Celebrating The Whole Saga

A post at The Cantina Cast takes a look at the six Star Wars films, celebrating the author’s favorite light-hearted moments and favorite serious moments of each film.



2 Responses to “Celebrating The Whole Saga”

  1. Stefan Kraft Says:

    It probably sounds like a trivial insight, but only now I have realized the parallelism between the “turn scenes” in EP III and VI. In EP III, Anakin has to choose between the Jedi and the Sith – and at the same time, he himself proposes the right, third way: Not to use violence, but to let the Republic judge Palpatine. (However, Mace has of course a point here, Palpatine probably already controls everything. And Anakin is maybe also too attached to Padme to really let his own proposition happen in the end.)
    When Luke is faced with the obvious two possibilites (kill his father and join the dark side, or try to kill Palpatine), he throws his lightsaber away. (And I hope that this choice will also have influenced the way Luke has teached the Jedi in the ST – if he has restarted the Jedi Order. We’ll see.)

    • Frida Nyberg Says:

      Also note the moment of decision for Anakin – in both scenes, he is watching someone being electrocuted, and he has to decide quickly, to chose between his head and his heart in a way.
      In RotS, he makes the wrong decision, but in RotJ, he finally makes the right one. (But interestingly, in both cases, he chose “heart”.)

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