How the PT Enriches The Saga

Live The Force, a Star Wars/lifestyle and fitness blog, had a post about the prequels enriching the other films:

The entire original trilogy benefits from the things we learned in the prequel’s. When Yoda is referred to as a great warrior we now know why. Obi-Wan Kenobi is no longer some strange old guy watching over Luke. We now know the great man that he was. Not only that, but we also now understand the sacrifice he makes for 20 years to safeguard Anakin’s son. The Emperor is no longer the “final boss” figure that appears at the end, but now we know how truly an absolutely evil he is. The satisfaction of watching him be thrown down the chasm is so much more gratifying now.

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4 Responses to “How the PT Enriches The Saga”

  1. Edward Diego Says:

    Actually only Luke assumed that Yoda is a great warrior. More so Yoda acts so eccentric in ESB because he wanted to test Lukes worldview and if he is capable to look beyond the physical – hence: a Jedi Master does not need to a be a strong & powerful person.

    • blade57hrc Says:

      Jedi were guardians of peace & justice. They (not all of them of course) fought in the clone Wars. It’s safe to assume that the guy who trained them wasn’t just good at making sushi…

      Yoda’s behavior was eccentric throughout in various ways.
      I don’t recall anyone in the movies claiming a Jedi ”had” to be physically strong & powerfull.

    • Slicer87 Says:

      Yoda was being annoying to test Luke who quickly failed it.

  2. Keith Palmer Says:

    Interpretations of Yoda aside, I do always like seeing this general point made. I suppose I resist any attempt to proclaim “we had a perfectly fine trilogy and then Lucas tried to add stuff to it” because I can remember the late 1990s, when the generic opinion in online discussion of Star Wars always seemed to include complaints that Return of the Jedi had “totally dropped the ball,” with people trying to hold on to the space battle as something that only might make up for all the “cute stuff” in the movie… and the final confrontation between Luke and Darth Vader seemed more “just there” to those people. I suppose it’s a bit grandiose to think of the new movies as an elaborate effort to provide greater emphasis to one part of Return of the Jedi, but it’s a thought that does occur to me.

    (Of course, I do know there were people who were able to focus on “the redemption of Darth Vader” even back then, and I do have to admit that one of my very first reactions to The Phantom Menace was that George Lucas had tried to present “the primitives defeat the technologists” over again, this time making the primitives (in general) look more formidable and removing even the residual competence the stormtroopers had started with…)

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