Obi-Wan Movie Rumors Kick Up Again

Today, rumors of Ewan McGregor coming back to play Obi-Wan again have resurfaced:

Schmoes Know reported last night (at the time of writing this) that Han Solo will appear in the Boba Fett movie – now on the lookout for a new director, as former helmsman Josh Trank (the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot) has stepped down. The site’s sources are also claiming that “conversations” are currently underway between Disney/Lucasfilm and Ewan McGregor – who played the younger version of Obi-Wan featured in the Star Wars prequel movie trilogy (Episodes I-III) – and that the talks involve an “unknown” project, rather than the aforementioned Boba Fett film.

Some sites are still reporting it as an unannounced trilogy, as was originally circulated last fall, but an “Anthology” movie seems to make more sense. In any case, I’m way more excited at the prospect of Ewan doing more Star Wars than I am at any of this other rumored and confirmed stuff. Let’s keep our fingers and toes crossed!

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27 Responses to “Obi-Wan Movie Rumors Kick Up Again”

  1. Brian47 Says:

    I did just read that as well, though I was understandably annoyed at the editorial comments on that “Schmoes Know” about the majority of fans don’t like the prequels and that Episode III is “deeply flawed”. I’ll never understand that assessment. Anywho, I’d be very excited for an Obi-wan solo movie starring McGregor!

  2. Boba's Vette Says:

    I would love this! Especially if Maul shows up. Ray Park and Ewan McGregor would both be on board for sure. Plus, there could be another Obi-wan/Vader duel. Why not? And while they’re at it, let’s get some live-action Clone Wars characters going like Ventress and Cad Bane.

  3. Tarrlok Says:

    Fingers crossed for Liam Neeson returning as Force Ghost Qui-Gon.

  4. bansheegun Says:

    If it irks the anti-PT trolls, I’m all for it 🙂

    IDK if you covered this or not but a while back IGN posted a video about people picking their favorite PT characters. I think it was Jim Vejvoda who looked like a baby when he was asked if he had any favorites. In the beginning he said Prequel fans are basically “blinded by nostalgia”. He seems pretty oblivious.

  5. Tony Ferris Says:

    Disney green-lighting an Obi-Wan movie might finally get me excited about some aspect of their Star Wars plans.

    Of course, the size of that excitement will be dependent on who they tap to make such a movie, but they will at the very least have captured my interest.

    I’m sure they’ll do fine with or without me though, so they should do whatever suits them. If I like it fine, if not… so what!?

  6. Hunk a Junk Says:

    As long as the creative team making the movie aren’t doing it as a way to “redeem” the PT or, like JJ and his “practical effects” nonsense, by constantly hinting that they’re showing how Star Wars SHOULD be made.

  7. lovelucas Says:

    Pablo is laughing at all of this….. At least that’s what his FB post implied

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Yes, because apparently Lucasfilm is far more interested in movies with input from Neil DeGrasse Tyson than in actually crafting a mythology. No, seriously…the guy writing “Rogue One” actually tweeted Tyson asking for input because he somehow wants to make Star Wars more scientifically grounded. Isn’t that what the bashers complained about? Midichlorians were too “scientific?” Or was that Anakin’s virgin birth was “too religious?” I can’t keep track.

      • Hunk a Junk Says:

        LOL! Speaking of midis, Making Star Wars posted a rumor about Finn and Rey having a conflict over a certain lightsaber in TFA that hints there may be a big reboot coming in regards to the nature of the Force in the Star Wars universe. In short, the “awakening” part of the title refers to a magical change in the Force so that it no longer requires midis to be a Jedi. Basically, anyone now will be able to become a Jedi as long as they want it bad enough and successfully train for it. I hope to God this isn’t true, but I have a bad feeling that it is.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Star Wars for the Everyone Gets A Trophy Generation!

      • bansheegun Says:

        @Hunk a Junk

        That sounds absolutely atrocious.

      • madmediaman Says:

        Doesn’t surprise me in the least. Given the nonsense that happened in the comics this week I suspect TFA may be my last rodeo in this universe, especially if they change that fundamental aspect of the Saga.

      • Hunk a Junk Says:

        If this is true, I’m sure JJ and Kasdan are looking at it as retconning the Force back to what it was originally before the idea of bloodlines (father to son and daughter) entered into it. I can imagine JJ arguing in his ‘I’m so smarter than you’ way, “One of the magical things about the first film was identifying with Luke Skywalker as a normal guy who sets out to earn his power rather than have it bestowed by virtue of his birth.” Of course, it’s directly implied that Luke’s specialness comes from his Jedi father, but that’s nerd quibbling.

      • PrinceOfNaboo Says:

        So stupid. I’m always shocked when people claim “everyone could become a Jedi” before the PT. If so, then why didn’t Han, Leia and basically every other Rebel decide to become a Jedi after having witnessed Luke’s magical powers saving them at the end of ANH ?

