, where YSL is based. Because it was late in the year, YSL also decided to use the line to celebrate the upcoming new millennium, which is why some of its compacts were etched with “Love 2000.”

There were no Star Wars logos on the packaging but compacts, bottle caps, and boxes were in the same shade of red. Some items had Star Wars-y names, some didn’t. Stores had displays with everyone’s favorite queen on them along with samples of whatever items they had available. There was also a booklet that had tips on how to do your makeup just like Amidala. The funny thing about this booklet was that it was obviously originally written in French and then translated to English. The results weren’t as hilarious as “Backstroke of the West” but I recall the wording was silly and awkward.

I wish I could say I bought the entire line. But I had two problems. One, I was much broker in 1999 than I am today and that stuff wasn’t cheap. Two, not only was the line hard to find it was also hard to find a store that sold everything from the line. More than one fan has expressed surprise that I was ever able to find the line at all in stores because many of them didn’t. I lived on the East Coast at the time and I found the YSL line sold at three stores: the Sephora at Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax, VA; the Bloomingdales at Tysons Corner, VA; and the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York City. So I had to pick the stuff I liked the most and were the most “Star Wars.”

Therefore, I bought the Naboo Pink nail polish and the Rouge Amidala (Amidala Red) lipstick. The nail polish was a very light pink, almost white, with little hint of glitter. It was great for French manicures or for the professional gal in an era when blue or black or green nail polish was still considered weird. The lipstick was amazing. I’m a sucker for red lipstick anyway and this one was an incredible shade very close to the lip color used in the movie. I used both products for years and years afterwards and even when the polish ran out and the lipstick was reduced to a flat nib, I put the containers in the collection hoard.

In the spring of 2000 I went to Paris and I’d hoped to find remainders of the line kicking around some of the stores but no luck. That was a fall/winter line and they were already on to the spring/summer line.

As a side note, Avon Mexico did a kids’ “personal care” line of products for AOTC that included things like hand cream, fragrances, toothbrushes, and lip balm for those times you have to kiss a Senator or a Jedi, but that’s not quite the same thing.

Here’s an article from 1999 that mentions the makeup line:

Yves Saint Laurent, meanwhile, has chosen a golden glamour-gal look polished off with one of the most beautiful red lipsticks around. Spinning off from Queen Amidala’s signature Kabuki style in “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace,” YSL’s makeup designer Terri de Gunzberg designed a collection called One Love that is truly original and complimentary to just about all complexions and hair color. The basis of the look is Royal Glow, a “dry oil” with a coppery-gold sparkle. Coupled with Shimmering Powder, an iridescent beigy-pink also flecked in metallic, Royal Glow, the affect is a rosy, healthy glow. Amidala’s Red, the Rouge Pure No. 71, is an intense blue-red that works magic on both blondes and brunettes.


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2 Responses to “TBT/FBF: YSL One Love Cosmetics Line”

  1. Keith Palmer Says:

    I know it shouldn’t surprise us there’ll continue to be loads of Star Wars merchandise, but somehow it did surprise me to hear there’s going to be “The Force Awakens cosmetics.” What pictures of Rey I’ve happened on (I haven’t looked for them) have begun striking me as “deliberately non-stylish,” and there I just shrug and suppose it’s intended to be another subtle code there’s not going to be anything as elaborate and cultured as Padme’s wardrobes… although I suppose she might “clean up nice” for the final scenes, which could be passed off as “just like the original movies.”

    • lazypadawan Says:

      None of the female characters in this movie strike me as the super girly-girl type. But the fangirl market has really exploded so there must be stuff for them.

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