Somebody’s Making A PT Documentary

Something called the Ministry of Cinema is putting together a fundraiser to make a documentary called “The Prequels Strike Back.” It promises to include Mike Klimo and his Ring Theory as part of the flick.

The goal is $3500 and so far about $450 is in the pot. I don’t know much about the project, so trust your own judgment.



37 Responses to “Somebody’s Making A PT Documentary”

  1. Says:

    Thanks for sharing! We want to give back to the Star Wars community, producing for fans a documentary about the Star Wars prequels. Often people are overly critical of the prequels–want to challenge that perspective! 🙂

  2. discoewok Says:

    I love the title and see this as really having the voice of the PT fan heard. I know opinions vary on crowdfunding, but I gladly made a contribution. Before my nursing career I was involved in the local moviemaking community and video production. Even little contributions mean a lot to struggling filmmakers. Please consider giving. Mike’s thoroughly researched essay is fantastic and I’d love to see how the evidence translates to this format.

  3. Eduardo Vargas Says:

    The issue I have is how the trailer of the documentary basically begins by catering to the haters- and it shouldn’t be that way. The narrative of this doc has to be changed if they are going to get any dollars from me

    • Bob Clark Says:

      Yeah, I’m skeptical. It seems the whole thing is revolving around the Ring Theory, too, which is a good piece of work, but I think that if the only argument you’re making in favor of the films is “hey, they rhyme”, most people aren’t going to care. You have to illustrate why the “flaws” people talk about either aren’t flaws per se (I wrote a little bit this week about why I think Hayden’s “wooden acting” is due in part to Anakin having social anxieties) or are flaws that are equally present in the originals. So far this feels a little too part of the “Prequels suck” narrative.

      • Keith Palmer Says:

        I get your point, but I can wonder if a “you dismiss this, but I look at it in this much more satisfying way” still feels “reactive”; the Ring Theory did have a bit of that, but still seemed sort of “unique” to me. It may be that the dismissals are so all-encompassing that I can react to “focused” arguments with the glum sense that certain people will just move from condemning “structure” to condemning “execution,” but perhaps the sweep of that condemnation is so ridiculously vast that we can challenge it anywhere and perhaps even get through to a few people.

  4. Obi-Rob Says:

    Its about time!!!!!!!!!!! and if I had the money/energy I would donate and campaign (cuz thats what I guess SW fans do now…) I checked it all out and its excellent. SW ring theory is also something that really, really does need more of a light shined on it as well.


  5. madmediaman Says:

    Sorry to hijack this, but confirms Lucas’ statements that the new films have no bear no resemblance to Lucas’ treatments:

    In Lucas’ vision the leads were mainly teenagers… of course the article devolves in standard Prequel bashing, but makes it clear Kasdan and Abrams started from scratch.

    So basically it’s Disney endorsed fanfic.

    • Keith Palmer Says:

      I can suppose that when the paperwork was signed everyone understood George Lucas would have the opportunity to submit ideas but no guarantee they’d be used, but the suspicion his treatments were thrown out “because everyone knows he’s a burnout case” still rankles me. If the “Making Of” book would happen to summarize those treatments I’d probably take some interest in it, but if its presentation of them gives a feeling of pushing “of course they had to be replaced” to the exclusion of any other interpretation that interest might drop off…

      For some reason, I’m thinking of an alternative universe where some hypothetical Episode 4 had Obi-Wan and Yoda as the main characters “because they were popular and deserved another adventure…”

      • Bob Clark Says:

        Hell, why not throw Ashoka in there? There’s plenty of popular characters from the PT and TCW that would wipe out the need for Han and the rest.

      • Bob Clark Says:

        Actually come to think of it, a sustained AU comic project or something could be a good way to demonstrate PT/TCW fandom.

    • yellow12 Says:

      OMG . This is just disrespectful to George Lucas and now it will be just some fanfiction by J.J. Abrams and Disney attempt to get money from it . 😢:'(
      BTW now I want those treatments more than ever.

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      As someone who thinks that GL (still) can come up with stories that extend and renew the mythology established by himself, I am rather disappointed. We’ll see how the final movie turns out, but I hope that I will like it for its creative continuation of the Saga and not just because it has the big three in it.

    • Evangelos Says:

      Maybe we’ll see those treatments some time later in comicbook form like The Starwars.I never doubted that George’s ideas would be completely ignored.Disney’s approach is to make everything feel familliar,safe,”home” if you like which is the exactly opposite thing that George would do.It’s really crazy if you think about the huge influence the anti-prequel opinions seem to have on the new movies though.

  6. bansheegun Says:

    Anyone see that interview with Natalie Portman online? She talked a little bit about the Prequels and how she loved working with Ewen and Hayden. She even mention Ahmed Best! She did say, however, that the blue screens “confused” her. I guess that one is up for interpretation. She did say some cringeworthy political stuff so I’ll let you guys look it up.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I read that interview last night. All of the attention was put on her “whatevs” attitude toward her Oscar statuette. Cringed I did, but I do give her props for taking her faith seriously and for of course being generous about her prequel co-stars.

      • bansheegun Says:

        Has she always come across as such an elitist? I don’t think she understands the crap she wants to see done will adversely affect real people. But I’ll stop there before I go on a rant. It was nice to see her support her former Co-stars.

