Cereal By General Mills


As you might know from visiting your supermarket cereal aisles, General Mills is running a promotion with “specially-marked boxes” of various cereals that each contain a mini poster from one of the six Star Wars films. (GM is also producing a Star Wars branded cereal.)

A marketing company working with General Mills offered to send me some of its offerings and here it is, along with an extra poster (of TPM…nice touch!).

Thanks, General Mills. It’s also running a Tumblr page.



3 Responses to “Cereal By General Mills”

  1. Marshall Says:

    Mmmm, reminds me of when they had Star Wars Episode II Crunch. Guess I’ll have to start buying cereal so I can collect all the posters.

  2. rynnbowers Says:

    Yep, not going to lie..I have bought about 20 boxes of reece’s puffs just to get all six posters..Hehe. I got them all and multiples of a few. But yep I did it. The thing that sucks is target has a special poster of Darth Vader in theirs along with the six movie posters.

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