My Crazy Idea

While bones are thrown here and there, particularly with the recent Disney Infinity 3.0 game, the new round of comics, and some of the books, there is a weird Stalin-esque purge of half the existing saga.

I think my breaking point came today when I stopped into Hot Topic on my lunch break. There was some new SW merch that didn’t grab me very much. Then I saw a backpack. The backpack had film images ONLY from Eps IV-VI. I thought, “This is it. I’ve had it.”

There’s no reason, NONE, in 2015 to ignore a huge chunk of George Lucas’s story like that. It’s been going on for years and it has only become worse since Disney took over. I’ve heard the excuse that Lucasfilm wants to re-introduce Eps IV-VI to the public since it is the springboard of Ep VII. But I’m not buying it; TFA springs from ALL of its predecessors. It is standing on a structure created by six films not just three in a vacuum (though I’m worried that’s what they’ll try to do). Anyone walking around today knows the basics about Star Wars because it has permeated pop culture for almost 40 years.

Moreover, I don’t understand why stuff clearly aimed at young adults, teens, and kids has to be prequel-rein. The prequels and Clone Wars introduced fans in those age groups to Star Wars. They’re used to Star Wars as being a six film-and-counting saga. It makes no sense to me unless the problem is with the licensee or with buyers, who are largely older. But why isn’t Lucasfilm poking them to “get with the program?”

Is there a perception that older Star Wars fans are largely driving the market? Is it because most of what I’m looking at is tailored for the geek subculture, which doesn’t have the most positive perception of the prequels regardless of age?

I’m not really sure. I don’t have a spy at Lucasfilm who’s willing to talk and dish on what’s going on. But I can tell you why they are getting away with it and why it would be impossible to organize a successful boycott:

1. Most prequel fans love all of the Star Wars movies and if they buy Star Wars merch, they’ll buy Eps IV-VI stuff if it appeals to them even if there is no saga or prequel version.

2. TPTB know full well no matter how much they sling this “we’re getting back to basics, practical effects, real sets, and the old fashioned Star Wars you love” nonsense on the TFA publicity tour, virtually all of you reading this will see TFA at least once. So they know they’re not losing anything by ignoring the prequels or throwing them shade.

3. It’s pretty much impossible to get people, even on social media in 2015, riled up enough over a long period of time to make boycotts successful. Passions cool off, people become complacent, and then there’s the shiny that brings them back. Remember the Simpsons episode where Lisa tried to introduce a feminist, PC alternative to Malibu Stacy but buyers went stampeding over to the Malibu Stacy display because it had a new hat? Never underestimate the power of a new hat, especially when it comes to fandom. It’s all about the new hat.

I think we have to take a different tack. Letters are great, but not everyone is a letter-writer and for a lot of people, it’s too much effort. Petitions are a dime a dozen on the internet and there’s too much fraud. But I think there is a way to get attention and spread the message.

I’ve considered starting a separate Tumblr or something called “We’re Star Wars Fans Too.” Fans can post pictures of themselves, their collections, their cosplay, whatever, showing the world that we prequel/saga fans exist and we want TPTB to sit up and take notice. What do you think? A good idea? A terrible idea? Have any suggestions?



46 Responses to “My Crazy Idea”

  1. mes520 Says:


  2. Mindless Droid Says:

    Not a bad idea. Spreading the word can only help. It is frustrating being an avid Clone Wars fan (and I was there in 77 too)and except for Her Universe (if only they’d make shirts for guys) and some action figures there really is not much out there.I work at a major retailer who has a Star Wars “deal” and everything we’ve gotten in except for one piece of artwork which included all six movie has been OT. Everybody runs or calls me when they see “new” stuff come in and my response is “let me guess Darth Vader’s on it.” It quite frankly is boring. It’s the Target Falcon shirt all over again.

    • Marshall Says:

      Boring is definitely the word. I’ve been to Toys R Us lately and all they have regarding SW stationary is Vader or Yoda. The merch at Hot Topic and the Disney Store is OT only and to make it all the more ridiculous, they still exclude Leia!

