Marvel To Re-Release Classic Dark Horse PT-Era Comics

Jedi Bibliothek posted some solicitations for upcoming Marvel releases, including a reissue of several post-TPM comics originally published by Dark Horse. They include the Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon miniseries, the Jedi Council miniseries, Star Wars Tales, etc.

They will also reissue the Dark Times series from the post-ROTS period.

Look for these in September and November respectively.


9 Responses to “Marvel To Re-Release Classic Dark Horse PT-Era Comics”

  1. BansheeGun Says:

    So, does this mean they are bringing them back into their “official” canon?

    • Adam D. Bram (The Nilbog) Says:

      Tales was explicitly non-Canon to begin with (and was also the best stuff).

    • peacetrainjedi Says:

      Nope, all these collections will still have the golden “Legends” banner on them.

      • BansheeGun Says:

        Bleh, that’s lame. Especially since a lot of the pre AOTC stuff is pretty good.

      • peacetrainjedi Says:

        I agree. Dark Horse did an awesome job with the prequel-era comics.

      • Tarrlok Says:

        There are quite a few good PT-era novels (eg. Shatterpoint) that I remember reading long ago but never added to my bookshelf. Hopefully they’ll consider doing a Legends banner reprint of some of those.

        The PT EU was good, as I recall, and it benefited enormously from being introduced in parallel with the films rather than plugging in gaps years after the fact. Much of it served as inspiration for TCW, which helpfully recanonised much of it.

      • BansheeGun Says:

        Darth Plaguies is still one of my favorites. But it’s still fresh in the memory… *quietly sobs*.

      • Tarrlok Says:

        I’ve still got my copy of Plagueis sitting right where I left it in 2012.

  2. Kingpun Says:

    Legends isn’t the death knell people are making it out to be. Rather than “Non-canon” they seem to be taking the “canon until explicitly refuted by the new canon” approach. So I doubt for example that we’ll see them take another swing at the gap between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi because of how high a plateau Shadows of the Empire rests on. But the gap between A New Hope and Empire, which seems to be the focus of the OT era expanded universe material right now isn’t as iconically defined, so it’s freer reign for the writers. So really, for someone who wants to be a Star Wars completist of the new canon, the legends canon still can fill in those gaps. We see a relief sculpture of the war between the Sith and the Jedi in Revenge of the Sith that is mentioned in the Tarkin Novel. So with no other explanation for it, why can’t it be chronicling the events of Tales of the Jedi, as was previously established?

    Or for a more brutally honest explanation. It’s all fantasy fiction. So debating what of it is “real” is a bit silly.

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