Essay “Revisiting The Prequels”

Anthony Parisi has a well-written essay called Revisiting The Prequels, which asks for people to give the films another look:

The six films form one larger epic that is constructed like a piece of music. The narratives are light on plot and characterization, instead built on archetypal themes and psychological motifs that reverberate throughout the six episodes. Lucas often talks of approaching Star Wars like a silent film where the sound and the effects “are just a part of the musical composition to tell the story visually rather than through a lot of heavy dialogue.” This becomes more refined in his work on the prequels, where everything from mirrored plot points to spaceship designs are carefully placed to echo and build into the original trilogy. Lucas is a firm believer in “pure cinema.” His story is in the images and every image tells a story.


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4 Responses to “Essay “Revisiting The Prequels””

  1. Hunk a Junk Says:

    Terrific read. Both he and Camille Paglia definitely get what was going on in the prequels and why they compliment, instead of just recycle (cough *JJ*), the OT.

    • Obi-Rob Says:

      Agreed 100% with you and the article. Iv been saying this for years and years just like Lucas has.

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      Well, I obviously don’t know yet whether TFA will “recycle” the OT. While I think that the TFA trailer has a great atmosphere, I agree however that large parts of it seem to cater too much to nostalgia. I just hope that this is just marketing and the final movie will tell a good story in its own way.

  2. M. Marshall Says:

    “Disney is doing themselves a disservice by distancing themselves from all this and catering to the snark that pervades the internet.”

    So many good points in this article.

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