  3. Kenny Kraly Jr Says:

    No Boycotting the new stuff for Star Wars is not the answer SWPAWS. Try again

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Re-read what I wrote and you’ll see why I don’t think boycotts work.

      • Kenny Kraly Jr Says:

        Lazy I did read it some good suggestions I will give it that. But being down on the new stuff for Star Wars with so much new content coming out over the next few years is not the right mind set to be in. A more positive mind set we should all be in for the new films. Just saying.

    • bansheegun Says:

      Is there are reason you’re so willing to accept everything Disney is doing and not question anything? You’re precisely the type of fan Disney wants blindly supporting it.

      • lovelucas Says:

        Yup – actually the only things I see worth buying of the new stuff is some of the comics and that’s because they INCLUDE the prequel storyline as part of theirs.

      • bansheegun Says:

        I recently bought TCW Season 6 on Blu Ray but before that, the last Star Wars related purchase I made was Son Of Dathomir vol. 1. Disney needs to realize this OT binge they are on is hurting half of their fanbase.

  4. blade57hrcblade57hrc Says:

    If you want, i can make you an admin in my Prequels – BTS FBpage, and you can encourage people to post their pictures there. Maybe in albums like ”Prequel Cosplay fans” & ”Prequel collections” or whatever you want. And/or maybe changing the page title to something more ”encompassing”.

    There’s the added benefit of them clicking on the albums that contain tons of ”back to basics, practical effects, real sets” pictures
    and realize the truth of the matter (many are still oblivious to it).

    I was considering having another admin there too anyway (i’m from Greece so there may come a time when maintaining a FB page will be the least of my concerns, 😀 ).
    Let me know if you want this.

  5. Kenny Kraly Jr Says:

    Lazy I did read it some good suggestions I will give it that. But being down on the new stuff for Star Wars with so much new content coming out over the next few years is not the right mind set to be in. A more positive mind set we should all be in for the new films. Just saying

    • Marshall Says:

      Kenny, I doubt Disney will be releasing an avalanche of TFA merch when it rolls around to TFA’s release date. Have you seen the dearth of “Rebels” merch in stores? It’s like the company forgot the show even existed. Will they even bother to make merch for their planned anthology movies?

      • bansheegun Says:

        Well, Rebels doesn’t really have good ratings, at least from what I’ve seen, so that doesn’t surprise me.

    • Kenny Kraly Jr Says:

      Relax fans everything will turn out fine

  6. madmediaman Says:

    This is all intentional Lazy. While Disney won’t call out a reboot, that’s pretty much what’s happening…. a soft reboot of the Saga which will largely (if not completely) ignore Episodes I-III. They will primarily focus on Episode VII and the movies that follow, but because they want to make sure all the 40-somethings and 50-somethings come to the movie and drag their kids with then they will focus this initial push on the OT.

    In order to keep those “other” fans happy they’ll throw them a bone with a book here or there… maybe a comic, or a reference on Rebels, but certain nothing that a mainstream general audience will see.

    Frankly I think this is going to blow up magnificently in their faces. One of my closet friends is a manager at our local Disney Store, she told me flat out the merchandise in the store simply does not sell. Sure she might get an occasional offer customer buying a mug or a tee shirt, but the toys are usually sent back after a few weeks of collecting dust, while Avengers merchandise flies off the shelves courtesy of the few bits that actually visit the Disney Store. Meanwhile if your ever in need for Star Wars toys come to my local Target where pegs are always full.

    I think this was am extremely shortsighted move on Disney’s past given how much younger viewers in the 12-30 range have been exposed to Star Wars through the Prequels and Clone Wars… Ironically the Disneyb Infinity crew gets it, but the top brass seems content to relegate the PT to the basement, only to be pulled out on special occasions,

    • Bob Clark Says:

      Considering how well Disney has played into the tween demographic, I’m surprised that they’ve effectively tossed the most Disney-friendly films and characters under the bus. I mean, Padme and Ashoka are practically Disney Princesses already.

      • mes520 Says:

        Maybe Ahsoka and of course Leia, but I don’t know about Padme, the character has largely and always been ignored.