  7. Tyler Johnson Says:

    I’m really surprised people aren’t more excited by this documentary. I think this is the exact rebuttal to “the writing sucks” argument we’re all tired of hearing. I don’t see this as promoting the ‘prequels suck’ narrative at all just recognizing the existence of the overly vocal haters. That’s the audience theses filmmakers want to reach, not to preach to the choir!

    These filmmakers are also actively seeking input from fans. So donate either your money or your time by giving these guys some ideas. Hell, they’re asking for interviewees! Cmon people! We’re unlikely to have a more compelling platform to have the voice of the PT fan heard!

    • lazypadawan Says:

      I also think it’s a great opportunity for fans to tell the world WHY they love the PT and tie the whole thing together. It looks like more and more sites/individuals are promoting it.

    • blade57hrc Says:

      I don’t think reaching to the vocal haters has any point. They’ve made up their mind and nothing can change that.
      This should ignore them.

      I mean, did OT documentaries acknowledge those that hated them in the 70s/80s? Did any of those even mention its ”brilliant” dialogue? Nope. It was the characters. You get my drift i think.

      Although i WILL donate (and 100$ is about 1/4 of what i make right now – yes, things are THAT bad here right now), i’d hate to see this becoming apologetic; ”yes they are flawd…buuut….”.
      Screw that! Ignore the haters completely and just praise the PT’s many great aspects!

  8. Stefan Kraft Says:

    They have already reached 2625 $, and the campaign seems to get quite a lot of retweets (I have looked at Mike Klimo’s account and the account of the production company).

    Regardless of the outcome, such an amount of support for the PT is heartwarming.

  9. discoewok Says:

    They made their first goal! On their way to the next stretch goal of $5000! If you haven’t given yet, please at least consider $5. It’s cheaper than an action figure. 😉

  10. blade57hrc Says:

    ”We aren’t going to forget the Red Letter Media’s of the community. Those fans make valid points on the prequels!”

    Errrr….what?WHAT? W-H-A-T?

  11. Mark Palmer Says:

    I was hoping against hope that that would not be another ” we know the prequels are bad,but blah blah” type of deal.

    lf if this is going to be dealing with fans of the prequels ( and fans of the saga in general )why not just talk to them and heard their insights and feelings?

    Why can’t this be a celebration of films?

    I gave and now I’m regretting it.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      The thing is, I’m not sure what’s going to be accomplished with that. Looking at the vitriolic comments posted at the link blade57hrc posted, who wants to sit through a movie where you’re getting harangued by those kind of people?

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      I don’t want to completely dismiss this documentary. Maybe he wanted to say that they will try to make a well-balanced documentary that will not cater to the haters, but be an honest and respectful discussion between SW fans. The problem is, most of us here think that RLM just is everything but respectful and honest… Bad example, therefore.

      It’s great to see that the Ring Theory has changed the mind of several people. Still, why didn’t all the stuff like Paul F. McDonald’s articles, Bob Clark’s insights and the huge amount of similar articles Lazypadawan has linked to have a similar effect? Didn’t they already show that the Prequels were made for more than money?

      Now, I do not want to dismiss this documentary, and I think it will be respectful etc. That is something you can support, and if they want to make “the most out of the PT” in their own way, that is good (!) However, the documentary will probably not be the 100 % defense of the Prequels most of us would like to see.

      • Obi-Rob Says:

        Well if that really is the case then can someone here who fought FOR these movies all their lives THROW A HARD ROCK at that smug little dopes smiling face for trying to take peoples money?

        Because thats REALLY what I think we would all like to “donate $$$” to in order to see. Kidnap that piece of **** that first made all the RLM anti-PT propaganda and throw HARD ROCKS from the off of the ground at his smug head.

        Honest to god…THAT is what I would pay money to do. When I can throw a rock or take a swing with a baseball bat. Thats when Ill pay money.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Whoa! I understand your frustration but let’s not get into that, please.

    • blade57hrc Says:

      @Mark Palmer
      What’s with all this ” we know the prequels are bad,but blah blah” and ”acknowledging flaws and RLM’s valid criticisms”? WTF?
      Why do people feel apologetic like that?
      Did anybody making OT documentaries ackowledge those who had problems with the films? Does ANYBODY who makes documentaries about films acknowledge those who don’t like them?NO!
      They give praise & highlight the benefits of the films!
      You don’t see anyone doing a 2001:ASO documentary saying ”the film has no character development” because that misses the target.

      I was about to donate 100$ for the perk, because i thought it would be a video i could be proud of…
      Not so much now. I’n pretty sure the donations will diminish or stop once people see the interviews…


      • lazypadawan Says:

        I can’t remember any old Star Wars docs, official or otherwise, that featured Pauline Kael or John Simon or any number of sf authors who hate that Star Wars became “science fiction” in the popular imagination.

  12. lazypadawan Says:

    Make of this what thou wilt:,share_twitter,manual

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      The interview was respectful and professional, that’s what I expect from a professional site. It IMHO more or less confirms what I have written above (I am even a bit more positive now, but I don’t know whether I will support the documentary).

      • lazypadawan Says:

        I think it further clarifies where this is all coming from. I’m not sure though if a “fair and balanced debate” is really the way to go here.

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