Canceled Show On Netflix Scores 7 Daytime Emmy Nominations

“Clone Wars: The Lost Missions,” otherwise known as Season Six, earned seven daytime Emmy nominations, which were announced today:

Outstanding Special Class Animated Program

Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program

(Mark Hamill as Darth Bane)

Outstanding Writing in an Animated Program

(Christian Taylor)

Outstanding Directing in an Animated Program

(Dave Filoni, Brian Kalin)

Outstanding Sound Mixing–Animation

Outstanding Sound Editing–Animation Outstanding

Music and Composition

(Kevin Kiner)

Source:  Steve Sansweet


12 Responses to “Canceled Show On Netflix Scores 7 Daytime Emmy Nominations”

  1. mindlessdroid Says:

    Well deserved accolades. I hope they sweep. That “Lost missions” title always bugs me. Those missions are not lost the ones never produced are.

  2. Bob Clark Says:

    Shame they felt they had to submit it in the daytime awards, rather than the more noticeable main awards.

  3. lovelucas Says:

    Dumbo Disney….. I hope you’re feeling a ton of regrets.

  4. M. Marshall Says:

    Well, well, well…

  5. madmediaman Says:

    Love all the accolades… Not sure how I feel about a nomination for an actor who basically delivers three lines, when actors like Tom Kane, Ashley Eckstein, JAT, etc were ignored for 6 full years.

  6. BansheeGun Says:

    Where’s the Rebels nominations? *Troll Face*

    • lazypadawan Says:

      It qualifies for the primetime Emmys (since it broadcasts at night), which will be announced this summer.

      • Bob Clark Says:

        Technically this would’ve qualified for primetime Emmys, too. I mean, just because it streams on Netflix doesn’t really keep “House of Cards” from playing with the big dogs, right?

  7. BansheeGun Says:

    This will be 3 years in a row that TCW has been nominated/won multiple Emmy Awards (I’m jumping the gun a bit, but come on, 7 nominations!!). This has got to make Disney rethink what they’ve done.

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