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The Clone Army Attacketh Out Today

July 7, 2015

Ian Doescher’s Shakespearean take on AOTC, “The Clone Army Attacketh,” is also out today at fine bookstores, Amazon, Kindle, Apple Books, etc. everywhere!

Dark Disciple Out Today

July 7, 2015

If you are one of the few people on Earth who didn’t get a preview copy, Christie Golden’s Clone Wars novel “Dark Disciple” is finally here! Available at fine bookstores, Amazon, Kindle, Apple’s bookstore, etc. everywhere.

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My Crazy Idea

July 2, 2015

While bones are thrown here and there, particularly with the recent Disney Infinity 3.0 game, the new round of comics, and some of the books, there is a weird Stalin-esque purge of half the existing saga.

I think my breaking point came today when I stopped into Hot Topic on my lunch break. There was some new SW merch that didn’t grab me very much. Then I saw a backpack. The backpack had film images ONLY from Eps IV-VI. I thought, “This is it. I’ve had it.”

There’s no reason, NONE, in 2015 to ignore a huge chunk of George Lucas’s story like that. It’s been going on for years and it has only become worse since Disney took over. I’ve heard the excuse that Lucasfilm wants to re-introduce Eps IV-VI to the public since it is the springboard of Ep VII. But I’m not buying it; TFA springs from ALL of its predecessors. It is standing on a structure created by six films not just three in a vacuum (though I’m worried that’s what they’ll try to do). Anyone walking around today knows the basics about Star Wars because it has permeated pop culture for almost 40 years.

Moreover, I don’t understand why stuff clearly aimed at young adults, teens, and kids has to be prequel-rein. The prequels and Clone Wars introduced fans in those age groups to Star Wars. They’re used to Star Wars as being a six film-and-counting saga. It makes no sense to me unless the problem is with the licensee or with buyers, who are largely older. But why isn’t Lucasfilm poking them to “get with the program?”

Is there a perception that older Star Wars fans are largely driving the market? Is it because most of what I’m looking at is tailored for the geek subculture, which doesn’t have the most positive perception of the prequels regardless of age?

I’m not really sure. I don’t have a spy at Lucasfilm who’s willing to talk and dish on what’s going on. But I can tell you why they are getting away with it and why it would be impossible to organize a successful boycott:

1. Most prequel fans love all of the Star Wars movies and if they buy Star Wars merch, they’ll buy Eps IV-VI stuff if it appeals to them even if there is no saga or prequel version.

2. TPTB know full well no matter how much they sling this “we’re getting back to basics, practical effects, real sets, and the old fashioned Star Wars you love” nonsense on the TFA publicity tour, virtually all of you reading this will see TFA at least once. So they know they’re not losing anything by ignoring the prequels or throwing them shade.

3. It’s pretty much impossible to get people, even on social media in 2015, riled up enough over a long period of time to make boycotts successful. Passions cool off, people become complacent, and then there’s the shiny that brings them back. Remember the Simpsons episode where Lisa tried to introduce a feminist, PC alternative to Malibu Stacy but buyers went stampeding over to the Malibu Stacy display because it had a new hat? Never underestimate the power of a new hat, especially when it comes to fandom. It’s all about the new hat.

I think we have to take a different tack. Letters are great, but not everyone is a letter-writer and for a lot of people, it’s too much effort. Petitions are a dime a dozen on the internet and there’s too much fraud. But I think there is a way to get attention and spread the message.

I’ve considered starting a separate Tumblr or something called “We’re Star Wars Fans Too.” Fans can post pictures of themselves, their collections, their cosplay, whatever, showing the world that we prequel/saga fans exist and we want TPTB to sit up and take notice. What do you think? A good idea? A terrible idea? Have any suggestions?