Star Wars Book Author Alienates Prequel Fans

Earlier today, the author tapped to write one of the so-called Journey To The Force Awakens line of books, a Chuck Wendig, decided to post an app on his Twitter with this piccie. Wendig didn’t create the app and he described it as something that “yells at you” and calls you a meat bag. I guess it’s supposed to be funny.

You can see here how this did not go over well with some PT fans though it didn’t really start to heat up (Florian was persistent but way more polite than I would’ve been) until a few exchanges. You can also see he was trying to walk back the app post a little bit but couldn’t hold back what he really thought, calling the films “a narrative failure” and “as stories, for me, they don’t hold together.”

Yes he did say he loved some parts of it but who knows if he meant by that the closing credits. I sure didn’t see a lot of love in this later tweet from his general timeline, which he issued after saying posting the app was not an endorsement of hating the prequels:

Sounds like you hate a lot of it all right:

A muddled mess, eh? How come you’re building on the work of the guy who created that “muddled mess?”

Plus you can see what he thinks of some of the complaints. He even retweeted the obnoxious John Scalzi, who linked in his “supportive” tweet a post he wrote in 2006 where he called Star Wars (not just the prequels) “George Lucas masturbating to a picture of Joseph Campbell.” Niiiice.

Star Wars fandom is like “Love Story”…it means never having to say you’re sorry. Especially if you’re trying to sell these people your books. Well, there’s one chick he’s not selling “Aftermath” to and that is me. I honestly don’t care what’s in it either. If it’s not from George Lucas, there is no official “story” on what happened after ROTJ. And as far as I’m concerned, most of these teaser books focus on totally unimportant original characters and will give you virtually none of the skinny on the new movie.

Perhaps ol’ Chuck should’ve read this before deciding to tick off some of his potential readership. If he wonders why fans like me are upset, it’s because of a simple reason…the prequels and its loyal fans have been treated like s*** by well, everybody. So excuse us for being touchy. Actually, I’m more angry at Del Rey and Disneyfilm for recruiting yet another anti-prequel person. It’s just more proof they really don’t respect those films or us.

Besides, what would reactions be like if he’d called the OT a muddled mess or retweeted as a “joke” that Luke was a whiny bitch? The double standards in this fandom are something else.

Star Wars novel sales have dropped over the past year. The latest, “Heir To The Jedi,” cracked #17 on the NYT Bestseller list and that was the best any Star Wars book has done lately. Back in the ’90s and even a decade ago, those books often hit the top 10. Many book fans walked from Star Wars after the expanded universe was junked and nothing’s enticing them to come back. They can’t afford losing even more readers, yet here it is happening.

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61 Responses to “Star Wars Book Author Alienates Prequel Fans”

  1. madmediaman Says:

    Preach! It’s this kind of crap that made me step away frome One Saga… I really not feeling like Disney, and the powers that be at LFL really see Star Wars as One Saga. I wish I was wrong, but ever since George announced that Disney wasn’t using his treatments something about Star Wars has been off…

  2. james Says:

    (Facepalm) these new star wars writers and such are not inspiring confidence, they just dont seem to learn there ARE people who liked 123 and we must be respected as well. I miss George.

  3. Terri Paxton Says:

    Clapping. I’ve refused everything since they cancelled the EU until they see the light. As far as I can tell, only thing they are pandering too is the Original Trilogy movie only fans. EU fans and Prequel Fans both are kicked to the curb (and I loved some of the Prequel books too, they really add to the prequels with the Jude Watson books and Darth Plagueis.) It’s staggering how they can be so blind to how much profit they lose offending so many people!

    • peacetrainjedi Says:

      Yes, I love the old EU Prequel era books as well. Jude Watson’s series are absolutely fantastic. And yeah, they are shooting themselves in the foot by hiring such toxic people.

    • blade57hrc Says:

      I was on the fence past few weeks on whether an actual ”Plinkett/JeremyJahns” type of ”F**k the OT review” would be the proper way (my 2 videos i’ve already done were very short examples that REALLY held back…) of showing these OT-only fans how full of BS & fallacious claims they are…but now…I’ll do it!
      As a person who grew up with the OT in the 80s, but LOVES the PT probably even more…I’ve had enough of this!

