You Really Should Check Out “Kanan: The Last Padawan” #1

Marvel unleashed its fourth new Star Wars title last Wednesday, “Kanan: The Last Padawan.” It’s a background story on “Rebels” character Kanan Jarrus, the older ex-Jedi who is training Ezra Bridger on the show. I was not terribly inclined to pick up this comic because while I like “Rebels,” I wasn’t invested so much in discovering Kanan’s back story. But after seeing a short preview of the issue, I changed my mind. I’m glad I did because what we have is Marvel’s first foray into the prequel trilogy era, and it’s pretty good.

Thus far, Marvel has done a good job of integrating elements from the prequels and the Clone Wars series into their other books. For example, in the Darth Vader comic, Vader finishes off some more Tusken Raiders to complete the job while visiting on Tatooine and in Princess Leia #3, Leia visits Naboo and has a vision of her birth mother.

“Kanan” is basically a Clone Wars story, which will make you miss the show more than ever. On the eve of Order 66, Kanan is training with Jedi Master Depa Billaba and battling the Separatists at the same time. The Jedi are buddies with the clones. Everything in young Caleb’s life seems hunky dory but it won’t last much longer. The writing and art are as good as the best of Dark Horse’s books; let’s hope the quality holds up as the series continues. “Legends” fans will notice a reference to the novel “Shatterpoint.”

If you’ve picked up the comic, this site lists some references and Easter eggs you can find.



2 Responses to “You Really Should Check Out “Kanan: The Last Padawan” #1”

  1. peacetrainjedi Says:

    This has been on my list ever since I saw the preview pages on StarWars .com. The prequel era is a great fit for comics. Dark Horse did it well with “Republic” and Marvel appears to be doing well with the era too.

    I haven’t picked up the issue as I will wait for the inevitable graphic novel release, but I very much look forward to reading this story.

  2. discoewok Says:

    I’m so glad you posted on this as I was so impressed when I read this. It’s just like a great TCW episode and I can’t wait for the next issue.

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