Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Week Day Four: Favorite Film

I don’t really have a favorite of the prequels or the saga overall, but I know which one is thus far the best.

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7 Responses to “Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Week Day Four: Favorite Film”

  1. Brian47 Says:

    I would not presume to debate you on this topic, I wholeheartedly agree!

  2. Keith Palmer Says:

    This week is mostly making me think of how reluctant I am to name favourites, even if I’m not always thinking that to name a favourite is to somehow dismiss everything else as “not favourite.” However, with this topic I’m also remembering how just a few people have carefully told me that, as surprised as they seem to have been to not have been offended by The Phantom Menace “like everyone else,” their interest seemed to have dropped off with each succeeding movie… I’m sure “default opinions” coarsening over time could have added something to that, but I can at least wonder if there might be a little something to contemplate at the core of it.

  3. lisse Says:

    RotS was the first Star Wars film I saw and It’s the film that basically pushed me to watch all the rest so that says something.

  4. Nick Skywalker Says:

    How I rank the films:

    – Revenge of the Sith (personal favorite, arguably the best in the saga)
    – Empire Strikes Back
    – Attack of the Clones
    – A New Hope
    – Phantom Menace
    – Return of the Jedi

  5. james Says:

    321654 for me 3 is my favorite. First hundred times i warched it i bawled like a baby. I also like how it transitions so smoothly into 4.

  6. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    Phantom. Never not Phantom.

  7. Stefan Kraft Says:

    ARGH! Okay, too many fond teenager memories linked to TPM (it is still the movie I re-watched the most during its theatrical release). RotS is probably the best of the PT, maybe even of the Saga. AotC… Well, I have a relationship to it that I don’t want to explain here.

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