‘My Favorite Gungan’ On Cantina Cast

Paul DePaola has a post on his affection for Jar Jar Binks:

The original trilogy was full of ordinary people, Han Solo was just a trucker trying to make a living, Luke Skywalker was the innocent farm boy who never ventured off the farm. It’s much easier to relate to characters like these, it’s much harder when your heroes are the 1% of the galaxy, the upper echelon of the social strata.

This is where Jar Jar Binks becomes so important, he’s us. Jar Jar is the character the audience can relate to the most. He doesn’t have special Jedi powers, he’s not a politician or a warrior. There is nothing special about him. He’s just an innocent guy who was trying to find breakfast when he stepped into the wrong place and got swept up in the grand adventure. Star Wars is full of archetypes and Jar Jar is no exception.


One Response to “‘My Favorite Gungan’ On Cantina Cast”

  1. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    Been saying it for years.

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