      These ”reviewers”, G.Kurtz & the ”big 3” actors who created many of the myths, that OT-only fans call upon all the time, will be shitted upon!
      And although i never cared for the EU (NEVER hated on it though…& certainly not for 16years and counting like those who hate on the PT), i really understand how the people who do love it feel!Star Wars is NOT just the OT and OT-only fans!
      I kinda feel nostalgic of the SW-dark ages when SW was not ”cool”!There was balance!
      But now, the OT & OT-only fans cloud everything!

      • Jim Raynor Says:

        blade57hrc, you reminded me of this satirical ANH review I made on the forums of a few years ago:

        Unlike the RLM review, which was compulsive contrarianism and outright lies, what I said about the many plotholes in ANH was true and I stand by it. Feel free to use the same points if you ever decide to make your own basher parody.

        My favorite part was how one of the prequel bashers in that thread got all touchy about my clearly satirical OT-criticism and challenged my right to even post.

        The prequels are held to extreme standards, standards that these guys would never apply to other movies least of all the Original SW trilogy. They can dish it out, but they can’t take it in.

      • blade57hrc Says:

        @Jim Raynor
        Thanks! Will do! I already got a bunch too.
        Funny how many complain about the ”treaty” in TPM whilst forgeting that Leia’s excuse to Vader in ANH was that a ship from Alderaan&its senator…was on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan,lol.
        That’s like saying the senator of Florida is on a diplomatic mission when going…to Florida,lol.

        TFN…funny place sometimes.I got banned some time ago.I was Darth Schlotkin there.

        btw,here’s my e-mail if you got more or want to exchange ideas.Videos like this take a long time to make cause of a LOT of editing…

        Made this today…consider it a teaser, lol.

      • lazypadawan Says:

        “Tropic Thunder!”

      • Frida Nyberg Says:

        And on the Death Star, there are several officers talking about “bureaucracy” and “regional governors”. Nothing on this from the hateboys, who in the prequels, hear one word like “treaty” or “election” and go “OMGI’MDYINGFROMBOREDOMTHISSUX!”

  4. Kenny Kraly Jr Says:

    Their is no reason to boycott the book SWPAWS it’s not going to stop the fans from buy the novel and I plan on buying Star Wars Aftermath in Hardcover when it comes out in September. I get some are upset by his comments so am I and many others too but it’s not going to stop me from buying the novel. That being said it is foolish for any author working on The Wars to make comments like that and if this continues to be a problem with people at Disney / LFL at an official capacity about the comments about the PT then Houston we have a problem. These people working on Star Wars should be thankful their working on the series and try not to make not so nice comments like that.

    • BansheeGun Says:

      There’s a little thing called “voting with your wallet”. Money is the driving force behind many things. Blindly supporting something or someone without at least questioning their motives will only continue the cycle of crap. Thankfully, many SW fans have already jumped ship. It’s only a matter of time…

    • madmediaman Says:

      Kenny, I love ya man, but I just have to ask, is there anything the folks at Disney or LFL could possibly say that would compel you not to buy their products? There has to be some kind of line they could possibly cross where you would say, “Enough, no more,” isn’t there?

      For me, and a number of other fans on this board they have reached this threshold. I’m retty much done with these anscillary products until Lucasfilm can actually hire someone who respects all of George’s work… Not 2 films, or 3, but all 6 films. There are plenty of talented artists and writers who would be more than happy to take a Star Wars gig who are huge fans of George’s universe. And even if the don’t LOVE all 6 films of the Saga, that’s fine, but at least have the class to know there’s a fairly large section of the fanbase wo do love all of the films, and are fans of the Prequel Trilogy. I’d have no problems with an author simply stating, “I grew up with the originals,” or “I appreciate the work George put into these films,” and simply leave it at that.

      Yeah, Chuck didn’t create the app, but by posting that pic you are in fact giving your endorsement to that message. Chuck simply didn’t realize the crap storm he was walking into (which makes me question his wisdom or thoughtfulness). In this era of social media you need to be a little smarter than that… and the fact that he spent an enormous amount of time walking back his post and soft selling that he really does like the Prequels tells me he was interested in one thing… making sure he didn’t hurt his bottom line.

