Yes To This Amazing Essay

On Facebook, Frank Witte linked to this post on a blog called A Universe In Words. The author captured a lot of my feelings over the weekend, as you might have guessed if you were following me on Twitter.

When people like me who love the PT films and were introduced to the Star Wars-fandom through the PT films, see a disproportionate stream of criticism and hate directed towards these films it hurts. It may sound melodramatic, but these films are as much a part of us as the OT films are. When a small section of fans controls the fandom’s dialogue to such an extent that they make it seem as if the PT films are something of the past which is better left forgotten, a large part of the fandom will feel willfully ignored and potentially even insulted. Fans have invested not only their passion into these films, but also their time and money by creating fan films, fan fiction, art, cosplay, music and much more. The PT films substantially add to the emotional and literary depth of the whole Star Wars saga. Take the six films as a whole and you see a family saga the likes of which does not exist in modern day cinema. The six films form a continual narrative, the story of a single galaxy told through different generations, genders and species.

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26 Responses to “Yes To This Amazing Essay”

  1. Hunk a Junk Says:

    There have been some terrific pro-PT observations made by some of the fans coming out of Celebration (sadly, however, not enough from Kathleen Kennedy or her team). Has anyone heard about the reactions to AOTC 3D and ROTS 3D? Are the rest of us ever going to see these things?

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Don’t know about any general releases of AOTC or ROTS in 3D, but I did see AOTC (you’ll see my story soon on ROTS). TPM/AOTC were well attended on Thursday, though fewer people stuck around for AOTC because it was late and I think a lot of people were tired from all of the excitement that morning. The 3D looked great. ROTS was packed to capacity and many people were turned away. It really should’ve been on the Celebration Stage.

    • madmediaman Says:

      My guess is Fox preps the 3-D releases for some time next year after TFA is released. It would make sense for them as this would be the last opportunity they would have to release any Star Wars films outside of ANH in theaters. Once 2020 hits Disney owns those movies in totality. A quick Feb-March release, like the Special Editions, would probably be a good box office draw following TFA (unless of course audiences don’t like it). But it’s pretty no risk for them.

  2. Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

    The problem is that while we pro-I-III-ers have beautiful well-written essays, all the bashers and apologists have flashy videos that are easier for the public to digest.

    We need to start making our cases on YouTube if we really want to be heard.

    • yellow12 Says:

      Yup.That’s the thing .I could do many videos but I don’t have the tools and experience for them .
      We need videos .

  3. blade57hrc Says:

    This definite rift is not something that ”might someday” be true. It’s been here for many years. It’s everyone who despises the PT films attacking everyone who dares say anything positive.

    I know you’ll most probably disagree with me but i don’t see dialogue leading anywhere; do you see anyone accepting for example that the PT used practical sets/models/etc.? I don’t. The arguement was transformed into ”overuse of CGI”. The crowd which despises the PT films doesn’t want dialogue! Simple as that!

    There is a crowd who won’t stop untill the PT is erased. This is why they ask the OOT be released and not for historical reasons. Because its continuity ignores the PT in a way.
    The thing is though that their opinion has become some sort of ”fact” by now. It has been expressed so profoundly that any opposing voice has been drowned! And it is the only one being heared sadly…
    I don’t think it’s crazy to think that Disney most probably hired a company to do research and what they found was that the PT films (notice films, not PT era) are despised by many, hence the PR route
    we see.
    Just read these few comments from the ANH digital release trailer:
    Jamie Pennix
    We want the originally released original trilogy 
    Casey Buckner
    It won’t be released until George Lucas dies…
    robert szvetics
    someone should give him some fucking drop dead pills

    I don’t see balance coming by praising both trilogies.
    If one crowd gives a 10 to both and the other gives 10 to the OT and 0 to the PT, the result will remain OT-10 PT-0. And that influnces people…and Disney!
    The PT-film hating crowd only has to point at ”reviewers” like RLM and their point gets across…and that’s what they do constantly!
    There are many people out there who liked the PT but their opinions changed after watching those ”reviews” and let’s face it…you can’t expect from a teenager to have the necessary knowledge to realize what he is being told is basically just a load of crap.
    Hell, even i at one point was convinced by RLM that the PT films were garbage, and i was 30+yo when i watched them. I did see through his BS eventually, but what about those who aren’t able to do that on their own?

