Astronauts Watch ROTS on May the 4th

In case you missed it, the astronauts aboard the International Space Station tweeted a photo of ROTS playing on a screen to mark May the 4th.


One Response to “Astronauts Watch ROTS on May the 4th”

  1. Obi-Rob Says:

    Thats what intelligent, healthy people look like. Leveled out, balanced, grounded, intelligent adults.

    Thats the real life reason why the phenomenon of hateboys exists in this country…..because of how bad the education and inequality is as specially in the USA.

    Thats why in my heart I know exactly why GL choose to give the 2 Billion to education.

    Because we need to just plain educate these people….because ignorant people….can be frightening.

    See how nice it would be to watch a PT film with educated “nice” people. Now take that exact warm feeling your feeling now….and imagine watching it with a room full of 20 year olds.

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