AMC To Run A Star Wars Marathon?

Reported across the internets is the (as of yet unconfirmed) news that the AMC multiplex chain will run a marathon of the Star Wars films in December, leading up to the release of TFA. Some guy who writes for Star Wars Action Figure News found this out from an AMC manager.

It would be interesting to see if the prequel films will be in 3D since those 3D versions exist.

It remains to be seen if other chains will do something similar. (Come on, Arclight and Cinépolis!)


6 Responses to “AMC To Run A Star Wars Marathon?”

  1. peacetrainjedi Says:

    This would be awesome if it were true.

  2. bansheegun Says:

    Always hated AMC movie talk after this absolute hate-fest of the PT for what seems like no reason.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      What hypocrites, since AMC made a lot of bank off of those movies. “Ha ha, we took your money and now we will hate on you for seeing the movies 15 times each and enjoying them!” I rarely go to the theaters anymore and if I do go, I pick a luxury chain. I’m done with sticky floors and stupid teenagers for what it costs. For a couple of bucks more, some guy can bring me sushi to my La-Z-Boy.

      • bansheegun Says:

        They didn’t even make coherent arguments. It was just HATE. Funny how the comments section on that video seems very pro-prequel. I just saw Age of Ultron last night (this was my first Midnight release ever) and it reminded me why I don’t go to the movie theaters anymore. I agree with you, if a movie is good now, then it will still be good 6 months from now when it’s $4 on demand!

  3. Hunk a Junk Says:

    I really see no reason why the PT wouldn’t be in 3D for this. Just from a marketing point of view, Lucasfilm will want to give even the PT-dislikers a reason to pony up to see the entire marathon and not just the OT films.

  4. RedRobinDC Says:

    Not interested unless it’s in the PROPER CANONICAL order

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