    IDK…I have an entire review in my head which parodies RLM’s ”reviews” by doing the exact opposite (downplay the OT by praising the PT, something quite easy if you really think about it), but the execution of something like that is daunting for someone whose native language isn’t English (narration) and doesn’t have the professional editing/etc. tools at his disposal…
    It also might make me the most hated person in SW history (including here) if i decide to do it, but at least it might bring (some) balance of expression…Maybe joining the dark side is the only way of bringing balance after all…(?)

    • Hunk a Junk Says:

      I tend to agree. You don’t ask for “dialogue” when the other side is in the middle of bashing your head in. You either punch back or get beaten.

      • Slicer87 Says:

        I agree, we have been too lenient with the haters.

      • Helen Says:

        The hate toward the PT seems so…IDK engrained in SW now. Sad to think this new movie will probably add to it. I hope not, but….

      • blade57hrc Says:

        The comment section in TPMs trailer brings me joy…
        Look at all these positive comments and the ”**** you/s” to the haters… 😀
        Strenght in numbers…it’s THAT easy!

  4. piccolojr1138 Says:

    English is not my first language neither, but if someone launch a campaign on Youtube or whatever, let me know, I’ll support and help

    • Helen Says:

      So will I. I’m a SW fan *because* of the PT. In my universe, it pretty much rules. xx

    • blade57hrc Says:

      A starting point would be us supporting each other.
      Here’s my YT channel. If anyone else has, shoot a message here or on YT so we can subscribe to each other.
      Here is my channel

      Videos are a learning process. Don’t be afraid to do videos.
      What i can advise though is link/send them to supporting audiences firtst…I have the bad tendency to link/post mine in Pt-hating hives like RLM the like so i am filled with dislikes (and what i consider funny comments from them).

  5. Stefan Kraft Says:

    I think Paul has written a nice article why we should (try to) enjoy the ride:
    and an addendum by madmediaman:
    Yes, maybe the new movies will not be our cup of tea. But we should not start claiming that JJ “r*ped our adulthood.”

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Who’s saying that?

    • blade57hrc Says:

      I read mr.Paul’s article but i don’t see anyone here complaining about what he said here:
      ”I have no desire to stare down the barrel of fifteen years of “whole saga” fans shouting about how JJ Abrams “raped their middle adulthood” because he thinks of Star Wars as a western or doesn’t like as many digital effects or probably isn’t going to offer any screen time to Jedi discussing midichlorians.”

      This is a complete misunderstanding of what’s been said past few days.

      • Slicer87 Says:

        I agree blade, the problem is JJ is appealing to, supporting, and encouraging the anti PT bias and Lucas hate. It is even suspected JJ doesn’t even care about Lucas’ art and wants to make a 1980 throwback to appease the bitter OOT fans.

      • Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

        I think what it really means is we need to make sure, and I’ve been saying this all along, that as we fight to make our voices heard we don’t turn into what we fight against. We need to make sure that whatever criticism we levi is done with respect, rationality, and with a clear distinction between personal preference and objective criticism. And we should give the new films a fair shake before passing judgment – unlike the people who dismissed I-III outright.

      • madmediaman Says:

        No, the point that Paul and I are trying to make is that George is gone and we need to come to terms with that. George has left an indelible legacy of modern myth, but he has passed that torch on. I have certainly not changed my position on Abrams as a filmmaker, and I still believe the teaser was nothing more than an exercise of pushing emotional buttons to get the fans on his side… but, as Lazy said in her great review, some fans are setting themselves up for the same sense of failure they experienced with TPM.

        I don’t want fans of George’s Saga to become further segregated, and some opinions on the more fringe elements threaten to become the very thing they have been fighting against… namely bashers.

