Somebody Is Doing A Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Week

Check out the Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Week Tumblr and spread the word! It’ll be August 1-August 8 with each day a different prompt (which is how things are done on Tumblr): favorite actor, favorite movie, favorite scene, favorite planet, etc. If you’re on Tumblr and you want to participate, be sure to tag your posts with #swpaw. And be sure to reblog to all of your friends!


3 Responses to “Somebody Is Doing A Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Week”

  1. mes520 Says:

    I don’t have Tumblr but I posted it on the Jedi Council Forums and I’ll plan to post there.

  2. madmediaman Says:

    I will be posting a video to my blog this morning that I hope all will enjoy.

  3. Prequel Appreciation Week | The RebeLibrarian Says:

    […] Star Wars group, and with a bit of searching found the information from the friends over at SWPAS. The original idea, though, belongs to this Tumblr, and you’ll be able to find more posts […]

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