      But as of right now, I’ve pretty much sworn off most of these newer Star Wars products until LFL can get their heads out of their collective butts and actually hire fans of the Star Wars Saga. I’ll happily watch Rebels because I know Dave Filoni loves Star Wars, but I’m not going to buy every Star Wars product just because it has the Star Wars label slapped on it. You piss me off (I’m looking att you Garry Whitta and Chris Weitz) and I will not support your product. I’ve got over 14 hours of movies, 47 hours of quality TV, endless reams of comics by Dark Horse, and dozens of Star Wars noovels (now relegated to Legends status) to keep me entertained for years to come in George’s universe. I really don’t need a novel by a guy who craps on a large subsection of the fanbase to tell me thhe “official” story of what happened after the second Death Star was destroyed.

      • Tarrlok Says:

        That app screengrab was the dictionary definition of 3edgy5me – a demonstration of a crude, posturing fanboy tough guy mindset. Whoever developed it should have engaged brain before coding. I’ve got a thick enough skin to not care about being jokingly told to kill myself because I like some sci-fantasy movies, but I know a lot of people who would react badly to that. Not everyone takes that sort of remark well or even recognises it as a joke.

        At the very least it demonstrates shocking contempt and lack of respect for fellow Star Wars fans. That is, if the developer actually is a Star Wars fan and not some twit trying to cash in with what he/she thinks would play well with fans – that being hyperbolic, hysterical, needlessly personal and bitter criticism of the PT.

        And Wendig should have engaged brain before tweeting it. A lot of Star Wars’ new brand ambassadors seem to put the Ass in Ambassador, as the trope goes.

  5. BansheeGun Says:

    Okay, I’m done. This franchise isn’t even worth it anymore when they keep hiring douchebags like Wendig, Whitta and others to help shape canon. Hope these new writers have fun rehashing tired old plots and stories from the OT and ignore the fact that Star Wars outgrew the OT movies a long time ago…

  6. peacetrainjedi Says:

    Echoing what others have said and what you said in your “Ambassador” piece: even if this guy is a hater: he was employed by Lucasfilm/LucasBooks. Why post this drivel on social media? I mean even most bigots often have the sense not to throw out offensive slurs on official sites/social media. The fact that Wendig lacks this basic sense to not make a complete and total a** of himself on Twitter makes me dislike him even more than the fact that he is a prequel hater.

    Such unprofessional behavior and such an obnoxious person. His retaliatory tweets only make it that much worse.

  7. M. Marshall Says:

    How ironic that I come across this after I just read an article on Barnes and Noble that asked if fans are willing to accept these new CANON books. Jump to the comments and there’s talk of boycotting “Disney Wars” both the new books and possibly the new movies.

    • madmediaman Says:

      It’s called the “reap what you sow” principle. You piss off enough fans and they will walk away. Book sales are waaaaaaaayyyyyyy down versus the heyday of the EU. During the 90’s and 2000’s hardcover Star Wars releases routinely debuted in the NY Time Top 10 best sellers list, and many in the Top 5… that was even the case only a couple of years ago when ebook sales hard started to take a serious bite in terms of physical sales. So far the ONLY title to even show up on the NY Times list was Heir to the Jedi at #17. I’ve talked to a number of people with connections who have privately told me book sales are down substantially and it appears EU fans are simply staying away from the new books.

      The new comics have even begun a serious trend downward. My suspicion is after the novelty has worn off of the first few issues the Star Wars titles will probably pull in numbers very similar to what Dark Horse was doing a few years ago.

      I think between the EU Legends announcement and the Prequel bashing statements by hired guns working on the property that Disney/LFL have alienated a pretty sizable portion of the fanbase. And I’ll be totally honest, I’m really not sure there’s that much interest in more Star Wars outside of the geek community.

      Sure the TFA trailer was viewed 150 million times, but how many of those were multiple views by the same person across multiple devices? I simply see no evidence of excitement among the general public… toy sales are in a funk with lines being cancelled and releases delayed. I can tell you just anecdotally, my local target is always fully stocked with Star Wars figures that simply don’t move. I asked my neighbor, who manages the store, and he told me the figures don’t sell, except older fans who collect… kids aren’t buying, they are buying Marvel. And I’ve wirtnessed that firsthand myself at my local Disney stores. When boys are in the stores I NEVER see them in the Star Wars section, they are looking at the Marvel stuff, or the Cars/Planes toys.

