The Clone Army Attacketh Out Today

Ian Doescher’s Shakespearean take on AOTC, “The Clone Army Attacketh,” is also out today at fine bookstores, Amazon, Kindle, Apple Books, etc. everywhere!


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4 Responses to “The Clone Army Attacketh Out Today”

  1. piccolojr1138 Says:

    Rumour : Cad Bane in Rogue One

  2. james Says:

    Just got it, it was litterally the only “prequels” merchandise at my local barns and noble. Everything was either Ot or Rebels.

  3. LadyJediScientist (@LJediScientist) Says:

    I am excited about this, but I want to wait until they release a box set like they did last time. I hope they do amazing cover art for the prequel like they did for OT set.

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