10 Years of ROTS: Burger King Ad

Not one of the ads with the creepy Burger King, but one that promoted the toys.

I remember going nuts trying to find them all, even resorting to eBay to fill in the gaps.

I also remember gaining 10 pounds from eating all of that BK. Bleah! Thank God Disney does its tie-ins with Subway.



4 Responses to “10 Years of ROTS: Burger King Ad”

  1. bansheegun Says:

    The only Burger King in my area at the time (And STILL today) was/is 10-12 minuets away and was/is always out of the way. I remember bugging my parents to take me to Burger King to get one but they never did. To be fair, I was a little old to still be asking for a kids meal but those toys were cool 😉

  2. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    Lessie, looking at that pic, I have…

    Mace, Leia, Watto, Ani/Vader, Boga, Jar Jar, Han, Jabba, Padmé, R2, and Luke. The X-Wing also looks familiar, but I can’t recall if it was mine or someone else’s (mine are currently in storage).

    For the record, this was my last year of High School/first semester of College.

  3. peacetrainjedi Says:

    Lol, I remember these. They were honestly cool for Kids’ meals toys. And I was impressed with the variety they offered as well, from across the whole Saga.

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