      I’m sure TFA will do well, but I think the shine is largely off of Star Wars, and the Saga is viewed as “just another franchise” which is a shame… under George’s leadership Star Wars was more than that, and unfortunately the new direction of the Saga appears to be a little more post-modern, and less myth, fantasy, knights, samurai, Buck Rodgers/Flash Gordon.

      • M. Marshall Says:

        Where can I find an article that talks about the low sales among the new SW novels?

      • madmediaman Says:

        Articles are hard to find, but there was a Twitter announcement made about HTTJ’s debut on the NY Times bestseller list. No such announcement about the other two novels. I even went back and looked at the NY Times lists for the weeks Tarkin and A New Dawn debuted, and neither of them appeared on the list.

        Comic sales have also been sliding, Issues 2 of Vader, 3 of Star Wars were all outsold by IDW’s Orphan Black series… which probably says more about the state of the comic industry than anything else.

      • M. Marshall Says:

        The comics news doesn’t surprise me the least bit. Would it have killed Disney to just let Star Wars stay at Dark Horse, an independent company’s bread and butter? Aside from DC, Dark Horse was my second favorite comics company because of Star Wars. Marvel already has enough big names that make tough competition for the Skywalkers.

    • Keith Palmer Says:

      I’m afraid that to the extent to when I run into discussion of the “post-RotJ EU” I wince, expect some gratuitous prequel bashing thrown in, and wind up right too often, I seem low on sympathy for the “post-RotJ EU” fans these days. Still, that feeling having developed over time just might keep leaving me feeling a little surprised at the thought that they’ve been cut out of the current picture far more completely than we’ve sometimes made a big deal out of claiming ourselves.

      Of course, I also have to add my own “where do they find these people?” comment when it comes to this latest lack of professionalism…

    • lisse Says:

      I’m not a particular EU fan but I know tons on tumblr who feel completely discarded and who don’t plan to buy any of the new SW canon stuff.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Welp… looks like I just saved myself some money. Aftermath was really the only book other than Dark Disciple that I was looking forward to. Guess I’ll be crossing that hater-written book off my list.

  9. Tarrlok Says:

    Isn’t ‘Aftermath’ the totally-seriously-now-official continuation of ROTJ? That makes these comments more concerning than if he was just writing a side story about side characters. I don’t want the official Episode 6.05 to be handled by someone who would rewrite half of the current saga if given an infinitessimal fraction of a chance.

    It’s not that I expect everyone working on Star Wars to like the PT. But FFS, is it too much to expect a sense for diplomacy? Who the hell needs to know this guy’s “official unofficial statement” on the PT? Did he even recognise that such comments would, in light of his current contract, be considered impolitic? Does every Z-lister on the internet need to get their two cents in about everything?

    Does Disney even recognise the risk of pissing off PT, TCW, and EU fans or do they think that the alleged hordes of Lucas-alienated OT-only fans will swoop in to save them (and revive Star Wars!) like the gunships at Geonosis?

  10. Colleen Ayers Says:

    Gosh, what is WITH all these franchises crapping on their fans lately? The Marvel TV production crew is starting to drive me insane, and I’m seeing enough iffy stuff that I’m actually a little nervous now about whether I’ll actually enjoy the upcoming Celebration.
    Maybe it’s the Disney overarching thing. Or maybe Hollywood just thinks it’s cool to hate on things. But I’m getting really sick of it. This stuff is supposed to be ENJOYABLE, an ESCAPE. I don’t need so-called professionals egging on a fandom war when I’m working to stop REAL wars.

    • lazypadawan Says:


    • M. Marshall Says:

      Do tell about this ” Marvel Tv Production Crew”. I’m curious.

      • Colleen Ayers Says:

        Oh, geez, where do I start… short story, there’s a character that was set up in season 1 as a sympathetic bad guy – seriously abused childhood issues, raped [pretty much on screen no less!], visible struggle between loyalty to his friends and loyalty to his villain mentor, all the stuff that makes for great redemption stories. [In some ways, he’s the Anakin Skywalker of the series] There was a big split in the fandom after the big reveal that he’s a traitor, between those who like the character (and the actor), and those who are some of the most vicious haters I’ve ever seen. This year, the production crew keeps promising that redemption story is coming, then turning around and playing fiddle to the haters and stirring everyone up. He’s a member of the main cast, but they’ve cut him out of several episodes this season. The lead on the show called the character’s fans “Manson Marriers” and the most he did to address the outrage was say “Oh, don’t worry, I think [the actor] is dreamy, too.” Basically, they’re taking a character that touches a lot of fans who can empathize with the crap they put into his story and using him to gin up some of the most negative fanwank I’ve ever seen. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

      • M. Marshall Says:

        If we’re talking about “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” then I’m not surprised this is happening. I’ve heard so many negative things about that show regarding gender that I marvel (no pun intended) at the fact that it’s getting a second season.