      • Bob Clark Says:

        I’m saying that the potential there is incredible. Her character in the films is practically something right out of a Disney Renaissance movie. She’s a teenage Queen! Who disguises herself as a handmaiden! She has more costume changes than Lady Gaga! How do you not milk that for all it’s worth with dolls, books and whatnot?

      • lazypadawan Says:

        The bizarre thing is Disney markets the heck out of most its properties. I was just at Disneyland and it blows me away how they leave practically nothing unturned. There’s even a store at California Adventure dedicated to Oswald the Rabbit.

        But with Star Wars? They haven’t figured it out yet.

      • mes520 Says:

        Oh, I agree 110%!

        But right now all the new EU is all OT and Dark Times related. Minus Dark Disciple and a few other things.

        Anyway, Padme has always been ignored. Even in the old EU. She’s never had a book unless you count AOTC novel and Queen Amidala journal. She’s never had a comic and was barely in any Dark Horse comics. She was here and there on TCW. Barely there at the end since she was only in one episode of season 5 TCW. Also I’m not sure The Lost Mission episodes, The Clovis Arc did her justice.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Yeah. Padme is where Leia used to be before the mid ’90s or later, maybe even worse off.

      • bansheegun Says:

        I don’t think Disney understands the fandom, to be honest. They figured it out with Marvel, but Star Wars is different. I don’t think Kathleen Kennedy has any idea either.

      • buick runner Says:

        Disney understands, they just don’t care. They are going to milk Star Wars hard like they have with Marvel.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I’m worried that’s the real long-term goal, as noted on my Holocron page sometime ago…stuff Lucas’s Star Wars down the memory hole for its own version.

      I’ll be blunt and say that aside from a few inspired pieces, a lot of what I’ve found at the Disney Store was meh.

      • madmediaman Says:

        Yup, that sums it up pretty much. Proof? Star Wars Celebration…

        George was mentioned a whopping 2 times in the TFA presentation, and goo back and watch the Celebration feed… Outside of Filoni, and the occasional cast member interview from McDiarmid, Hamill, and Daniels, Lucas isn’t mentioned at all. If you didn’t know any better you’d think Star Wars was magically farted into existence by Disney.

        They are trying to get George the hell away from the franchise ASAP… Once TFA hits the screens they are probably in the clear.

    • Marshall Says:

      I know. The only SW item I bought from the Disney Store was a Mara Jade action figure and she’s not even in the movies.

    • buick runner Says:

      I feel that even TCW, is a reboot of the pt films. Like Lucas and Filoni, attempted to correct things the so call fans complain about the pt. Like making Anakin more likeable and changing lots of things around to suit the haters.

  7. Marshall Says:

    I’m on Tumblr so I think a new blog dedicated to fans displaying their collections and cosplay would be a great idea. I just don’t know if Disney will take notice. Though I think it’s obvious that we don’t need to boycott the new SW – nobody is that interested.

  8. Keith Palmer Says:

    I’d say “go for it” so far as “We’re Star Wars Fans Too” goes. My fear, though, is that it’ll still mostly be noticed by “ourselves”… although I wouldn’t call that a completely bad thing, either.

    Certainly, a whole new film cycle that seems from the leadup to be saying nothing more than “weren’t those three movies made with 1970s-1980s technology keen?” hasn’t provoked me to much interest so far.

  9. Yellow12 Says:

    Yeah, I’ve been out of the loop as far Star Wars goes for a while (two months or so ) but as I see not really much changed with the merchandise etc .
    I don’t live in U.S. , but in Germany where things are different , when we’re talking about Star Wars .
    Weirdly , here I see plenty of stuff from the whole saga to buy . 😐

  10. lovelucas Says:

    I”m a cavewoman and don’t have a smart phone which is require for Tumbler, I think? But I’ll support all of the above. I just received a message bitching me out because I called a poster on their prequel dig even though it was supposedly in support of Jake Lloyd but he just HAD to mention the prequels in a negative light…and why is that if your intention was to give Jake some love? That isn’t the way to go about it and reveals the hypocrisy of it all. I’ll never stop fighting for the prequels…never.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Tumblr is a blogging site. Maybe you’re thinking of Instagram, which you can view on the web but is in fact an app, and you need that on your device in order to post on it.