        I will still staunchly defend Lucas’ work and will call out Lucasfilm nonsense when they fail to protect his legacy… and if JJ’s movie stinks I’ll call him out on that as well. But simply jumping down LFL throat and railing against it all is a bit extreme. There have been plenty of great Star Wars stories told without George’s direct input. As I mentioned in my latest blog post, John Jackson Miller’s “Kenobi” is one the finest Star Wars tales ever. His work was informed by George’s stories, but Jackson made it his own. There is the potential for a lot of great storytelling down the road, all informed by what has come before.

        Obviously there’s a lot of risk, and LFL could easily screw the pooch, but the last year or so the company has put out some decent product, and has certainly honored George’s legacy in the books and comics. Whether that’s the case with the films remains to be seen, but I am willing to give LFL a chance.

  6. Jacobesico Says:

    The way I see it, it’s George Lucas’s saga and he could do whatever he wanted. I enjoyed the three films. I enjoyed going to the cinema and watching them. I expect Lucas would have been criticised by this poisonous vocal minority if he didn’t make a prequel trilogy. So they have been biting the hand that fed them.

    This article sums up my thoughts. I love both trilogies and I see it as one big story. If I don’t like the sequel trilogy then I would keep my opinions to myself but for now I am going to give the new guys the benefit of the doubt. I trust George Lucas’s judgement but if they are going to use the sequel trilogy as a means of bashing some of his work and catering to this poisonous vocal minority, then I would not take kindly to it.

    Disney would be playing a dangerous game if they are intent on pandering to poisonous vocal minority of fans. Star Wars is far bigger then them and as time passes and Star Wars becomes more ingrained in human culture, they will become a mere footnote in a franchise that is already spawning a new generation of fans.

    They do not understand. That is why they fail.

  7. Brian47 Says:

    Simon Pegg is out there dissing the prequels again… now, again, people are allowed to like or not like what they want, but it’s just this attitude from him that it’s some sort of accepted judgment regarding the quality of the prequels being sub-par, when that is not the case:

    • Jim Raynor Says:

      Just like with the Star Wars prequels, it’s “accepted” among vocal online Trekkies that Star Trek Into Darkness was a terrible film despite its strong critical reception, box office, and general audience polling.

      Someone ought to ask Simon Pegg about that again. He was so cool about it thr last time around.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        LOL, how true!

      • madmediaman Says:

        While the audience “polling” may have been good, it did not show in the box office returns. The film underperformed badly in the States where Trek traditionally makes most of its money. Into Darkness took in $228 domestically against a budget of $190 million versus Star Trek (09) $257 million and its $150 million budget.

        Worldwide the film only made $100 million more than its predecessor. Films need to take in an average of around 2.5 times their budget to break even. At $190 million Into Darkness needed to gross around $475 million just to break even… the film took in $467 million… that’s why JJ is no longer working on Trek.

        Simon Pegg may be able to write a Trek story that’s true in spirit to the Original Series, but the shine is already off of the Trek Abramsverse… I suspect the next film will be equally well received by critics, yet rejected by audiences… then maybe Paramount will reassess the situation, relent and allow CBS to put Trek back on TV.

    • lazypadawan Says:

      We need our own media stars supporting the films.

      • blade57hrc Says:

        Omitting my previous ”anti-Plinkett” videos, i have started working on some pro-PT videos, mostly showcasing the Practical work in them.

        I have a ”documentary” in the works with material from other documentaries like ”ILM:creating the impossible”, ”Side by side” etc. It is hard though to create a documentary with already existing material and make it feel cohesive & avoid ”clunkiness”.
        Another idea is videos per Planet (sets,models,etc) set to each of Holst’s planet suites.

        The first one i’ve finished is concentrating on only vehicles & starships.
        Here is:
        Hope copyright infringement doesn’t become a problem

        If anyone has any ideas, or similar videos, could we start a thread of some sorts having them all in one place so we could share them???

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