Taking The Films For Granted

Jen at Anakin and His Angel has something to say about the negativity in fandom:

It saddens and frustrates me when people constantly complain about the Prequel Trilogy or the way they’ll never forgive George for altering iconic scenes in the Old Trilogy. You know that feeling when a comment is made about a loved one that you find offending or you see someone treat said person wrongfully? That’s the feeling I get when someone starts talking crap about George Lucas/Star Wars. I immediately get defensive! And so I should. Like many other fans, Star Wars has been part of my life since I was a kid. It’s difficult for me, as a hard core fan, to witness this constant negativity. It leads me to think that it won’t ever stop. It’s fine if you don’t like something and make it known, but do you have to continue to talk about it until the end of time? Why do you sulk and emit negativity into the community so often? Why not focus on what you DO LIKE about Star Wars?

I’m planning a similar post as soon as I get it worded right!


11 Responses to “Taking The Films For Granted”

  1. Robert Says:

    Speaking of negativity…


    • blade57hrc Says:

      I read the first 2 pages…
      It’s really funny how people who have constantly trolled every internet comment section/forum/etc. only to attack with extremely hatefull & spiteful comments Lucas/PT/fans for the last 16 years, try to present themselves as victims of not being allowed to express themselves…
      It’s also encouraging because it shows people are finally standing up against these trolls…

      P.S. Of course anyone has the right to not like the movies…But still constantly bitching & whining about it 16 years later is a sign of needing psychiatric evaluation, imo.

  2. Brian47 Says:

    And speaking of taking the films for granted…


    • lazypadawan Says:

      As predictable as death and taxes. Zzzz…

    • Jim Raynor Says:

      Someone at theforce.net forums recently linked to an old Empire magazine article where Simon Pegg admitted that he cried upon seeing the trailer for TPM, ended up hating the movie, cried again for the AOTC trailer, hated the movie (again), and then cried again upon seeing the ROTS trailer…before apparently hating that movie as well.

      If true, that is some really weird and unhealthy behavior. Maybe, just maybe he takes SW a bit too seriously. That his opinion on Star Wars is given any weight at all, let alone made a part of the new movie’s marketing campaign, just perplexes me.

      This is one of SW fandom’s celebrity representatives and opinion leaders. He’s not the one it needs, but perhaps the one that SW fandom deserves.

  3. Jacobesico Says:

    It’s like reading a book and saying that you hate the beggining but love the ending.

    I usually say that those sort of people aren’t true fans. It gets them on the defensive very quickly.

  4. Nick Skywalker Says:

    Speaking of taking the films for granted…


    Promise is such a strong word but I guess whatever it takes to keep the hate boys happy!

    • Keith Palmer Says:

      Would the only way to ensure that midichlorians “don’t exist” be to mention them in the first place, though? That could certainly be done, of course, but to me that would feel sort of gratuitous…

      • Brian47 Says:

        Yeah, this is kind of a weird story, more for click-bait than actual news. Some fans take his simple response as a blunt refuting of the PT and that by not including it in Episode VII this somehow “retcons” it out of existence. Simply put, Abrams can decide whatever elements he wants to include in his own movie, but Lucasfilm decides what is canon and that includes the PT and, by extension, midichlorians.

  5. Jim Raynor Says:

    It’s not “taking the films for granted” so much as people using the Original Star Wars Trilogy as a balm for bigger problems in life. The fandom is full of vulnerable and narcissistic people with all sorts of issues. These fans try to claim some form of “power” by wresting control of Star Wars from its actual creator (hence all the articles and blog posts about how SW actually “belongs” to them). They try to validate their own importance by pretending that they’re part of an elite group with superior tastes in movies, as if liking a movie is some kind of skill or accomplishment.

    It’s rather disheartening to see this type of person being promoted as the face of SW fandom. Instead of aiming toward functional and well-adjusted people who happen to also be SW fans, Disney and the Episode VII team are pandering to the angry manchild demographic.

    • blade57hrc Says:


      ”They try to validate their own importance by pretending that they’re part of an elite group with superior tastes in movies, as if liking a movie is some kind of skill or accomplishment.”
      Slow clap!

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