Furious Fanboys Expose CGI Hypocrisy

Furious Fanboys takes a look at 10 films filled to the brim with computer generated imagery yet get a pass from many of the same people who criticize the prequels from being nothing but CGI-fests. Films include a bunch of MCU flicks, “Avatar,” and “Gravity.”


6 Responses to “Furious Fanboys Expose CGI Hypocrisy”

  1. blade57hrc Says:

    Like i wrote on FB,
    The narrative has already changed by the PT haters.
    They’re in denial.
    Now it’s all about some imaginative ”proportion of practical/cgi”, ”Lucas deciding the wrong techniques” (as if the method of VFX should dictate the shot and not the shot dictate the method of VFX) and ”natural lighting” etc. Crap like that…

    Just take a look at the ”TFA filming techniques”. It’s stupid…

    People confuse EARTHLY environments & lighting conditions with ”natural”.
    They claim ”Lucas should have filmed Mustafar on location (per Plinkett’s BS) and add cgi/practical lava later instead of this cgi crap” (Cognitive dissonance? LOL) amongst PRICELESS quotes about Lucas like ”This narrowed view of options simply derives from a limited imagination and understanding of film-making methods”.
    One doesn’t know wether to bang his head to the wall or laugh hysterically readin all that…lol.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Bunch of ignoramuses.

      Film on location near an eruption and your cast and crew will die from extreme heat and toxic gases.

    • Jim Raynor Says:

      Filming Mustafar even more “on location” than it already was…Good lord that’s the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever heard. More stunning insight from the bashers’ intellectual thought leader!

      I’ve tried to help point out the anti-CGI hypocrisy as well in some of my previous posts here. In this day and age, acclaimed and geek-approved filmmakers like Joss Whedon won’t even shoot mundane street scenes on location. “New York” is frequently portrayed with green screen in the movies. Same goes for modestly budgeted, completely non-scifi TV shows. Shooting on location is all well and good until you run into reality, where you need government permits and can’t blow up entire residential and business sectors.

      Lucas isn’t some eccentric weirdo for leaning on CGI. He’s a real filmmaker who used the same tools that have become the norm for the industry.

  2. bansheegun Says:

    I liked GoG but the CG in that film wasn’t very good (Same with the Thor Films). It looked too… Cartoony?

    Anyway, I do remember hearing that the Avengers was shot here in Ohio but I didn’t realize how much CGI filler shots they used.

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