      • Jim Raynor Says:

        I’ll stick up for Agents of SHIELD, and I’ll actually say it deserves credit for its handling of gender issues. The subtext running throughout both seasons so far is all about rape culture – how some men want to own and control women while making excuses for their selfish behavior.

        The actors have criticized the Grant Ward character because he is quite clearly being portrayed as a psychopathic villain with numerous murders on his hands. He stalks the female lead of the show and has a record of making misogynistic remarks and manipulating other women. The show has given him a sad backstory but is consistent in the message that that’s not good enough to excuse his criminal actions in the present (he murdered two more people in cold blood in the latest episode).

        Marvel’s real life handling of the Grant Ward character isn’t the same as the bashing against the Star Wars prequels.

      • Colleen Ayers Says:

        Jim, I agree with you on the gender stuff in that it’s actually pretty good there (most of the time – I would argue about the “rape culture” thing since the only actual rape in the narrative was totally swept under the rug with victim blaming) but I TOTALLY disagree with you on the Ward character. Most of what you’re parroting is the PR characterization of him and not the narrative characterization, which is EXACTLY what is pissing me off about Marvel. Because unlike Star Wars with its message that even Vader is worth reaching out to, Ward is beaten down at every turn and a lot of what he’s criticized for is the same crap that other Marvel characters do and are either praised or excused. It makes no sense to set up a character for a redemption arc and then insult the character’s fans for wanting to actually see that story. (And he WAS set up for one – there’s no other reason to have put that much effort into his backstory, and the “big bad villain” roles have been filled nicely with Garrett, Whitehall, and Cal.)

        To bring this back onto Star Wars, the discussion reminds me of one of my biggest fears about the upcoming trilogy – that Vader’s redemption and Luke’s triumph over the Dark Side in ROTJ will become just a footnote, that they’ll treat it like it didn’t even matter or count. It was a theme that bothered me in some of the EU, and I see so many narratives today that totally miss the concepts of forgiveness and redemption that I have extreme doubts anyone other than Lucas will give it the right treatment in new scripts.

      • Jim Raynor Says:

        Furthermore, I don’t think it’s doing the prequels any favors to compare Anakin with the villain in SHIELD.

        I love the prequels because of their balanced handling of things. How they showed people on all sides being wrong in different ways, without making excuses for them.

        Anakin received a sad backstory, and TPM and AOTC were adamant in portraying Obi-Wan as a flawed authoritarian. Someone who was fixated on hierarchy, always defaulting to the idea that those in a position of authority are automatically correct (as opposed to Qui-Gon, who was the kind and open-minded mentor that Anakin needed). Obi-Wan was the harsh and demanding father figure who criticized Anakin too much and didn’t recognize that Anakin’s abilities exceeded his own. Notice how Anakin completely outperformed him during most of the Coruscant chase scene in AOTC, only to be scolded about losing his lightsaber in battle (something Obi-Wan does himself later on Kamino).

        Life, and Obi-Wan, weren’t very fair to Anakin. Yet when Anakin fell to the Dark Side, ROTS was quite unambiguous about him becoming a bad guy. All of thst evil was on him. It didn’t excuse his actions, even though it acknowledged his tragedy.

        One of the themes running through both the prequel and original trilogies is personal accountability, and the need for self-restraint, self-reflection, and improvement. Luke succeeded where Anakin didn’t.

      • M. Marshall Says:

        I think you proved my point, Jim. It sounds like the prequels are so much better at portraying flawed heroes than Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. That’s why you can get away with criticizing AOS but not the prequels — not for long.

      • Stefan Kraft Says:

        Jim, you should write an analysis of the SW movies or record an audio commentary… I enjoyed your rebuttal of the RLM review (review?) also because it contained very insightful observations about the movie, or maybe even mainly because of them. I really enjoy reading analytical comments like the one above. (And don’t worry, I enjoy every good and insightful comment here, not only the ones by Jim.)

