Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Week Day Five: Favorite Scene

It’s a toughie. Both are brilliantly directed and edited. One has a particularly strong “feels” factor.

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6 Responses to “Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Week Day Five: Favorite Scene”

  1. Keith Palmer Says:

    I’ve got no complaints with your mentioning either scene, although I do find myself thinking they appeal in somewhat different ways. The “opera scene” is one that could be pointed to to insist “there’s a good scene in a ‘conventional’ way,” one where what the characters are saying to each other is what you can dwell on, but the “ruminations” steps away from “dialogue” as if to insist some people make too big a deal of it. That might make the second more important from a “cinema” perspective.

  2. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    Podrace. Never not Podrace.

  3. james Says:

    Every single moment in all 3 films dead serious i love them that much cant possibly pick one.

  4. Stefan Kraft Says:

    Both are excellent choices. Then, I would also pick the end battle of TPM, the dialogue Jango and Obi-Wan have on Kamino, and also the podrace.

  5. lovelucas Says:

    Arriving at Naboo – the music is amazing again. and I understand the dialogue in the often blasted sand scene at the Lake Retreat. He does hate sand – he does get everywhere and it reminds him of a place and a person. He’ll hate sand even more.

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