The Stunning Conclusion To Darth Vader #6

The Jerry Springer-esque revelation in Marvel’s Star Wars #6 that Han Solo was previously married stole all of the thunder, even though two other comics have come out this week.

One of them was Darth Vader #6 and while I don’t think this series has been perfect, I have to say I did like the way the writer tied Vader with Anakin’s past.

Cut for spoilers…

If you’ve been reading all of the comics, you’ll notice that things happen in one book can affect stuff in other books. Boba Fett was getting the goods on Luke in the Star Wars book and in Darth Vader, he reports back to his client.

What happens at the end is Vader puts two and two together, with flashbacks from ROTS, and realizes Luke is his son. Remember when Vader broke all of that medical equipment when he found out Padmé was dead? Something similar happens again when Vader discerns the truth. It’s an emotional scene and if you ask me, the beginning of Anakin’s return.

Here’s an interview with the series writer.



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