      • Jim Raynor Says:

        Thanks, Stefan. I’ve found some of the essays linked to on this blog quite inspirational, and I’ve toyed with the idea of writing some of my own if I have enough to say that hasn’t already been covered.

        The prequels have a richness of depth and material to write about, and I really think fans should talk about their strengths without having to specifically respond to garbage reviews like those of RLM. Writing from a defensive position (as I’ve done myself) really does a disservice to Star Wars and George Lucas. I can’t think of any other mainstream movie franchise with the vision and thematic depth of Lucas’s six Star Wars movies, and I really think he deserves a lot more credit as a creator.

        Time is a constraint for me though. I’m keeping myself busy with a lot of non-SW stuff these days, and occasional posts over here are basically the extent of my “fandom” involvement. I’d certainly love to see more thoughtful commentary from other positive fans though.

  11. madmediaman Says:

    Oh, BTW the new tactic among the “intelligencia” in Star Wars fandom is to describe your complaints about Wendig as “whining.” Gee I thought amongst the SJW crowd portraying someone as a “whiner” or “Complaining about trivial things” was a form of shaming and bullying.

    But somehow Wednig gets a pass on this although he keeps continuing to troll Prequel lovers with comments like:


    “All right, well back to writing Aftermath. The Boss Nass trade negotiation scene is pretty long, so I better get to it.”

    So basically a trolling hipster is writing Star Wars novels… yeah, that’s really what Star Wars needs right now…

    • lazypadawan Says:

      The words “I’m sorry” apparently aren’t in his vocabulary.

      Oooh, I’m so gonna use “prequel fan shaming!” And Wendig’s post was “triggering!”

    • Tarrlok Says:

      So there’s an “intelligencia” in Star Wars fandom now? Lol.

      They sound like the sort of brave folk who take it upon themselves to do the honourable task of sucking up to power and defending whatever a media executive decrees from the unwashed masses. Pity the well-compensated contracted writer, crumbling under the attacks of the ruthless PT fans.

      • Jim Raynor Says:

        “So there’s an ‘intelligencia’ in Star Wars fandom now? Lol.”

        Well put. That Wendig post quoted above by madmediaman, where he once again brings up that “trade negotiation” thing, shows how shallow and anti-intellectual some of the prequel criticism is.

        “Trade negotiations” has been brought up in everything from whiny forum posts to that dumb “Special Edition” Episode VII trailer edit, as a buzzword to point out how supposedly confusing and inscrutable the prequels are.

        The truth was that the taxes and trade negotiations were brought up in a few brief lines at the beginning of TPM, just to show that the Trade Federation had a greedy monetary motive for the invasion. Which makes them no different than the many other corporate or profit motivated villains seen anywhere else. The plot of TPM did not rest on the intricacies of the trade taxes, because the focus was on the action and adventure.

        I understood that just fine when I saw TPM for the first time when I was 14 years old. I had understood since elementary school (when I learned that the American Revolution started because of “taxation without representation”) that war often has economic causes. European imperialism was driven by a desire for resources and control of trade routes, and in the early 2000s (contemporary with the prequels) it was common for people to accuse America of wanting to invade Iraq for its oil.

        Pretty simple to grasp, I think. Yet again and again, adult (often middle aged!) fanboys continuously harp on the words “trade” and “taxes” as if they STILL don’t get it. As if the prequels somehow exploded their minds by daring to briefly mention such unknowable subjects as economics.

        Imagine someone bashing on The Dark Knight trilogy for supposedly being about the legalese of the criminal justice system, the nuances behind the stock pricing of Wayne Enterprises, or the boring details of the Gotham construction industry. It’s ridiculous,

        Most prequel critics don’t take an intellectual, analytical, or even averagely open-minded approach to Star Wars. They want SW to be the security blanket from their childhood. Fun, unchanging, and not even slightly challenging on a mental level.

      • madmediaman Says:

        Lucas even said in multiple interviews that the whole point of the Trade Dispute was to show how societies devolve over the most trivial things, and how greed and corruption was the ultimate downfall of the Republic.

        It’s not rocket science.

      • Tarrlok Says:

        This official site article about the Trade Federation outlines some of the origins of trade in the story of the Old Republic’s fall and the historical background of such entities.

