What Can You Learn From A Gungan?

Adam’s new essay on Jedi News explores how the Gungans shown in the prequels don’t all share the same characteristics. It’s pretty interesting and makes a good point about how in Star Wars there are still distinctions among “alien” characters.


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6 Responses to “What Can You Learn From A Gungan?”

  1. Keith Palmer Says:

    As much as “there’s no variety among members of a species of science fiction aliens” is one of those familiar things people point at and snicker about, I’ve been inclined for a while now to see the certain amount of variety among the Gungans. I suppose it represents in microcosm how if someone does manage to get over working up ways to feel offended by every instant of the three new Star Wars movies, there are indeed things to contemplate…

  2. M. Marshall Says:

    Don’t forget that it was a Gungan named Augie who wrote the celebratory music for Naboo’s victory parade. Let’s also not forget the female Gungan who made an appearance in the Clone Wars (I forget which episode.

    • bansheegun Says:

      Peppi Bow? That was ‘The Blue Shadow Virus’. Unless you’re talking about the Gungan Force sensitive, then it was ‘Children of The Force’.

    • Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

      I really need to see those Season 1-3 episodes…

      Anyhoo, I’ve mentioned before that in my articles I try to stick to just the films whenever possible because I’m trying to show just how much is in them without subsequent works trying to justify it. That said, Clone Wars is a great example of “personality by individual not species.” What comes immediately to mind is the kindly, bumbling Dug ringmaster from the Younglings arc – definitely not the least bit like Sebulba despite other sources claiming they’re all belligerent.

  3. blade57hrc Says:

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