10 Years of ROTS: Midnight Madness and 1st PG-13 Rating

April 2 was the last Midnight Madness for a live action Star Wars film (they did one for Clone Wars in 2008)…presumably until the TFA stuff comes out. Which Hasbro will either release in July or in March of 2017 the way things are going.

The last Midnight Madness didn’t get the same media coverage the TPM one got largely due to Pope John Paul II passing away the same time. But I still headed out to the local Toys R Us that night and hit a bunch of stores the next day. You can read all about my nocturnal adventures here.

Aaand on April 9, 2005, the MPAA officially gave ROTS a PG-13 rating, the only SW film to date to get it (but I’ll be shocked if TFA doesn’t get one too).


15 Responses to “10 Years of ROTS: Midnight Madness and 1st PG-13 Rating”

  1. peacetrainjedi Says:

    Yeah, this was such a great time to be a fan. The display sections with rows upon rows of ROTS figures and large cardboard displays were a sight to behold.

    • BansheeGun Says:

      ROTS had the best merchandise and fanfare IMO. It seemed like everyone in that movie got an action figure, even Meena Tills! I do recall people complaining about the lack of Padme figures after the ROTS line ended.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Yeah and here we are in 2015 and you still have a hard time finding action figures of female characters.

      • peacetrainjedi Says:

        Still haven’t found Hera or Sabine, or many Rebels figures at all in retail for that matter.

      • BansheeGun Says:

        I feel like it was better when Lucas was around, though. Anyone else notice the quality of the figures and articulation have dropped sharply ever since Disney came along?

      • peacetrainjedi Says:

        Yes the quality, the availability, and the variety have all dropped sharply. Though, I don’t think it’s primarily Disney’s fault. I think the blame rests with Hasbro and their recent mishandling of the license. I mean those Star Wars Command sets are everywhere while basic 3.75 figures (which used to be the bread and butter of the Star Wars merchandising machine) almost seem like an afterthought now.

      • Slicer87 Says:

        Plus all those different scales of figures now. I just want the good old 3.75. Also miss the elite 3.73 like with the great articulation. The Lucas times will be the high point of Star Wars history. At least this dryspell is saving me money LOL.

        Lego has been doing a better job than Hasbro, though most of their newer sets are just rehashes and not all of them are improved over the older versions.

  2. yellow12 Says:

    A true beauty of a film … If a certain authour (cough cough)
    doesn’t understand the film then he truly doesn’t get it .
    OK , enough of this , I wanted to know :
    Do you think that Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith (yep I prefer the full title) will get something of note on Star Wars.Com ?
    (Besides the “Day in History” )

  3. JBradley Says:

    As even the holiday midnight madness events at big nox retailers have faded, having been moved around the schedule or eliminated after bad media coverage and perception, it may very well be a different merchandising strategy will be in play for this new trilogy.

  4. blade57hrc Says:

    Anybody check out JJs (the other one…) ”review” of ROTS?

    My comment is indicative if you don’t want to waste 15 mins of your life:Ahhh…more pandering to the hateboys…and completely disregarding (amongst many things) Anakin’s SLOW turn from fearfull kid in TPM to an angry adolescent in AOTC to a hatefull young man in ROTS…anyways…

    • lazypadawan Says:

      Like I said, people are being influenced on what to think about these movies not by intelligent, serious people but by fools.

    • yellow12 Says:

      No , I don’t want to waste those . I already read the comments for the TPM and the AOTC ones.
      He’s simply feeding the trolls I suppose.

    • madmediaman Says:

      I’ve finally gotten around to posting again on One Saga, and this very issue will be the subject of my next piece on the site entitled: The Most Subversive Star Wars Story Ever… The Phantom Menace. What shortsighted “reviewers” like this fail to grasp is what Lucas has done. In Phantom Menace Lucas has made a 50’s family adventure movie like the movies he grew up with or like the films Walt Disney was producing. It’s Jason and the Argonauts meets Ben Hur, meets Swiss Family Robinson… this of course is completely turned on its head when we get to Sith. A wholesome, very morally virtuous young boy is turned into a monster by using his virtue against him.

      In Phantom Menace Anakin is always wanting to help others. As the Saga unfolds that virtue is twisted into selfishness… but his true motives are still there. Anakin wants to save everyone, he truly wants to help, but he no longer has the buffer of his mother’s wisdom, or that of his surrogate father, Qui-Gon. Without that buffer his intentions are still noble, but his reasoning is more self centered… He can’t see that though.

      It’s brilliant and twisted at the same time…

      • Slicer87 Says:

        That is very well said madmediaman!

      • Brian47 Says:

        All very insightful observations, madmediaman, I look forward to that piece! It is a subversive twist that Lucas wove throughout the PT. I always found it such a bold, narrative choice, even if we know going in that Anakin would turn to the dark side.

        Other sci-fi/fantasy stories might bring their characters to the edge of darkness, but will usually have them turn back to the light before the end of the book/movie/TV episode… in “Sith” it all culminates in Anakin fully making the leap.

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