        The Coruscant section of TPM contains some of Star Wars’ most important scenes. It begins with Amidala’s party arriving in the central ecumenopolis of the Galactic Republic in its apparent Golden Age. Palpatine then explains and demonstrates to the young queen that this Golden Age has decayed from within to become a Gilded Age.

        The prequel trilogy was always going to embellish on the decay of the Republic, on the greed and corruption, paralleling that of Anakin Skywalker. There was never going to be a clear good-versus-evil struggle. A lot of bashers, demonstrated through their nuance-excising “rewrites” attempts, seem to take issue with that.

        The PT never gets bogged down in this, but it’s a basic part of the trilogy’s story, as much as the fight for freedom is for the OT’s. One can detect among the bashers a great of refusal to engage with the story of the PT.

      • Slicer87 Says:

        It does seem many bashers dislike the PT lacking a clear good vs evil battle. Almost all the basher rewites involve an invading clone army from outside the galaxy.

        Personally I like how the clone wars in the PT is a very grey war where both sides lose in the end which is really more mature than the clear cut war in the OT.

    • madmediaman Says:

      Yup, the new tactic is now… “YOU are the ones fragmenting Star Wars, relax, not everyone has to like all six film.”

      Of course this ignores the fact that I’ve not heard one Prequel fan demand some sort of unconditional love from every Star Wars writer/creative type coming aboard the franchise. What fans like me are asking LFL is at least try to find writers who at least appreciate the entire Saga, or at the very least exhibit enough class to not denigrate Lucas’ work, or fans of that work.

      That’s the problem LFL has right now… Whitta, Weitz, Wendig, wanna bet there are more out there… or coming on board? This is a trend, and a bad one.

      Hell, I’d at least give Disney/LFL credit if they just came out and said, “While we appreciate the hard work that went into the Prequels, we really don’t like how it limits us from a storytelling perspective…so we are rebooting that part of the Saga.” At least it’s a position… a crappy one but it draws a clear line where the company stands.

      All I see from Lucasfilm right now is teases that the six films and Clone Wars are “immovable bedrocks” of canon. But then they go a and hire folks who would like to see half, if not more, of that immoveable cannon jettisoned in favor of something more in line of what they envisioned as a kid.

      Get over yourself… you weren’t the creator… you’re just a hired gun who gets to play in that universe. Suck it up and take you paycheck with a big grin on your face and say,” Thank you, Mr. Lucas.”

      • lazypadawan Says:

        Ah but if some mouthy author offended THEIR sensibilities, they’d demand that writer be banished from Celebration or any other convention, kicked off the project, dumped by his publisher and agent, flogged, dragged through the streets, then drawn and quartered. They’d threaten to boycott Celebration, boycott any Star Wars or Disney event, and boycott any Star Wars project forever if they don’t get their demands met immediately. Then they would mercilessly attack anyone who isn’t out there demanding the same.

        But yeah, it seems like too many of the people they are picking have presented their basher credentials somewhere on social media. It’s almost like it’s a requirement to get the gig.

        SF authors can be very, very touchy and yet outwardly mean at the same time. They’re the kings and queens of dishing it but not taking it. Which is one of many reasons why I don’t read sf.

      • M. Marshall Says:

        They’re nothing compared to fantasy/horror authors.

  12. darth66zannah Says:

    this really pisses me off! i am not buying anything Disney ever again!! I was really curious about Aftermath but Disney can stick it up thier ass!

  13. discoewok Says:

    I got blocked by Tosche Station on Twitter after responding to their mischaracterization of the Wendig controversy. Strange since I kept it respectful. I guess they can’t handle disagreements.

  14. Slicer87 Says:

    “I consider the prequels overall a narrative muddle that is thankfully rescued by the CLONE WARS (mostly).”

    What an blowhard asshat! I see this alot with some bashers and even with some PT fans. That TCW saves, completes, and fills the gaps in the PT, fixing their flaws, and solving their mistakes. Such thinking is BS. The PT films are fine the way they are, they are complete as is, they do not need to be saved by a cartoon, and TCW only fills nonexistant gaps in the films causing more problems. That was also a problem with the old EU too, it often tried to fill the gaps when there wasn’t any gaps. It is simply an excuse to alter what the writers didn’t like about the films like making Anakin and the clones nicer than they were in the films. A way to change the films from the outside instead of editing them outright.

    I liked TCW but I never saw it as a gap filler, fixing the so-called mistakes in the PT and I disagree with that notion.

