Dark Disciple Out Today

If you are one of the few people on Earth who didn’t get a preview copy, Christie Golden’s Clone Wars novel “Dark Disciple” is finally here! Available at fine bookstores, Amazon, Kindle, Apple’s bookstore, etc. everywhere.

Send in your guest reviews!

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3 Responses to “Dark Disciple Out Today”

  1. Chris N. Says:

    I don’t like the forced concept of the Jedi suddenly wanting to murder Dooku (instead of capture, as stated in the movies) as a way to shoehorn the idea that they’re betraying their ideals. Still, it’s an untold arc from TCW so I guess I’ll have to suspend my disbelief a bit.

  2. Ben Says:

    It depends on how the concept is handled in the book. Dooku is a genocidal maniac, so the moral dilemma the Jedi face is rather stark.

  3. madmediaman Says:

    It’s not forced at all. Golden speculated on Coffee With Kenobi that there must have been an arc or two where Dooku ramps up the genocide, leading to the Jedi taking this course. Since she didn’t have access to that she devised a storyline where Dooku orders the slaughter of thousands and thousands of refugees on a planet the Sepratists invade.

    That’s what forces the Council’s hand. When he resorts to mass genocide the Council concludes there’s no way to stop the threat than to stop Dooku permanently.

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