Fan Asks Creators To Respect The Mythology

Thanks to a pingback, I found a link to this post on Star Wars Underworld called “Respect The Mythology.”

(As an aside, I think respecting the mythology ought to be the bare minimum and having respect for it isn’t the same as well, going on t.v. or the internet at every opportunity to tear down half of it as well as the fans who love it. Just sayin’.)

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12 Responses to “Fan Asks Creators To Respect The Mythology”

  1. Daniel Xie Says:

    And lol at the comments!

    • Keith Palmer Says:

      It seemed more plain unfortunate to me; I guess I have to develop a thicker skin. When I see someone holding so tight to their conviction there’s “no merit whatsoever to the prequels,” along with wondering just what they can see in the old movies to cling to that sense of “betrayal” anyway, I get to asking whether I’ve directed my thoughts to positivity that much more consciously, and whether the mere fact of “George Lucas’s name isn’t in the credits” and some obvious things to be kept out will make them react with wild positivity to The Force Awakens; perhaps even the over-emphasis on “in-camera effects” wouldn’t have been necessary. I hope that none of us will be left trying to claim “the emperor has no clothes,” but I don’t know…

      • Marshall Says:

        And I believe these jerks aren’t true fans. They only like episodes 4 and 5. They hate episode 6, they hate The Special Editions, they hate the prequels, they never say anything about the tv shows or the EU which probably means they’ve never bothered with them. You could never have a fan conversation with them.

      • Jacobesico Says:

        In their case, Fan means Fat Angry Nerd.

        In my book, to be a true fan of Star Wars you have to like all 6 movies. The true core of the Star Wars saga.

        I’m not going to accept the Disney canon at any rate. I’ll stick to the previously established canon thank you very much.

        I love the Prequel era stuff at any rate. I’ll have to try and get into the Jedi Quest series.

      • Keith Palmer Says:

        In the second half of the 1990s, I always felt a little uncomfortable when I saw other people complaining how “Return of the Jedi totally dropped the ball,” even if I couldn’t quite articulate why; as the new movies arrived one at a time, though, I do think the feeling “ah, that was its point” settled in for me. That, though, does leave me wondering about just how The Force Awakens is going to get things moving again, and if that’ll amount to that 1990s “did they miss the satisfying interpretation?” feeling again…

        Unfortunately, I can’t shake the personal impression that the “post-RotJ EU,” or at least that part of it that wound up agreeing with the vehement demands that Timothy Zahn’s first three novels were supposed to set the standard, were used as sticks against the new movies. I also admit I’m always a bit leery about using the term “true fan”; it always seems code for “someone with the same opinions as me”… but “some people don’t like things you do” is reflected by “some people like things you don’t.”

      • Jacobesico Says:

        I admit that the “True Fan” label is only a stick to beat the Prequel haters with. The ones that rant and rave at any rate. I know that not everyone who likes the movies trolls online. It always gets them defensive and then they start talking about the things that they liked about the Prequels. .

        But I would rather not use the term. Star Wars fandom doesn’t need any more fights.

  2. piccolojr1138 Says:

    The quality of the prequels doesn’t depend of Whitta, Abrams or even Lucasfilm’s appreciation. I don’t ask anything from them, I already know those films are great.

  3. lovelucas Says:

    Excellent article – I hope Paul sees it. Very restorative and we’re not going away, are we? But what I don’t seem to have any control of is my progressively lessening of SW interest in the post-George era. I just don’t care much about anything – not the toys, not the stories (unless they include and respect prequel references) not the posters, not any other artwork, not the film itself. Don’t care about spoilers because they’re about something I care less about each day. I think there are wonderful actors involved but beyond that and new John Williams music, I..just…don’t…care. and that’s the real result of the disrespect of filmmakers and authors (JJ and Pegg, Wendig, Whitta are most definitely at the top of the list but so is Kathleen Kennedy) for George – and HIS story. This will all translate into me spending a pittance on SW from here on in and other than one ticket to TFA, (and that won’t be opening week, I guarantee) everything else I spend SW $ on will be exclusively prequel-related. That should attract some interest from Disney, one would think because I’m not alone here.

    • Marshall Says:

      I’ve lost interest in SW merchandise lately too. Aside from some lightsaber necklaces, I haven’t gotten much SW – related lately. It’s now all focused on one era in galactic history and it’s downright boring. We get only Vader, stormtroopers, Yoda, Han Solo, Chewie and the droids. We barely have any Leia, Luke, Lando or Obi-Wan merchandise. Not only do I miss anything prequel or Clone Wars related, I also miss the occasional EU merchandise (like when Hot Topic had a KOTOR t-shirt based on the video game). From now on, I’ll have to go to toys and comics collector shows to get the merchandise I want :(.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        I have to concur that a lot of official merchandise these days, with some exceptions, is quite boring. Some of it I realize is just taking up shelf space until they can put new movie merch out but if you want more of the fun and creative stuff, you have to look more and more to unlicensed/fan-made things.

      • madmediaman Says:

        Which is why the stuff at the Disney Stores has not been selling well at all. Good friends with the manager at our local Disney Store in Scottsdale…. very little movement of Star Wars merchandise. What was once a large section encompassing two display racks an entire wall, and spill over to another wall display has been relegated to one/third of a wall display.

        Most of the merchandise sits on the shelves unpurchased for two weeks, then is boxed up and sent to the local outlet store at AZ Mills… where it also sits unmolested. I’ll pick up an item or two at Mills for a third of the price, but most of the Disney merchandise is uninspired to say the least.

        It probably was meant to be nothing more than cheap place holders until TFA’s merchandise blitz.

      • M. Marshall Says:

        I’ve noticed that too, mediaman. At the Disney store where I live SW merchandise took up one wall space of the store. Now it doesn’t even a wall. It’s displayed on four shelves and it’s mostly OT and Rebels school supplies. The only SW item I ever bought at the Disney store was a Mara Jade action figure. Ha!

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