        Weak-minded? Weak-willed? Loser-Han?

        At least it wouldn’t change the Pest.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Right. I was never under this impression and I wonder where the heck anybody got that idea from.

      • Keith Palmer Says:

        If anything, I’ve been inclined to think the perhaps-ignored idea “midi-chlorians are in all cells” makes it more possible to imagine “anyone can be a Jedi if they just work at it.” My suspicion is that some people disliked the implication Anakin had been “given an unearned gift,” but I’m quite capable of supposing the Star Wars movies were shifting, as early as Return of the Jedi, from “how to gain power” to “how to use it ethically.”

      • lazypadawan Says:

        It’s true everyone would have midichlorians (it’s the amount that mattered) and I recall reading in the “Making of Return of the Jedi” some conversation Lucas had where he made the suggestion that anyone could learn to use the Force but it seemed to be something he walked from when he went with the prequels because story-wise it wouldn’t have worked at all.

        Now what Lucas intended for a future where the Force is in balance is a mystery. Maybe there would be a larger pool of talent with more people open to the Force. But why would the Skywalkers matter anymore if any old jerk could become a Jedi, especially if this is their story?

      • Slicer87 Says:

        If everyone has midichlorians, then everyone could be trainned to use the force, so what Lucas said back during ROTJ still holds with the prequels. However, that statement doesn’t mean everyone would have the same level of ability to use the force. That some people will have inborn abilities and advantages, like better eyesight or good hand coordination.

        Many bashers dislike midichlorians because it ruins their fantasy of becoming Jedi. If you want to pretend being a Jedi, just pretend you have midichlorians too. Sort of like why many bashers dislike Stormtroopers being clones because it ruins their fantasy of becoming a Stormtrooper. JJ is going to stomp all over the PT to appease the hateboys, that is pretty clear by now.

      • Wizardman Says:

        Yeah, I don’t think it’s either “Everyone can be a Jedi,” or “Only certain special people can be Jedi.” If midichlorians reside in all living cells, and they are our connection to the mystical Force, then it would be true that everyone could connect to the Force in some way. Beings with higher midichlorian counts would simply be able to do more and more easily.

        That’s the way I’ve always interpreted it. :/

        Also, using a lightsaber doesn’t necessarily require Force abilities. Look at Pre Viszla.

      • Slicer87 Says:

        That is pretty much what I meant to say.

  8. Keith Palmer Says:

    This is practically “off-topic,” but I do have to admit the rumor that “Han Solo is going to appear in The Boba Fett Movie!” reminded me that in the past few years I’ve begun to think that, despite impressions of Han and Boba being “ultimate adversaries” in the spinoff stories, Boba was rather more interested in taking out the last Jedi Luke in Return of the Jedi and completely avenging his father to the point of ignoring the regular guy he’d once tracked as a regular job… an example, perhaps, of the new movies providing fresh and perhaps even more interesting insights for the old.

  9. James Says:

    An Obiwan movie might be fun. Though it is most likely to be set between episodes 3-4 . Generally speeking I like to think he didn’t do much for those 19 years. This would make sense since he was thought dead by ANH and also accounts for his rather lack luster lightsaber performance in that movie as well. I would prefer one set pre TPM, but then I suppose Ewn might be to old for that. Actually anything pre TPM might be fun, there was a thousand years between the sith war and the movies so much could happen. As long as they dont try to shoehorn a full scale war in, but they usually try to stick to the film canon pretty well now. What about a Mandalor arc about Obiwan and Satines first meeting? I would also love a Master Dooku-Quigon movie. But thats somthing else.

  10. Bob Clark Says:

    I wish we lived in a world where we could get an Obi-Wan movie starring Ewan McGreggor… directed by Danny Boyle. But Disney would never go for it. I’m not even sure Ewan would go for it. But it would be such a tremendous creative opportunity. And I’m going to keep torturing myself with the thought of it.

    • Tony Ferris Says:

      Well, Ewan and Danny seem to have buried the hatchet, so that part shouldn’t be an issue. Whether Boyle would want to make a Star Wars picture is anyone’s guess, but like you say, Disney would hardly be interested.

      Dammit Bob, why did you have to go and put that in my head, if you knew I couldn’t have it? 🙂

      • Bob Clark Says:

        Ha, it just seems to me what the prospect of a real “Star Wars Anthology” effort ought to be. Dont’ just give it to blockbuster newbies with voices that fit into corporate paradigms. Give them to artists. Let them explore, experiment, do whatever they want. Boyle’s perfect for that.

        How about a compromise– Is Baz Luhrman more likely?

      • Tony Ferris Says:

        I agree. That would be so much more fun.

        Baz Luhrman could work.

        I think I want Wes Anderson to do something too. Whatever he wants really.

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