  11. Nick Skywalker Says:

    Disney needs to learn what many TV showrunners, producers, authors, etc. have learned/need to learn: You cannot have a fanbase tell you how to sell/write your product ESPECIALLY one notoriously vile and insane. I have seen too many shows and books ruined because greedy producers try to appeal to this so called “large fanbase” and have it blow up in their faces when they learn that that “large fanbase” is more of a disgruntled minority. Most kids see the films as a saga not as the OT or the PT. Yeah disgruntled fanboys may have more of an advantage to purchase merchandise, tickets, etc. but never underestimate a whiny child and a stressed out adult. I know plenty of people who aren’t crazy about the prequels but still own the films, merchandise and whatnot.

    While I hardly use tumblr on a regular basic anymore, the sjws and the generally toxicity of the website has turned me off, I think it would be a good idea and I’d definitely follow/reblog things

    • Daniel Xie Says:

      I know people will debate with me here the haters are the vocal minority and most people made peace with this finale, but IMO by that point most of the fans did not ship the couple that ended up together in the end and considering that the creator says that he preferred the alternate ending but the rest of the team said no….

      Also note that some of the more diehard Ted and Robin shippers were like “this show jumped the shark in season 4 or 5” while the Swarkles shippers made peace with the show because it was the storyline they were getting up to the finale. Sound familiar? It was clear that there was pandering going on here.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Not relevant here.

      • Daniel Xie Says:

        Actually to some extent it is because he was pressured into submitting to an ending he dosen’t like. He was even aware it would be controversial.

  12. Nick Skywalker Says:

    And what’s this idea that Disney wants to “re-introduce” the OT to the public? I’ve that isn’t the biggest joke I’ve ever heard then I don’t know what is. The OT is in the reigns of Titanic, Jaws, Jurassic Park, etc. as in movies that EVERYONE has seen at some point in their lives because their so popular/critically acclaimed. EVERYONE knows the story of Luke Skywalker and Vader is his father and whatnot. That is just a big bad joke. I don’t buy that excuse whatsoever.

    • Yellow12 Says:

      Yup , hearing too much to the supposed ‘larger’ fanbase and giving them what they want is always a bad idea .
      On the matter of reintroducing the kids to E IV-VI :
      I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean .

  13. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    Whatever we can try that will work. Frankly, I find myself quoting Mugatu from Zoolander when seeing how I-III are dismissed:

    “I feel like I’m taking CRAZY pills!!!!!”

  14. Jacobesico Says:

    To be honest I have yet to accept the new Disney Canon. To me, it’s all one big saga.

    I refuse to be told what I should “like” or “hate”.

  15. Eduardo Vargas Says:

    “virtually all of you reading this will see TFA at least once”-

    I have to say that It’s very possible for me to decide that I won’t watch this movie. It all will come down to 2 things:

    1. Once we get more info on the script and how much (if any) George is in it.

    2. I believe that the novelization comes out digitally the day before. I’ll read as much as I can, and if after reading it I feel disappointed I won’t see the movie.

    I kind of feel in the same bandwagon as Paul F McDonald, maybe it really is time to walk away from Star Wars, as sad as that thought is. Because I certainly won’t be ranting about those movies for years after they are released.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Actually, he’s back. Sort of. Still mostly posting about Doctor Who ;).

      The electronic version of the novelization comes out the day of, so unless you’re a speed reader…

      • goldsmith2 Says:

        Yeah, Paul has made his peace with the new SW era, both in terms of “Rebels” and TFA. He’s posted how much he has regularly enjoyed the former, plus its own prequel novel.

  16. Rednax Says:

    On one hand, I think this is a good idea, but I don’t know if they’re intentionally ignoring the prequels. I mean, the characters they’ll be focusing on in TFA will be the people whose backstory is in the originals, and I think that’s more a bit of logic than an excuse.

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