“Ben Hur”‘s Influence On The PT

Bryan Young is back with another installment of The Cinema Behind Star Wars, this time focusing on the 1959 film “Ben Hur”:

Watching all three and a half hours of Ben Hur it’s apparent that it had an influence on the Star Wars saga. On a base level, this film used a lot of matte paintings and composite shots of the sort that Star Wars built upon, making the first film possible in the first place. But the film that shares the most with Ben Hur is The Phantom Menace, though Anakin’s journey through the entire era of the old Republic echoes that of Judah Ben Hur.


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2 Responses to ““Ben Hur”‘s Influence On The PT”

  1. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    Now THAT’S podracing!

  2. Keith Palmer Says:

    I got around to watching Ben-Hur not that long ago, and I do have to admit that as I got to its chariot race thoughts of the podrace pretty much took over my mind. I was also unfortunately conscious, though, of those who bring up the assorted cinematic influences on Star Wars as if mentioning them amounts to dismissing those parts of the movies (and in the meantime “space rogues” are celebrated as homages to Han Solo)… although Bryan Young’s work has always pointed to the more positive interpretations.

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