  15. Jim Raynor Says:

    Funny how the prequel bashers, even the ones who work in the entertainment industry, are so unprofessional about it. How people who hate the prequels always bring them up again and again, usually out of nowhere whether anyone was actually pressing them for their opinions. They’re so much more vocal about it, which spreads the misconception that most people hate the movies.

    Number of times I’ve taken the initiative on my own to publicly declare my love of the prequels: 0

    I’m not ashamed of them, and I’ve defended their merits when they’ve come up in conversations. However, I’m not going to force discussion on them the way the prequel haters continuously do. I can’t recall ever coming out on my own to say how much I loved Indiana Jones, the Dark Knight, or the Marvel movies either.

    Strangely, it’s not natural to just come out and say “Oh man I really loved that” on your own. But haters don’t really care about the natural flow of conversations. I’ve seen quite a few people online shifting into prequel bashing with no actual lead in, as if the prequels were just ALWAYS on their minds.

    This particular instance with Wendig may have been a moment where he saw something “funny” or “interesting” and just decided to post it. However, it still shows a lack of professionalism and judgement though, and is basically an insult to millions of fans.

    Remember a few months ago when nerd saint Joss Whedon actually dared to criticize the cliffhanger ending of the holy “Empire Strikes Back”? He took some online flak for it, but I can respect his opinion because it actually showed independent thought. Also, because he was so much more measured and fair in his criticism. He said he liked the film, but just preferred that movie endings offer a greater degree of closure. Whedon has also stood up for maligned movies like Spider-Man 3.

    There’s such a difference between Wendig and most of the prequel haters, and the Joss Whedon example above. Not liking something is not the problem. Expressing a negative opinion like a jerk and insulting other fans is.

  16. Stefan Kraft Says:

    Well, I have only read some of the tweets to which LP has linked. I do not consider them THAT brutal or offensive (Gary Whitta, anyone?). He did not really attack other fans. (Keep however in mind that I did not read everything…)
    However, I agree that this is unprofessional, and he should be aware that he is representing SW in a more or less official position. That alone should make you aware what you say or write.
    Moreover, he should think twice whether to post something that may not be liked by a part of the fandom.

    The main problem is, as Jim Raynor puts it, “Expressing a negative opinion like a jerk and insulting other fans…” I wholeheartedly agree. And we have also had too many “mixed” signals during the last two years. SW spinoff written by a self-proclaimed hater? Check. More or less obvious statements that the next movie will “correct the prequels”? Well, a bit. And statements like the one by Wendig just seem to reinforce the overall impression that it is not important what you say about the prequels (i.e. 1/2 of the whole franchise) as long as you cater to the “OT-only crowd”. So, how will Disney treat the prequels in the long run?

    That said, I was quite happy with the whole situation before Ep. VII was announced. Yes, there was the EU, there was TCW that still told stories from the galaxy “far, far away” (successful or not, you decide), but you could say that you had a 6-film saga whose story had been told. Now, I am well aware that GL himself wanted to continue the Saga. However, we do not know at the moment how much of his story will really show up in the final movie.

    • Stefan Kraft Says:

      “should make you aware what”… I am sorry, there are several errors. I hope that you can understand what I wanted to say.

      • BansheeGun Says:

        Funny thing is, The Clone Wars inadvertently saved a lot of the stuff the EU put out there before Disney threw it all out. Death Watch, Sereno, Mon Calamari, Onderon, The Witches of Dathomir, the Black Sun, Ventress, etc. Not to mention all of the stuff that would have probably appeared in 1313 that we never got to see.

  17. Slicer87 Says:

    Does anyone else think Chuck looks alot like the infamous lolcow TJ (aka the amazing atheist)? Both seem to be pseudo-intellectuals.

  18. My Hiatus – There and Back Again | One Saga - An Exploration of the Star Wars Saga Says:

    […] Saga and will continue to honor it going forward,” would be a nice sentiment.  Instead they hire yet another Lucas basher, albeit a little less intense, Chuck Wendig, to write the official story of what happened in the […]

  19. Opinion: Respect the Mythology | Star Wars Nexus Says:

    […] people like Gary Whitta, the first writer of  2016’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, or Chuck Wendig, author of the upcoming novel Star Wars: Aftermath, reveal their less than kind views on the […]

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