My Quick & Dirty Custom Tee DIY

I posted this picture on Twitter and Facebook last night of a t-shirt I had made with the pinup Padmé nose art used in the Bad Batch arc of Clone Wars episodes. I got such a positive reaction from it, I thought I’d share what I did to make it.

Ever since I saw the art at Celebration, I thought of how awesome it would look on a t-shirt. When I got home, I found a .jpeg of the art, downloaded it, and used Ribbet to crop it to take out the Clone Wars sticker thingie at the edge of the original artwork, and play around with the resolution so the whole image will fit on the shirt without pixelating or blurring it too much. Photoshop and I aren’t friends; I’m sure someone way more skilled with it could’ve come up with an image with even better resolution.

Then I went to Vistaprint and selected a women’s white t-shirt. I uploaded the image and voila, my shirt was done. By the way I used Vistaprint a few years ago to make a polo shirt with the Naboo/royal symbol on it. Shipping takes about 10 days.


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