The SWPAS Guide To Celebration Anaheim

This is by no means an exhaustive list of things to do or see at Celebration. There are things you might find interesting or I might find interesting but aren’t related to PT stuff. Heck, some of those panels might be fun for rabble rousing! And it’s not my personal itinerary. Some things I definitely plan on doing/seeing, others will conflict with other things I plan on doing/seeing. The full schedule is up on the Celebration site.

The bad news…it looks like there is no pro-prequel panel this time around.

The good news…I’m going to tell you what might be worth checking out, aside from the sheer entertainment value of sitting through the book and author panels and listening to still-angry expanded universe fans.


10:00—Panel with JJ Abrams, Kathleen Kennedy, and “Special Guests” (Celebration Stage +4 additional stages)

It’s going to be rough getting into the actual room where this is taking place but take heart…all five “stages” or big rooms at Celebration are being opened to handle overflow because they know con goers will riot if they are cheated out of seeing the TFA teaser trailer after paying $150 plus hotel, food, gas, parking, airfare, cosplay supplies, etc.. Figuring each room can hold 5000 people with five rooms (“stages”) opened, that’s 25,000 capacity total or just about everyone who’s going on Thursday. It wouldn’t surprise me if additional rooms are opened up if necessary.

3:30—The Untold Clone Wars With Dave Filoni and Pablo Hidalgo (Digital Stage)

This is when I assume the big Clone Wars surprise happens. Be there when it does!

4:00—Ian McDiarmid (Celebration Stage)

The Emperor speaks!

6:30—TPM 3D (Digital Stage)

8:30-9:00?—AOTC 3D (Digital Stage)


11:30—Ray Park (Celebration Stage)

3:00—Ahsoka Lives group photo (Fountain outside of convention center)

6:00—Rebel Women Who Fought The Clone Wars

Women animators/producers who worked on “Rebels” and “Clone Wars”

6:30—ROTS 3D Introduced by Ian McDiarmid (Digital Stage)

7:00—Anthony Daniels (Celebration Stage)


2:00—Composing Star Wars Music With Kevin Kiner (Digital Stage)

3:30—John Knoll Master Class (Room 206AB)

6:00—James Arnold Taylor & Mark Hamill (Celebration Stage)

Two voice actors on the same stage? Total mayhem!


2:00—Designing the Art of Star Wars With The Master: Doug Chiang (Digital Stage)

2:30—James Luceno: Is Writing About Bad Guys Hazardous To One’s Health? (Star Wars University)

3:30—Celebration Closing Ceremony (Celebration Stage)

Ya think they’re going to announce Celebration Orlando for the next time? (Face it, Celebration will ping pong between O-town and Anaheim forever because, Disney.)


Droid Builders’ Room 213ABCD

Bladez Inflatable R2D2 Race Challenge

R2D2 Builders’ Display & Photo Area (Exhibit Hall C)

Star Wars Art Show At ACME Archives (Exhibit Hall A)

Rancho Obi-Wan Experience (Exhibit Hall A)

Star Wars Legion Art Helmet Display (209AB)


Jedi Training (Exhibit Hall B)—This is the Disney show for kids

Collectors’ Social Room (210D)

LEGO Interactive Building Area (Exhibit Hall B)

Autographs (Run by Official Pix) (Exhibit Hall C)

Tattoo Pavilion (Exhibit Hall A)


If you want to take a glass half full approach, you’ll save lots of money this time due to the lack of prequel-themed goodies that are on offer as exclusives or in the Celebration Store.

The Store has a Clone Trooper t-shirt and a Darth Maul t-shirt. And that’s it.

Funko is offering four exclusives, one of which is a glittering clone trooper figure.

The prequel fan’s best bet is the art show featuring quite a few pieces. You can check them out here and pre-order some of them here. In addition artists Matt Busch and Tsuneo Sanda will be selling their art, and Sanda in particular is supposedly bringing a bunch of new art from all of the films.

Aside from that many dealers will be selling toys and other collectibles to tempt your wallet.

Secret Giveaways

One of the more bizarre traditions at Celebration is the Secret Giveaway, where fan groups, podcasts, exhibitors, and God knows who else give away pins (badges, for you Brits), patches, and other little gewgaws if you simply find the person giving stuff away and give the secret “word” or something.

Making Star is giving away some Ahsoka themed pins and artist
Jerrod Maruyama is giving away Hera and Queen Amidala pins on Saturday.


4 Responses to “The SWPAS Guide To Celebration Anaheim”

  1. Brian47 Says:

    Wish I could attend, but I am looking forward to reports from several of those events!

  2. Kathryn “LadyJediScientist” S. Says:

    You should add Her Universe to the list of prequel era goodies. Ashely is offering a lightsaber skirt which Mace’s, Maul’s and Anakin’s lightsabers on it!

  3. starwarsanon Says:

    Hope to see people there! I can’t wait 🙂

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